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Can You Hear Me Now?

This Common Cause of Hearing Problems Can Be Reversed

Many people think common health problems are a sign of age. Aching joints, brain fog, fading energy… all seem like normal signs of their bodies wearing down. And many are. But you may not realize that almost all the signs of age can be slowed… stopped… or even reversed.

Poor diet, lack of sleep and exercise, and stress all accelerate aging. With the right approach, you can live a more youthful life. For example, this common cause of hearing problems can be reversed. And it’s fairly easy…

Almost 2 in 5 adults don’t get enough vitamin B12. And that’s a serious problem, because even levels in the “low normal” range may not be enough to avoid some health problems.

B12 is critical for healthy red blood cells… energy production… and nerve health. Which may be why low B12 levels popping up in studies on hearing trouble.

Back in 1999, doctors studying hearing loss found that people with lower levels of B12 tended to have more problems hearing tones in the normal speech range.1 And Turkish scientists noticed people with low B12 levels were also more likely to have problems turning sound waves into nerve impulses.2

Egyptian doctors looked at 3 groups of children in 2014. They discovered those with nerve-related hearing problems also had lower levels of vitamin B12 and another B vitamin, folate.3

It also appears low levels of B12 are linked to ringing or buzzing in the ears.

Scientists in Israel compared 3 groups of people. Some had hearing loss, some had ringing in the ears, and others had normal hearing. The volunteers with ringing in their ears were more than twice as likely to have low B12 levels than those with healthy hearing.4

Other doctors looked specifically at mature adults – aged 60 to 98. Again, those with ringing in the ears tended to have lower B12 levels.5

Why do so many people have trouble getting enough vitamin B12? There are several reasons…

• As you get older, your body makes less stomach acid. B12 is only found in animal products. Many older adults’ stomachs can’t break down the meat enough to get all the B12 they need.

• If you regularly take drugs to suppress stomach acid, you may experience the same problem.

• Vegans, vegetarians – and even some “semi-vegetarians” – don’t get enough animal products in their diets to meet their need for B12. Many in these groups also avoid processed foods, some of which are fortified with B12.

Fortunately, most people can easily get all the B12 they need. Many shellfish, lamb and beef are all rich sources. An egg or a glass of non-fat milk will also provide about your daily need (2.4 micrograms). 8 ounces of plain yogurt comes close.

To ensure you’re getting enough B12 – especially if you’re concerned about your hearing – consider taking a nutritional supplement. With B12’s close link to hearing health, a good hearing formula should include plenty.

Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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