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Hidden From Western Eyes for Centuries… Fight the Effects of Time With This Anti-Aging Secret

Imagine if you could combat stress… boost your immune system… support healthy blood pressure… promote greater strength and endurance… and much more. All with one herb. Does that sound too good to be true?

It might. Because this herb is unknown to most Westerners. And very few that know it have any clue how many benefits it offers.

The herb is called ashwagandha, and Indian herbalists have been using it for centuries. Today, Western science is just beginning to catch up. With its many benefits, it may just be the most potent anti-aging secret you’ve never heard of.

But we’ve heard of it. We’ve studied it. And we’ve made it a key part of ReGenevate, our most potent anti-aging formula ever.

The Herb That Nearly Does It All

Ashwagandha promotes overall good health. It’s what herbalists call an “adaptogen.” That is, it helps your body deal with the effects of stress.

Ginseng is probably the best-known adaptogen. It’s famous for boosting stamina, supporting overall health, and promoting a healthy love life.

Ashwagandha is similar in that way. In fact, it’s sometimes called “Indian ginseng,” though it’s not closely related to ginseng at all.

But it has remarkable anti-aging benefits nonetheless. In a 2010 review of studies, doctors found evidence this herb could help…

  • Improve sleep
  • Promote healthy cholesterol levels
  • Help build muscle strength
  • Shed more fat for a leaner body.

And all with minimal side effects.1 In fact, numerous studies have found most people have no trouble with ashwagandha… and that it’s remarkably safe.

Here are just a few of its anti-aging benefits…

Fights the Effects of Stress

Stress can literally be a killer. Stress raises your blood pressure, weakens your immune system, causes you to pack on weight, and has many other unhealthy effects.

Doctors have tested ashwagandha on animals and humans. In both, it’s proven effective against stress.

In one study, doctors created stress in male rats with mild electric shocks to the foot. They applied the shock at random times just once a day for 21 days.

The rats’ immune systems weakened, and their stress hormone levels shot up. So did their blood sugar, and they were less responsive to insulin. They developed stomach and sexual problems. They grew moody and less mentally sharp.

But when the scientists gave their subject ashwagandha, the problems began to reverse. While taking the herb, they fared much better.2

Doctors in India tested ashwagandha on adults with long-term stress. They gave half the group ashwagandha. The other half took a placebo. Neither the volunteers nor the doctors knew who got which till after the study.

Over the course of 60 days, stress hormone levels dropped in some volunteers. They also reported a better quality of life. And – you guessed it – these were the folks in the ashwagandha group.3

In a 2008 human study, stressed-out volunteers also took ashwagandha. But the doctors in this study measured more than stress hormone levels. Along with stress hormones, these volunteers also saw a drop in blood pressure, heart rate, and C-reactive protein – a marker of heart risk.4

Chronic stress has an aging effect. Ashwagandha may be the easiest way to blunt it. You may not be “turning back the clock”… but you’re sure slowing it down a good bit.

Feel Less Anxious

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “You’ll worry himself into an early grave.” Like stress, worry tends to accelerate aging. And ashwagandha can help you there, too.

In 2014, doctors in Syracuse, New York reviewed studies on ashwagandha for chronic worriers. They found 5 studies, all of which showed the herb was effective.

One study even compared ashwagandha to traditional counseling. Volunteers going the counseling route improved by 30.5%. Those in the herbal group saw a whopping 56.5% improvement!5

The review’s authors warn the studies may have been affected by bias. But I’d think it would take an awful lot of bias to invent nearly double the gain.

Speaking of gains, ashwagandha appears to offer some pretty big ones, physically speaking.

Defend Nervous System Health

Lots of aging issues are linked to your brain and nervous system. Memory, clarity, and body control can all become issues as you age.

So far, studies suggest ashwagandha may support nervous system health in several ways. For example…

Scientists in India tested ashwagandha on human cells. It helped protect these cells from hydrogen peroxide (a common cause of free radical damage). It was also effective against damage from amino acid chains linked to cognitive decline.6

A study in the journal British Journal of Pharmacology took things even further.

Japanese scientists treated damaged nerve cells with ashwagandha. When they did, the cells began to regenerate. These same scientists also showed the herb promoted memory “repair” in mice with memory problems.7

One reason for ashwagandha’s effectiveness?

It’s a Potent Antioxidant Booster

Glutathione peroxidase – or GPx – is an antioxidant enzyme. Levels typically decline with age, leaving you with weaker free radical defenses.

Ashwagandha boosts GPx activity in aging animals. Giving ashwagandha to animals lowered free radical damage to fat cells. It also limited damage done to proteins by excess copper.

Doctors in this study said the herb’s effect was similar to SOD – often called your body’s “master antioxidant.”8

Antioxidant reserves aren’t the only defense ashwagandha helps strengthen, either.

Amazing Immune Boosting Power

In 1996, doctors from universities and clinics joined to test ashwagandha in immune-suppressed animals.

They gave their subjects one of 3 compounds known to depress immune activity. Giving the subjects ashwagandha blunted the effect of the compounds.

Animals taking ashwagandha had rises in both red and whit blood cells. Their hemoglobin (oxygen carrier) count went up, too. Subjects given the herb also showed a jump in immune activity.9

Promotes Healthy Blood Pressure

In 2012, university researchers gave ashwagandha to volunteers with high blood pressure. The volunteers ranged in age from 40 to 70 and all were under stress.

Doctors gave the group ashwagandha mixed in either milk or water for 3 months. Both groups experienced a drop in blood pressure… but the milk group fared much better.

In fact, the milk group did so well, the researchers recommended ashwagandha in milk as a remedy for stress-related blood pressure problems.10

Eases High Blood Sugar and High Cholesterol

This potent herb revealed another benefit in small study in The Indian Journal of Experimental Biology. Well, two benefits, really.

Doctors gave ashwagandha to two groups. The first had trouble controlling high blood sugar. The second had high cholesterol levels.

Within 300 days, the volunteers’ blood sugar had dropped. So did total cholesterol and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.

None of the volunteers reported side effects.

Get a Boost With Weight Loss

Who wouldn’t like to lose a few pounds? Even better, who’d like to drop those pounds effortlessly?

In a study published earlier this year, doctors gave ashwagandha or a placebo to volunteers suffering with chronic stress. Over 8 weeks, they measured the two groups’ progress.

There was little change in the placebo group. But volunteers taking ashwagandha saw a dramatic change.

They felt less stress and had fewer food cravings. Their stress hormone levels, weight, and body mass index all dropped, too.12

All they did was take ashwagandha every day. No restrictive diet… no grueling exercise program… no trips to the gym. Yet they began losing weight.

Increases Muscle Strength

Muscle loss is a common problem as you age. This can lead to balance issues, falls, and a loss of independence.

Ashwagandha appears to help people get more out of their physical activity. For example…

Doctors split 57 men, 18 to 50 years old, and split them into two similar groups. One group began taking ashwagandha. The other took a placebo. None of the volunteers had experience with resistance exercise.

The doctors had both groups begin a resistance program and measured muscle strength and growth.

Using the same program, the ashwagandha group had bigger gains in both areas. They built more strength in the bench press and leg extension. They packed more muscle on their arms and chest. And working out caused less muscle damage in the ashwagandha group.13

So I guess “no pain – no gain” isn’t always true.

Helps Build Endurance, Too

Research suggests ashwagandha can help you go the distance, too.

Doctors tested endurance – measured by maximum oxygen capacity (VO2Max) – in healthy athletes. They recruited 51 healthy male and female athletes for the study.

Doctors measured VO2Max in all volunteers. Then randomly assigned them to either ashwagandha or a placebo for 12 weeks. Doctors retested VO2Max at set points during and after the 12 weeks.

Although all the athletes were similar at the stat of the study, the ashwagandha group made markedly bigger gains in VO2Max over the 12 weeks.

In fact, they improved at more than triple the rate of the placebo group!

Greater strength and endurance are big anti-aging pluses. But there’s one more that may really put ashwagandha “over the top” as an anti-aging herb.

ReGenevate Ingredients

The ingredients in ReGenevate tackle ALL the mental and physical signs of aging other anti-aging supplements overlook. Get it now at Best Life Herbals.

Fights Aging at the Cellular Level

In a lab study, scientist looked at the cellular effects of ashwagandha. They found this remarkable herb had several effects…

  • It boosted antioxidant defenses
  • It triggered positive enzyme activity
  • It partially blocked cellular “shut-down”

The result was that cells treated with ashwagandha could safely divide more than untreated cells.15

In simple terms, it extended the useful life of these cells. If that’s not an anti-aging effect, I don’t know what is. And it’s just one more reason we included ashwagandha in ReGenevate.

Anti-Aging Made Simple

Ashwagandha alone is an effective anti-aging herb. But imagine if someone combined it with other key herbs and nutrients for a truly comprehensive anti-aging formula.

That’s the idea behind ReGenevate.

We’ve combined 10 of Nature’s most powerful anti-aging compounds. So you can squeeze the most out of every day.

  • CoQ10 – A key nutrient for stimulating energy production in your cells.
  • Pterostilbene – Similar to resveratrol, but much easier to absorb.
  • Pomegranate – Known for superior heart-health benefits.

Working together with ashwagandha, these ingredients deliver maximum anti-aging support. In one easy-to-take daily capsule. There’s never been an easier way to fight the effects of age.

Or a safer one. Because you don’t have to risk a single dime.

The Best Deal on “the Best Nutritional Supplements Money Can Buy”

ReGenevateWe believe in every formula we sell. We take them ourselves. So we seek out the finest ingredients from the most reliable sources… test them for purity and potency… and meet or beat the latest “Good Manufacturing Practices” standards at every step.

Then we back ReGenevate – and all our formulas – with the best guarantee I the business. We promise you’ll be thrilled with ReGenevate, or we’ll buy it back. Even up to a full year from purchase date.

ReGenevate won’t break the bank, either. Some anti-aging formulas sell for hundreds of dollars a bottle. But not ReGenevate. The ReGenevate formula delivers maximum anti-aging support at a cost everyone can afford.

Because everyone deserves a shot at their best life.

To learn more about ReGenevate – and how to save over 20% – why not visit our website today? With ReGenevate on your side, you have everything to gain.

Yours in continued good health,

The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.

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