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You’re busy shopping… or taking your kids/grandkids to an event… or out with friends for a well-deserved night out “with the girls.” Suddenly, you have to go. Not maybe. Not in a few minutes. You have to go now.

Someone tells a hilarious joke during a meeting at work… you’re in the middle of a workout… or you cough or sneeze while at dinner with another couple. You feel a warm sensation between your legs.

For a third of women – and half of those around retirement age – these are everyday experiences. Sudden urges and bladder leaks are among the most common – and most embarrassing – problems women face.

Imagine giving up favorite activities for fear of a leak. Going out rarely, because there may not be a handy ladies’ room. And trying desperately to stifle sneezes, coughs, and even laughter so you don’t “leak.”

Of course, there’s a good chance you don’t have to imagine. Because that’s what countless generations of women have suffered through.

But a strange herbal combination may have changed that forever. No more frustration… no more embarrassment… no more adult diapers.

Nobody seems quite sure what triggered the idea to combine these two oddball elements. But this east-west “clash of cultures” may just be your ticket to freedom from the tyranny of your bladder.

East Meets West – And a Bladder Health Revolution Is Born

Hundreds – perhaps thousands – of years before Europeans arrived, pumpkins were a popular crop in the New World. The flesh was a food high in fiber and vitamin A… and a good source of several other vitamins and minerals.

The Native Americans also roasted pumpkin seeds as a nutritious snack. They’re high in protein, zinc, magnesium… and deliver meaningful amounts of several other minerals.

With their potent nutrition profile, pumpkin seeds quickly became an herbal remedy – especially for urinary tract and bladder problems.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Japanese soldiers discovered “horse feed” could be converted to a human superfood.

According to popular history, a great general was encamped with his army when the enemy launched a surprise nighttime attack. The men were boiling soybeans to feed their horses when sentries raised the alarm.

The general’s staff dumped the soybeans into a rice-straw sack, jumped on their horses, and rode off to safety.

When they stopped to rest, the soldiers opened the sacks of soybeans to feed their horses. They noticed the sticky beans smelled sweet and tasted them. The soybeans had gone from inedible to delicious.

Back then, the soldiers couldn’t know what had happened. A bacteria unique to the rice straw had fermented the boiled soy. They had accidentally discovered natto.

Today, natto is a breakfast staple in Japan. Natto’s discovery opened the door for scientists to uncover the health benefits of fermented soy and soy isoflavones.

It was also the first step towards a revolution in bladder health.

Start with Potent, Natural Bladder Relief

Inca nobles uncovered the power of pumpkin seeds centuries before Europeans had a clue. Japanese doctors were generations ahead of the West with soy.

Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds for maximum bladder relief.

Pumpkin seeds have a long history of prostate, bladder, and urinary relief. They’ve been well studied by modern science. Just last year, Italian scientists reviewed several studies.

These studies looked at the effect of pumpkin seeds on bladder and urinary issues for men with prostate trouble. Six of the studies were clinical trials.

In all 6 clinical trials, men taking pumpkin seed extract showed significant bladder and urinary improvements.1

A team of Japanese scientists noted taking pumpkin seed extracts is linked to fewer nighttime trips to the bathroom. So, they tested pumpkin seed extract on adults with frequent urges.

Over the course of 12 weeks, volunteers taking the extract experienced fewer and fewer urges.2

Imagine if you had fewer sudden urges during the day. And fewer interruptions at night. You’d be better-rested… feel more relaxed… and more confident. When you’re not tethered to the nearest restroom, your world can open up again.

Then Add a Secret Ingredient…

Soy has been studied even more than pumpkin seeds. But not so much for bladder relief.

Natto, for instance, contains a unique enzyme. This enzyme – called nattokinase – discourages unhealthy “thickening” and clotting of blood. Scientists believe it’s a major reason Japanese people have such a low rate of heart trouble.

Many studies have looked at the effect of soy isoflavones on “the change.” Isoflavones mimic the activity of estrogen. They appear to ease many of the uncomfortable effects as a woman’s fertile years come to a close.

But I haven’t found many studies that look primarily at soy’s effect on bladder or urinary problems. But I did come across one.

In 2001, doctors in Hong Kong examined the effect of soy isoflavones on 2,000 older male volunteers. They excluded anyone who…

• Was taking drugs for urinary trouble
• Had undergone bladder surgery for any reason
• Who had suffered with bladder or prostate cancer.

This left 1,701 men in their study.

The doctors carefully reviewed the men’s diets for isoflavone intake. They also tested their volunteers for bladder/urinary performance. That is, they tested for stream strength, emptying, and similar signs of good bladder/urinary health.

The doctors then adjusted their results for any factors that might affect the final numbers. These included medical records and lifestyle choices. Then they laid out the results, which were clear.

The men with higher isoflavone levels in their diet had a much lower their risk of having bladder/urinary problems. Compared with men who ate few or no foods containing isoflavones, the men who at more cut their risk by up to 41%.3

At some point – and I’m not sure anyone knows exactly when – someone asked the big question: “What if we combined pumpkin seed with soy?” That’s when things got interesting.

Simple, Natural, Powerful Bladder Relief Is Born

What would you do with your new-found freedom if you didn’t have to rush to the restroom as often? If you started sleeping through the night again? And if you didn’t have to fear a “leak” every time you exercised, laughed, or sneezed?

Do you think a few horizons would open up to you again? Imagine going out to a comedy club and laughing till your sides ache. Taking up jogging or tennis again. Or lasting until intermission at the theater. No more back-row tickets for you!

That seems to be the potential when you combine pumpkin seed extract with soy isoflavones.

An early Japanese study tested this combination on mature women with nighttime bladder control problems.

The women reported sleeping better and got up less often in the night to urinate. They also had fewer daytime urges. And experienced far fewer embarrassing leaks.4

Keep in mind, the only change these volunteers made was to take the pumpkin seed/soy mix.

Then, in 2014, a Swiss-Korean study looked at a specific mix of pumpkin seed and soy.

Swiss scientists had been tinkering with the balance of pumpkin seed extract and soy isoflavones. And thought they’d found just the right combination. So they tested it.

Doctors divided 120 volunteers into 2 groups. One group took the pumpkin seed/soy combo. The other group took a placebo.

After 12 weeks, the pumpkin seed/soy group had far fewer daytime and nighttime urges. When they had to go, the urgency was less extreme. And they had notably fewer leaks.

Plus, when asked, 90% of the pumpkin seed/soy group said they wanted to keep taking the formula… because their quality of life had improved.5

Enjoy the Same Relief as the Women in This Study – With No Risk

Anyone can mix a random extract from pumpkin seeds with soy. But only one very specific formula produced the results in this study. And only Best Life Herbals is bringing you BladderSure with Go-Less®.

Go-Less® is the exact formula used in the Swiss-Korean study. And Best Life Herbals’ BladderSure delivers 100% Go-Less® – the exact formula that delivered the amazing results in this study.

It’s potent, proven bladder relief that’s safe, natural, and remarkably effective. And it’s all yours in BladderSure with Go-Less®.

Even better, it’s yours with no risk. Thanks to Best Life Herbals’ unprecedented full-year satisfaction guarantee, you won’t risk a penny. They’re so sure you’ll be thrilled with the results, they give you a year – 12 full months – to make up your mind.

What could be better? Let me tell you…

Enjoy Blessed Relief for Just Pennies a Day

What can you buy for 72¢ these days? Your average candy bar is over a dollar. A cup of coffee can run you $3 or more. Even most daily papers are $1 or so a day.

But you can enjoy powerful bladder relief for as little as 72¢ a day. And – unlike your daily paper – it’s all good news.

Picture yourself sleeping peacefully through the night. Enjoying a day of shopping, or an evening at a show, without fear. Or playing golf or tennis without worrying about an embarrassing leak – or being too far from the restroom.

That’s the kind of relief – and confidence – BladderSure with Go-Less® can bring you. And for just pennies a day.

Are you ready to reclaim your life… to declare your independence… and squeeze every bit of enjoyment you can out of every day? Then discover how BladderSure with Go-Less® can set you on the road to independence.


Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team



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