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Ladies: Boost Sexual Desire and Satisfaction… Ancient Secrets Make Love Exciting Again

Thanks to centuries of men being in charge, women’s sexual needs have been largely overlooked. No more. Recent breakthroughs have changed the equation for good.

Today’s woman – no matter what her age – can experience fulfilling – even thrilling – sex. You’re designed for pleasure just as much as a man. And with a little help, you can enjoy peak satisfaction.

You just have to know a few simple secrets…

Sex Is Not All About a Man’s Pleasure – You Count, Too

Centuries of sex information have focused on men. It’s partly because men have been in charge. But it’s also because a man’s sexual “shortcomings” are a lot easier to spot.

When a man isn’t interested, it’s pretty clear. But a woman? Not so much… at least physically. A man can’t engage in sex without an erection. But a woman doesn’t have such an obvious sign.

But that doesn’t mean women don’t face challenges. Far from it. In fact, lots of women lose interest in sex. Especially during and after “the change.” Post-menopausal women may even find sex painful.

And if that’s not a turn-off, I don’t know what is.

It’s only been recently that doctors have begun to give women’s needs the attention they deserve. And men – at least in the scientific community – are getting the message.

A healthy sexual relationship should be fulfilling for both partners. Men may be fine as long as they “can get it up.” But a woman’s needs are more complex. Which is why Best Life Herbals has introduced Sensualé.

Addressing a Woman’s Unique Needs

Sensuale - New at Best Life HerbalsFor both men and women, stress is a real desire-killer. Think about it. When was the last time you felt “horny” when you were worried about a tax audit or losing your job?

Stress overrides desire. You may be able to perform under stress… but you probably wouldn’t call those encounters peak experiences.

Everyone has stress. But women face a unique stressor. It’s the end of fertility.

For many women, fertility is central to her identity. The end of fertility often involves a profound sense of loss. It also comes with a boatload of physical changes. And most of them aren’t pleasant.

Imagine trying to enjoy sex while under that kind of stress.

Actually, you can. The right combination of herbs can address a woman’s unique needs.  And turn stressful sex into spectacular sex.

A good place to start is with and herb called “Muira puama.”

Boosting Desire and Satisfaction

For centuries, herbalists in South America used Muira puama to boost sexual desire and fulfillment.

Muria PuamaWhen “modern” doctors came along, they wrote off most herbal remedies. “Jungle medicine” didn’t have any basis in science. So prejudice pushed many herbs into the shadows.

But many people in poor neighborhoods and remote villages continued to rely on herbs. Herbal remedies had worked for countless generations. And local herbalists still commanded respect.

A few British doctors took note. In 1925, a study noted Muira puama’s effect on impotence. While most of the modern world looked elsewhere, Muira puama was added to the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia.

From the 1960s to the 1980s, most studies focused on the chemicals in the plant. Rather than the effects of the plant on sexual function.

Still, as we approached the 21st century, studies on Muira puama still focused on men. They were promising, though. Studies showed men felt more desire and performed better after taking Muira puama.1

In the 2010s, though, things began to change.

Finally, Science Successfully Focuses on Women’s Needs

In 2010, doctors in Brazil studied some of Muira puama’s other effects. In animal studies, they discovered the herb helped ease the effects of chronic stress.2

What does this have to do with your love life? Plenty. Because stress kills desire. You’ve probably never felt romantic in the middle of a tax audit. Or when your job was hanging by a thread.

But this study suggested you could feel that way.

A 2011 Canadian review listed Muira puama among proven aphrodisiacs. Noting – among other things – it may improve excitement and lead to more frequent – more satisfying – sexual encounters.3

And this was all on top of a breakthrough French study.

At Paris’ famous Institute of Sexology, doctors looked at 202 healthy women with low sex drive. Some of the volunteers had gone through “the change.” Others hadn’t. But all had lost interest in sex.

The women took an herbal supplement with Muira puama for one month. At the end of the study 65% said they had greater desire… fantasized about sex more often… enjoyed more frequent sex… and felt more satisfied with their sex lives.4

Now imagine the effect of combining other powerful enhancers to Muira puama. Proven female sex boosters like maca and Korean ginseng.

Rejuvenate Your Love Life

Satisfying Sex: Size Only Matters at the Extremes

That’s the idea behind Sensualé. It’s a complete solution for disappearing desire and satisfaction.

Sensualé delivers 9 potent desire and satisfaction enhancers… specially blended to meet a woman’s needs.

Take maca, for instance. This ancient mountain herb was both food and medicine for the Inca people. Their men took it to build stamina in battle. And desire in the bedroom. But it’s proven to boost a woman’s desire, too.

In 2008, doctors gave maca to men and women suffering with the blues and sexual issues. Taking maca boosted their desire and their performance.5

Maca may also help revive your drive after going through the change. At least, that’s what a 2006 international trial found.

Doctors discovered maca promotes a healthy hormone balance. Women also reported fewer problems like hot flashes and night sweats while taking maca.6

The Secret of Adaptogens

Herbalists call herbs that promote overall balance adaptogens. They’re especially helpful for dealing with stress – both physical and mental.

Korean – or “true” – ginseng is one such herb. And it appears to have direct effects on a woman’s desire and pleasure.

For example, studies show Korean ginseng promotes higher levels of nitric oxide (NO).7 This is a gas your body releases to relax blood vessels and improve blood flow.

Most people know blood flow is important for a man’s arousal. But it’s just as important for a woman. Of course, theory isn’t anything without proof…

That’s what makes a 2010 study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine such good news.

This was a “gold standard” study. It compared the herb to a placebo. The volunteers’ took both the herb and the placebo at different times. And nobody knew who was taking what until after the study was done.

All the women who completed the study felt much stronger sexual desire while taking the ginseng.8 It’s pretty hard to argue with results like those.

Recent research shows Muira puama may be a general adaptogen, too.2

Breaking research suggests it may also offer a “bonus” benefit.

You May Enjoy an Exciting Love Life Even Longer

The Amazon jungle is often called a “living pharmacy.” We know next to nothing about some of the plants growing there. In fact, scientists think Amazonia may harbor hundreds – if not thousands – of plants yet to be discovered.

We’re still unlocking the secrets of many of the plants we do know. And Muira puama is a good example.

Recent animal studies have amazed scientists. Compounds in Muira puama appear to break down Beta-amyloid proteins. Proteins linked to brain fog and memory loss.

Some Amazonian herbalists use Muira puama as a “brain tonic.” And an extract of the herb – called PPOE – seems to boost memory.

It’s still early in the game. But further study may show Muira puama does help defend against brain fog and memory loss. We already know it works in animals.9

Imagine what that could mean to you. Not only could Muira puama help rejuvenate your love life… but it may turn out to help you enjoy it for years longer.

Feel the Desire – and Satisfaction – of Youth Again

For centuries, Western medicine has overlooked your needs as a woman. With Sensualé, you can finally turn that around.

Why shouldn’t you enjoy the desire, the fire, of a fulfilling love life? Why not recapture the thrill you felt when you were young? Now you can reignite the spark of desire naturally… with the proven ingredients in new Sensualé.

And here are two other good reasons to try Sensualé today…

Reason #1 – We’ve made it affordable for everyone. For years, customers have asked us for a formula like this one. We worked on it tirelessly till we felt we had it right.

We carefully selected every ingredient in Sensualé – not because it’s popular, but because it works. We reviewed hundreds of studies. And we discovered we could deliver a high-quality enhancement product for as little as about 50¢ a day!

Sure, you can pay more. A lot more. But we believe in honest value. We won’t get rich on this formula… but we’re making a lot of friends.

Reason #2 – You take ZERO risk. We’re convinced you’ll love Sensualé. In fact, we’re so sure, we’re willing to take all the risk. Place your order for Sensualé today, and you’ll have 365 days to evaluate the results.

We cover you 12 times longer than your average satisfaction guarantee. That’s how sure we are you’ll love the results.

All we’ll ask you to cover is the initial modest shipping and handling charge. And we ship any order over $65 FREE within the continental U.S. So your risk could easily add up to ZERO.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Most women spend their lives taking care of others. But isn’t it about time you did something for yourself?

You deserve the freedom to enjoy sex again. To feel the same thrill you felt when you were young.

Just because you’re not in your 20s any more doesn’t mean you can’t reach the heights of desire and satisfaction you once did.

With the right combination of herbs and nutrients, you can turn the clock back on your love life. You can experience the excitement of youth again. The thrill of fulfillment.

To learn more, just visit Sensualé for more details.

Yours in continuing good health,

The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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