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“King of the Mushrooms” Helps you Forget Less, Remember More

The King of Medicinal Mushroom for Younger Memory and Focus.

When you think of mushrooms do you see someone strolling through the woods with a basket in hand? Mushrooms typically grow in damp locations on top of logs and decayed vegetation.

You’ve seen wild mushrooms growing up in leaves after a soggy summer. Some are the white button variety, some are poisonous. And some help keep your brain sharp and focused like the lion’s mane mushroom.

Lion’s Mane
This mushroom looks nothing like the ones you sauté to have over a steak or the ones in your pasta salad. Those have caps and stems and these have what looks like a mop of white hair.

But it’s not truly hair. These mushrooms have spines the fall down over their globe like bodies which is where white spores develop and it looks just like a lion’s mane. Other names for this mushroom include sheep’s head, white pom pom or hedgehog mushroom.

It grows on logs and under trees and has been part of Eastern medicine for centuries to keep minds sharp and focused.

A Superfood (That Also Tastes Great)
This mushroom contains approximately 20% protein and is a prized find for gourmet restaurants. It’s known to taste like meat … sort of similar to portabella mushrooms … but isn’t as readily available.
Lion’s mane has been studied and found to have properties that help you regenerate brain cells which can lead to better function and memory.

Studies have shown that this ingredient can help regenerate nerves in the brain which will help erase …
• Brain fog
• Problems with concentration, and
• Failing memory
Nerve Growth Factor
Research is showing that lion’s mane is effective for promoting Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in your brain. This factor plays a vital role in maintaining and re-growing neurons which helps keep your nervous system engaged and strong.

While your brain is capable of manufacturing its own supply of NGF, if you’re suffering from a neurological disorder then your brain is prevented from this important task. When that happens, neurons can deteriorate.

There are two compounds involved in NGF and they are hericenones and erinacenes. It’s the hericenones that have the best power to stimulate the regeneration of neurons in your brain and that’s exactly what lion’s mane has in it.

Help with Neurodegenerative Disorders
One of the key components found in studies of lion’s mane is the research being done into how this superfood can help with neurodegenerative disorders.

According to one study, Lion’s Mane may benefit older adults with mild cognitive impairment. And in a 2011 study scientists found that it helped protect against memory issues caused by buildup of brain plaque. Plaque in the brain can disrupt brain function and cause cognitive decline.

Brain Health and More!
Brain health is a crucial part of your overall well-being but lion’s mane is proving to do even more. Loaded with antioxidants which fight nasty free radicals, lion’s mane mushrooms are also being studied for their immune boosting properties.

Lion’s Mane Supplement
Where can you find Lion’s Mane? My Healthy Memory by Best Life Herbals contains Lion’s Mane plus other key brain-enhancers including B-Vitamins, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, L-Taurine and more. Taken as directed, My Healthy Memory can banish brain fog, increase mental clarity, strengthen short-term memory and promote lifelong brain health.

Yours in continued good health,

Best Life Herbals Wellness Team
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