Meet Nature’s 3 Green Giants

3 Green Giants: Super Foods That You Don’t Get Enough of … But Should!

For many of us, squeezing in the recommended five to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables is challenging. What’s more, due to processed foods and pesticides, we open the door to unhealthy toxins in our bodies. Is it a hopeless case? Not even!
Discover the top three super foods you are probably not getting enough of.

This mighty trio can detoxify your entire body, supporting your digestive health and boosting immune system function. Additionally, these superfoods offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as protecting your body from heart issues and other serious health conditions.

Barley Grass:
This is packed with natural vitamins and minerals. It features a rich source of natural alkaline, all eight essential amino acids, as well as plenty of important enzymes. According to a recent study, barley grass can protect against unhealthy blood sugar levels for up to 10 hours after consumption. So it stands to reason that barley grass is an excellent way to make certain your energy levels stay healthy and stable all day long.

This superfood has a history stretching back into antiquity. In fact, the Aztecs consumed it regularly for its health benefits.

Spirulina is a complex, blue-green algae that is packed with many of the essential properties that your body needs to properly function. Rich in chlorophyll, vitamin B12 and protein, spirulina is an ideal addition to our modern diets. It also helps balance acid problems by restoring natural alkalinity, and in turn improving the entire digestive system.

Chlorella (green algae) features a whole spectrum of nutrients and has been a popular food supplement in Japan for decades. Ounce for ounce, chlorella offers more nutritional benefits than most plants or animals. Every cell contains vitamin C, pro-vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, folic acid, vitamin B12, calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron, protein, and more. In fact, chlorella alone has enough nutrients to support the entire metabolism of a healthy adult.

Because it is high in chlorophyll it is a powerful detoxifier, cleansing the elimination system and cleaning away environmental toxins. It also assists with digestion, constipation energy, blood sugar, and more.

It’s difficult to prepare and consume large amounts of these greens daily. That’s why we included them in our Pro-Green formula, which is a potent blend of nature’s most powerful superfoods … assuring that you maintain good health and longevity from the inside out.

Think of Pro-Green as your Cracker Jack defensive line-up against the pervasive and unavoidable toxic assaults of modern living. With Best Life Herbals Organic Pro-Green Formula, you’ll get these three “green giants,” as well as five other proven superfoods in one easy to digest formula. See for yourself why Pro-Green just may be the most complete superfood supplement on the market.

Yours in continued good health,

Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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