Break the Endless Cycle Of Miserable Bladder Problems

Bladder and urinary tract (UT) problems are embarrassing, frustrating, and sometimes downright painful. They’re incredibly common. But because of where they strike, they’re also among the least talked-about health issues.

Bacteria attack the bladder and UT so often, they account for a quarter of all bacterial attacks reported. Women are 8 times more likely to suffer these problems than men. Up to 60% of women will suffer at some point. While a third of all women suffer their first UT or bladder issue by the time they’re 24 years old.

And we say “first,” because many women suffer bout after bout. Suffering three or more rounds in a year isn’t rare. And – here’s the worst part – the more often you have a bladder or UT issue, the more likely you are to have another one!

But there’s good news, too.

You don’t have to suffer in silence any more. Because you have a natural alternative scientifically proven to help break the cycle.

In West Africa, herbalists use a tea made from Hibiscus sabdariffa to ease bladder and UT problems. Centuries of women have said it works wonders. Now science does, too.

Which is why it’s the secret behind Floranol UT, our formula especially designed to ease your most stubborn bladder and UT problems.

Don’t Hide From the World Any More

Thousands of women with recurring bladder problems spend too much time hiding from the world. It’s not just the itching, painful urination, embarrassing odor, and other common signs. Invading bacteria also make “leaks” more likely.

And what could be more embarrassing than realizing a cough… or laugh… golf swing –  or almost any other sudden action – just triggered a leak?

Liners may help, but they don’t always do the job. And who wants to be stuck wearing those awful, bulky diapers?

Besides they’re not a solution. They’re just a cover-up. They don’t do anything to address the root of your problem. You need help stopping the bacteria behind the leaks and other issues.

That’s where roselle comes in. Because it directly attacks the bacteria behind your suffering.

This Pretty Flower Is Bad News for Bacteria

Imagine if you could wipe out millions of invading bacteria. With little chance of side effects. And mild ones in the rare cases they happen.

That’s one of the beauties of roselle.

It’s gentle on your body, but tough as nails on invading bacteria.

In a 2014 study, doctors tested roselle on several strains of bacteria linked to recurring bladder/UT problems. Roselle was deadly to large numbers of every type of bacteria they tested.

The doctors also found roselle helped keep surviving bacteria from forming a “colony.” That is, what roselle didn’t kill, it discouraged from gaining a foothold.1 And if bacteria can’t “grab” onto the lining of your bladder or UT, they’ll simply flush out.

In the journal The Antiseptic, Indian scientists reported a roselle extract killed every type of bacteria they tested. Including some linked to bladder problems.2

In 2011, scientists at Alabama A&M University tested roselle on E. coli – the bacteria behind most bladder/UT problems. They tested 3 strengths on colonies of the nasty microbes.

Even the weakest concentration was effective. At just one-quarter the strength of the highest concentration, it was about two-thirds as effective against E. coli.3

In other words, a small amount of roselle extract can go a long way.

A Middle Eastern study looked at how well roselle worked on another common cause of bladder/UT problems: yeast.

C. albicans is a common yeast. It lives in small amounts on most people’s skin. But if it gets into your UT, the warm, damp environment provides this yeast with ideal growing conditions.

The scientists discovered roselle extract is good at killing C. albicans, too. They suggest roselle could be an effective way to discourage recurring bladder/UT problems.4

As good as it may be at killing invaders, roselle has a couple of other tricks up its sleeve.

Helps Wash Out the Survivors

I mentioned roselle can help get rid of any bacteria it doesn’t kill. Because it helps discourage colony formation, these bacteria can’t get a foothold.

But roselle works in another way.

You see, West African herbalists have another traditional use for roselle tea. They give it to people with blood pressure issues.

Modern research shows it’s pretty good at promoting healthy blood pressure levels. Why? Because it revs up kidney function.

Nigerian researchers tested roselle extract as recently as 2017. And they found it triggered their volunteers’ kidneys to process more fluid. In simple terms, they passed more urine. A lot more.5

How does this help with bladder issues? Good question. And the Infectious Diseases Society of America has a good answer.

They’ve found that just drinking more water can help cut your risk of recurring bladder/UT problems. Because it flushes more bacteria out.6

Roselle can boost this effect. Along with killing plenty of nasty microbes. (Since roselle triggers kidney activity, you should drink more water anyway.)

And we’re still not through with ways roselle supports bladder/UT health.

Promote Maximum Bladder Relief

E. coli is a tough opponent. But it has weaknesses. For example, like many types of bacteria, it doesn’t like an acid environment.

And – you guessed it – roselle boosts the acidity of your urine.

In fact in one study, taking a roselle extract led to a 25% jump in urine acidity… wiping out the majority of E. coli in the samples.

And this all took place in less than 24 hours!7

“Yes,” you may be asking, “but what about those leaks you mentioned?”

Studies on various types of smooth muscle – including bladder muscle – show that roselle extracts trigger smooth muscle to relax.8,9

In 2007, university scientists found this is probably due to the same process that triggers your blood vessels to relax.10 The release of NO – nitric oxide – triggers relaxation in smooth muscle cells – including the linings of your arteries and bladder.

This relaxation could help you avoid major embarrassments… and give you the confidence to get back out in the world.

Of course, the bottom line has to be how well roselle works in practice. Very well, we’re happy to report.

Enjoy Real Relief in Real Time

As mentioned above, studies show roselle gets to work remarkably fast. Just by boosting the acidity of urine, it helped kill millions of invading E. coli bacteria in less than a day.

And, of course, less bacteria means more relief.

A 2010 French study looked at 40 women with recurring bladder/UT problems. Those who began taking roselle extract saw a clear change.

Over four months, the roselle group suffered with 77% fewer bladder/UT issues than a group that took a placebo. Even though they all had similar histories of recurring bladder trouble.11

Finally, a study from Taiwan illustrates just how tough roselle can be. These doctors tested it on patients in a long-term-care setting. All of whom had catheters in place.

The use of catheters greatly increases the chance of bacterial issues. But the patients who took roselle saw a dramatic drop in the number of bladder/UT problems they suffered.12

If roselle can help those folks, imagine what it might do for your bladder issues.

Get All the Relief With None of the Risk

We’ve found a reliable source for a unique and potent roselle extract. And we use the exact same amount in Floranol UT that our supplier used in their trials.Floranol UT

This hard-to-find extract is truly effective. But you don’t have to take our word for it. You can prove it to yourself with zero risk.

Because Floranol UT – like all our formulas – comes with our industry-best full-year satisfaction guarantee.

Simply put, we promise you’ll love the results you get with Floranol UT… or we’ll buy it back.

Which leads me to this question: If you could reduce – or even end – the frustration and embarrassment of bladder/UT problems, why wouldn’t you?

For as little as 73¢ a day, Floranol UT can help you get rid of millions of nasty bacteria. Day in and day out. Waking and sleeping. Always on guard.

Safe, gentle, natural, and effective, the roselle extract in Floranol UT will work tirelessly to bring you the relief you crave. There’s simply no easier way to break the cycle.

Try Floranol UT today… and start feeling real relief as soon as tomorrow.

Yours in continued good health,
The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

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