Berry Breakthrough S-L-O-W-S the Effects of Aging

Berry Breakthrough S-L-O-W-S the Effects of Aging –
It’s the Next Best Thing to Finding the Fountain of Youth

Ponce DeLeon was way off. The Spanish explorer and 1st governor of Puerto Rico hacked his way through the swamps of Florida in search of the fables Fountain of Youth. He should have been looking in Maine or maybe Michigan.

Why? Because that’s where he’d have found a berry breakthrough that slows the effects of time. It’s the next best thing to finding the Fountain of Youth. Even better – it’s real.

Caltech Points the Way to a Longer Future

Just a few weeks ago, scientists at Caltech, the California Institute of Technology, announced a breakthrough. They discovered how to slow the effects of time. It’s all tied into your cells’ “energy factories”  called mitochondria.

Mitochondria are the energy source for your cells. Your cells run on a fuel called ATP. Virtually every cell in your body has hundreds to thousands of these little energy factories. And every one pumps out a supply of ATP.

To do their job, mitochondria have their own special form of DNA – called mDNA. But, unlike the DNA directly involved in cell division, mDNA doesn’t have much of a repair system. So when free radicals damage mDNA, it usually stays damaged.

When one of your “energy factories” has too much damaged mDNA, it shuts down or dies. Either way, these “dormant” and dead cells add up over time. And you show the signs of age.

What the Caltech team did was show that activating certain genes can almost halt damage to mDNA. In one experiment, they cut the amount of mDNA damage from 76% to just 5%.

This kept mitochondria humming along, kept cells functioning like younger cells, and held off the signs of aging.1

Now, we’re not at a place where you can simply and easily switch the right genes on and off in humans. But you can promote more cellular “energy factories.”

In essence, you can make your cells act more like younger cells. And that’s where berries and the Fountain of Youth come in.

Building New Energy Factories

Your local power company regularly replaces aging power plants with new ones. As an old coal-fired plant decays, they may replace it with a new, modern plant burning natural gas. When you flip the switch, your lights come on, so you may never notice the difference.

But adding the new natural gas-fired plant has extended the life of your local power company by years. And kept your life – and the lives of your neighbors – humming along without a hitch.

The good news is you can do much the same thing for your body. By promoting the production of new mitochondria.

One of the key factors in making new energy factories is an enzyme called AMPK. When your body triggers production of AMPK, one of the first things it does is stimulate new mitochondria to form.

You see, one of AMPK’s jobs to sense the energy status of your cells. If the energy status is too low, AMPK stimulates production of new energy factories – called “mitochondrial biogenesis.”

The more mitochondria in your cells, the more energy they make. And the more youthful they act. All you have to do is figure out how to stimulate AMPK activity.

Berry Breakthrough May Promote Longevity

AMPK seems to be a key to supporting healthier, longer-lived cells. Triggering more AMPK activity leads to more cellular energy. And we already know one natural substance that triggers AMPK production.

It’s pterostilbene or PSB.2

You’ll find PSB in a number of foods. But it’s especially abundant in blueberries. Which is why Ponce DeLeon should have looked north for his Fountain of Youth. Because he would have had a lot more luck.

Studies show PSB activates AMPK. Which, in turn, enhances production of new mitochondria. This is one reason blueberries are a super-fruit. They literally contain a substance key to turning back the effects of time.

But PSB does more than stimulate AMPK production.

Supporting Your “Longevity Gene”

In laboratory tests, PSB activates the SIRT1 gene – also called “the longevity gene.”

Animal studies show SIRT1 activation mimics the effects of a low calorie diet. It basically kicks cells into “self-preservation mode.”

One effect of SIRT1 activation is especially good for your heart. SIRT1 lowers the effect of angiotensin II. This hormone causes your blood vessels to constrict and has been linked to blockages. So “turning on” SIRT1 encourages healthy blood flow.

SIRT1 is also linked to cleaning out damaged mitochondria and production of new ones. Which promotes more youthful energy levels.

Many of resveratrol’s benefits may come from SIRT1 activation. But studies suggest PSB is over 6 times more effective than resveratrol at switching on this key gene!3

PSB also boosts energy production in yet another way.

Potent Antioxidant Effects

Earlier this year, Chinese scientists exposed human cells to PSB to observe its effects.

One of the first changes they noticed was a drop in a type of free radicals called “superoxides.” 4

Superoxides are a byproduct of energy production. If they’re not neutralized, then can quickly convert to toxic hydrogen peroxide – H2O2.

In the Chinese experiment, PSB promoted the activity of genes that trigger MnSOD production. MnSOD – or manganese superoxide dismutase – is a key antioxidant in your cells’ energy factories. It breaks H2O2 down into relatively harmless oxygen and water.

By encouraging MnSOD production it has an indirect, but potent, antioxidant effect. Plus, other studies suggest PSB also has a direct antioxidant effect against other free radicals.5

Finally, let’s look at one more way PSB helps fight the effects of age.

Bolstering Cholesterol Defenses

In the past, I’ve written to you about how LDL cholesterol isn’t as unhealthy as the mainstream thinks. Oxidized LDL is the real problem.

Oxidized LDL boosts free radical levels. It triggers over-production of NF-kB, a defensive protein. Too much NF-kB is linked to inflammation, abnormal cell division, and immune system problems. Oxidized LDL can also lower the ability of mitochondria to produce energy.

A cell study in the journal Apoptosis found PSB defends against the damaging effects of oxidized LDL. In this 2012 study, cells treated with PSB were less likely to “self-destruct.”6

And that can help slow effects of oxidized LDL linked to aging.

Altogether, these traits make PSB a powerful ally in your anti-aging regimen. So adding a rich source, like blueberries, to your diet can give you a boost.

But blueberries are expensive and not always in season. So taking PSB as a supplement makes sense. It also makes sense if you want meaningful amounts of PSB. You’d have to eat up to 10,000 blueberries a day just to get one milligram of PSB in your diet.

But Best Life Herbals’ ReGenevate delivers 5 times that amount in just one capsule – along with 9 other powerful anti-aging nutrients. To discover how to get all the anti-aging benefits of PSB – and a whole lot more – just visit

Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals


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The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure and disease.

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