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Don’t Spend Another Dime on Supplements Until You Read This!

This is probably the only time you’ll ever hear this from a supplement maker. You’re probably spending too much on supplements.

I’m not saying I think you should stop taking supplements. But there’s a good chance you’re taking more of them than you need to. And spending too much to boot.

I found out how common this problem is just recently. I met a group of friends for dinner… and the talk turned to nutritional supplements.

What I discovered that night shocked me. It may surprise you, too. Because every person at that table was making the same mistake. And it was costing them a small fortune.

Chances are good you’re making the same mistake, too. But sit back, and I’ll reveal the simple, inexpensive way to get all the nutrients your body craves.

Dinner With Friends Becomes an Eye-Opener

We had quite a group of friends and family that night. The food was good and the conversation lively.

The conversation was pretty routine… until someone asked me what I did. All I had to say was “nutritional supplements” to set off a whole new conversation.

Bottles and pill carriers emerged from purses and pockets. Folks began comparing notes on who took which supplements. It seems everyone was trying to live healthier and longer the natural way.

Before long, I noticed something odd. Other than a basic multivitamin, every single supplement anyone took was just that. A single supplement.

Some folks took vitamin C. Others took vitamin D. Several of the ladies took calcium. Fish oil was popular. And one man was taking saw palmetto for his prostate.

I was amazed at how much some of these folks must have been spending. How is it people wind up taking 10, 15, sometimes 20 individual herbs and nutrients?

Adding On What’s Good for You

Imagine you’re a woman in your 50s. Your doctor may suggest you start taking calcium to help keep your bones strong.

But then you learn you need plenty of vitamin D to absorb calcium… and that most people are short on D. So you start taking a vitamin D capsule along with your calcium pill.

Still later, you discover magnesium is key to bone health, so you add magnesium to your list. Now you’re taking three pills where you started with one.

Or maybe you’re a man concerned about his heart. Maybe you started taking garlic, because it’s a good all-round heart-health supplement. Then added CoQ10 when you learned it’s key to heart health. Maybe later, you add L-arginine to promote clear arteries.

As we get older, most of us add more and more supplements to our lists. We might take resveratrol for its anti-aging power… melatonin to help us sleep… Beta-sitosterol and oat bran to help keep our arteries clear.

But before long, you could be taking a dozen or more individual supplements. And shelling out $200 or $300 a month. But with all that effort – and expense – you may not be getting the most effective support.

That’s why I told my friends at dinner that night about the easier way.

Get the Most for the Least From Your Supplements

Let’s say you’re concerned about your cholesterol levels. And let’s say you want to go the natural route, because it’s safe.

Maybe you start with oat bran, because it’s well known. But it may not do enough. So you look for a “booster.”

Garlic has big heart-health benefits. And among them happens to be a trend towards normal cholesterol levels. So you add garlic.

If this doesn’t do the trick, you may add a third herb. And so on.

Of course, many people follow this path with many health issues as they age: heart, digestion, prostate, “the change,” joint pain… and on and on.

What begins as one or two supplements – as my dinner companions proved – can grow to 10, 12, 15, or even more.

The prices add up – and so does that pile of pills.

But let’s go back to cholesterol for a moment. One or two natural options may not do the trick for you. But ten have a pretty good chance of making your goal. And if you can get the ten in two capsules – instead of ten – your job just got easier. And less expensive.

Buying ten individual supplements is a lot more expensive than buying all ten in one bottle.

And that’s the secret my friends and their families had missed. A comprehensive formula aimed at one health issue is usually easier, cheaper, and more effective than adding herb after herb after nutrient.

Simpler, Cheaper, and Massively Effective

Take my cholesterol example. You could take chromium every day, along with oat bran, Hawthorn, garlic, red yeast rice, and green tea extract. You could add in Beta sitosterol, inositol, guggul, and policosinol, too.

But imagine buying – and taking – all ten of these cholesterol-busters. Every day. You could easily pay over $100 a month… and take 10 pills a day. Just to promote healthy cholesterol.

Or you could save 80% – or more – and get the same benefits from just 2 capsules a day with Cholest 9.

Bladder issues are another problem that crop up as we get older. You could buy cranberry for its anti-adhesion properties… juniper extract to promote flushing… marshmallow for its soothing properties… amino acid complex to promote muscle tone… and more.

But you could wind up taking a dozen or more supplements. And – again – spending well over $100 a month.

But why spend all that money – and take a dozen or more pills a day – when 1 capsule can deliver 16 key herbs and nutrients proven to support bladder health?

That’s what you get with Women’s Formula Ultimate Bladder Support.

This unique formula delivers cranberry, juniper, marshmallow, and amino acids. Plus other bladder health champs such as Uva ursi, buchu, ginger, and more. In all, you get 16 herbs and nutrients – for just a few dollars more than one or two individual ingredients.

For Every Problem, a Comprehensive Solution

That’s our goal here at Best Life Herbals. We strive to offer you the most comprehensive formulas available – based on the latest science – for the most reasonable price.

Even our women’s daily vitamin-mineral formulas are aimed at giving you the biggest boost available for the price.

Our Women’s Daily Formula contains Dong Quai, black cohosh, and soy lecithin to ease monthly discomfort and the stresses of “the change.”

As my friends at dinner discovered, you can spend an awful lot more to get an awful lot less. But what really floored them wasn’t what was in the bottle…

All Benefit… No Risk

Seeing how much they could save while getting so much more was a real wake-up call. But what blew my dinner companions’ minds was something I almost take for granted.

It’s Best Life Herbals’ satisfaction guarantee.

Walk into your local health food store, choose a couple of items and walk up to the counter. Then ask the salesperson if they’ll guarantee your satisfaction for a full year.

Think about that for a moment. You’re probably looking at buying a couple of items with a one- or two-month supply. And asking for a year-long satisfaction guarantee?

Chances are they’ll tell you nobody is crazy enough to offer that kind of guarantee.

They’d be wrong. Because every supplement we sell here at Best Life Herbals carries exactly that satisfaction guarantee.

That’s right. Even if you buy just one bottle of one of our supplements, you’re covered for a full year. Quantity doesn’t matter – and neither does price. All our supplements are covered for a full year.

We’re that confident you’ll be thrilled with the results. And here’s why…

One Last Point

Here at Best Life Herbals, we follow the latest science closely. We formulate our supplements as if we – and our families – were going to take them.

Because we do.

We’re not here to take advantage of the latest trends. Just like you, we want to live longer, more active lives. We want to spend more happy, healthy days with our families. And that means taking what we do seriously.

That’s why we continuously update our formulas to match the latest science. Why we introduce new products when new nutrients are proven. And why we cheerfully refund any claim under our satisfaction guarantee.

It’s also why we have so many repeat customers. Folks just like you who’ve found natural solutions to their health concerns. And who are getting more for less by choosing comprehensive formulas over individual supplements.

If you’re ready to get more for less, check out our product catalog today.

Yours in continued good health,

The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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