How to Choose the Best Nutritional Supplements…For the Money and For Your Health

What if someone made a mistake with your supplements? What if they added too much – or too little – of a key ingredient? Or left it out altogether?

It happens all the time. A major consumer watchdog group tests supplements regularly. They often find formulas that contain much less – or much more – of a listed ingredient. Sometimes their tests don’t detect any of the ingredient at all. And other times, they discover formulas contain contaminants such as lead.

Any one of these situations should be cause for concern… or maybe outrage. They’re also why Best Life Herbals is different. Because we learned long ago from others’ mistakes.

Today, I’d like to share some of the “inside secrets” that let us call formulas like CardioADVANCE “The Finest Nutritional Supplements Money Can Buy!”

You Can Be Confident… Because We Don’t Cut Corners With Our Ingredients

CardioAdvance | Total Heart Health Support

Many supplement makers boost their profits by using the least expensive ingredients they can find. That often means using overseas suppliers for their raw materials.

Unfortunately, some overseas suppliers don’t always provide quality ingredients. For example, From January through July 2017, the Food and Drug Administration issued no less than 31 warnings on sexual enhancement supplements that contained traces of prescription drugs!

That’s why we source every herb and nutrient we can from right here in the U.S.A. This helps ensure our ingredients are the purest possible. Plus, this policy has a side benefit. It helps support American jobs.

All our ingredients arrive at our lab with guaranteed purity and potency. But we double-check anyway. That’s right. Every shipment that arrives at our lab is tested to ensure it’s pure and fully potent before we’ll use it. If a shipment doesn’t pass muster for any reason, it goes right back to the supplier.

This is especially important for formulas like CardioADVANCE. With 17 separate ingredients, this complex heart health formula requires the utmost care from start to finish.

For Your Safety and Satisfaction, We Double-Check Everything

You have to be extra-careful when you’re putting together exact quantities of 17 ingredients. And we are. Each small batch of CardioADVANCE is checked and double-checked at every step along the way.

So when a technician at our lab gathers the ingredients for a batch, Quality Assurance checks for accuracy. They double-check the ingredients and the quantities. Once QA has signed off on the batch, it moves to mixing.

Here’s another point where a lot can go wrong. If your ingredients aren’t mixed thoroughly enough, you won’t get consistent quality. Everything has to be just so.

That’s why our lab uses specially made mixing drums with no points or corners. There’s nowhere in the drum for an ingredient to get stuck or cake. So the ingredients mix smoothly and evenly. And we run batches in the mixer longer than we probably need to – just to be sure they’re thoroughly blended.

After mixing, the QA department verifies the batch once more – just to be safe. But that’s not the end of it.

QA also double-checks batches by pulling capsules randomly and testing before they’re bottled. They pull random bottles from each batch to ensure they contain the right product. They even check each batch one last time before it ships from the lab.

That’s how we can guarantee your satisfaction bottle after bottle, year after year. But to ensure your maximum satisfaction, we go one step further…

The Finest Supplements Use the Finest Ingredients

Some supplement makers cut corners by avoiding “brand name” ingredients. Very few buyers would recognize these brands anyway.

Here at Best Life Herbals, we’ve taken a different approach. We select the best ingredients we can find – brand name or not.

For example, three of the ingredients in CardioADVANCE are “brand name” ingredients. Why? Because they’re superior quality, potency… or both.

So, for example, the CardioADVANCE label doesn’t list “pomegranate extract.” It lists PomActive® extract… because it’s the best pomegranate extract we’ve found yet for the job. After all, this is your heart health we’re discussing.

It’s also why we don’t use ordinary CoQ10 in our formula.

CoQ10 is key to energy production. The tiny energy factories in your cells – called mitochondria – can’t function without CoQ10. And muscles – like your heart muscle – depend on CoQ10 to function.

That’s why we use microactive CoQ10 with cyclodextrin.

Cyclodextrin makes cholesterol more soluble. In both animal and human cell studies, cyclodextrin discouraged – and even reversed – excess cholesterol build-up and related health problems.1, 2

Ingredients like these cost us more. But they make for a more effective formula. And where your heart is concerned, isn’t that most important?

We use another secret to ensure your satisfaction.

We’ll Never Ask You to Take the Risk

Here’s one “secret” we want everyone to know!

We’ll never ask you to take the risk when you try a Best Life Herbal’s formula. Because every one of our formulas comes with our exclusive full-year satisfaction guarantee.

Most companies offer a satisfaction guarantee, but you can get lost in the fine print. A typical guarantee runs for 30 days. Or 60 days, if they’re feeling generous. A handful of companies even offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

But many also lose you in the details. With restocking fees… exceptions… and all sorts of hoops for you to jump through to take advantage of their guarantee.

We make it easy.  We promise you’ll be thrilled with your Best Life Herbals formula, or we’ll buy it back. Up to one full year. We’ll even buy back the empty bottle(s) if you’ve used all the product .

The only “fine print” in our guarantee? Your refund doesn’t include shipping and handling. If you even pay for shipping in the first place. Because…

Get FREE Shipping on Every U.S. Order Over $65

Whether it’s multiple bottles of one product or one bottle of several products, you can save on shipping. Any order to a U.S. address ships FREE if it’s over $65.00.

For most of our products, that means shipping is free if you buy just 3 bottles. That’s just a 90-day supply.

Which brings us to another way for you to save money: quantity discounts. Take CardioADVANCE, for example.

A single bottle of CardioADVANCE sells for $39.90. That’s a mere $1.33 a day – less than half the cost of a typical cup of coffee.

But when you buy just two bottles, the per-bottle price drops to $29.95 each. That’s an immediate savings of almost $20.00.

If you buy 3 bottles, you’ll save almost $30.00 over the single-bottle price… plus qualify for free shipping. At that point, the third bottle is almost free. And it gets better.

Because the price drops almost $5.00 more – per bottle! – when you order a 4th bottle. Maximum savings kick in at 6 bottles – just a 6-month supply. At that point, you save $17.59 per bottle – or $105.54. And you don’t drop a dime on shipping.

How can we do this? It’s simple.

It takes almost no more effort to process and pack an order for 6 bottles of CardioADVANCE – or any of our formulas – than for just one bottle. So we can pass the savings on to you.

Of course, Best Life Herbals stands out most because of our unique formulas. And CardioADVANCE is a perfect example.


Designed for Maximum Heart Health

CardioAdvance | Total Heart Health Support

Every ingredient in CardioADVANCE was chosen for its support for heart health…

  • Magnesium – This key mineral has more than 300 uses in your body. But perhaps the most important is supporting a strong, healthy heartbeat.
  • L-Arginine – You body uses this amino acid to make nitric oxide (NO). NO makes arteries more flexible and helps boost blood flow.
  • Garlic Bulb Concentrate – Garlic is your heart’s handyman. It promotes healthy blood pressure, normalized blood fat levels, blocks oxidation of cholesterol, and supports free blood flow.
  • BerryVin® High ORAC Berries – Berries contain huge amounts of antioxidants – along with other plant compounds that promote overall heart health. BerryVin® is the most potent source we’ve found.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid This potent antioxidant defends your cells’ “energy factories” against damage. Your heart depends on these tiny structures to maintain a strong and steady beat.

And these are just for starters. In all, CardioADVANCE delivers carefully measured amounts of 17 herbs and nutrients. And each one has a specific job in supporting heart health.

It’s the most advanced heart formula we’ve ever offered. And now you know what makes CardioADVANCE – and every Best Life Herbals formula different.

Why not check out CardioADVANCE today? Or visit the Best Life Herbals website to check out our other formulas.

Yours in continued good health,

The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.

1 Zimmer, S., et al, “Cyclodextrin promotes atherosclerosis regression via macrophage reprogramming,” Sci Transl Med. Apr 6, 2016; 8(333): 333ra50.

2 Gaspar, J., et al, “2-Hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin (HPβCD) reduces age-related lipofuscin accumulation through a cholesterol-associated pathway,” Sci Rep. 2017; 7: 2197.

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