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Anti-Aging “Super Nutrient” Key to Men’s Sexual Prowess

40% of Mature Men Aren’t Getting Enough

Zinc may be the most overlooked anti-aging nutrient ever. Up to 45% of women – and 41% of men – don’t get enough zinc in their diets. In fact, zinc is the #2 nutrient missing from Americans’ diets.1

You may know zinc as an antioxidant mineral. But it’s involved in a remarkable number of functions in your body.

For example, you need zinc to make more than 300 enzymes. Enzymes act as chemical “triggers” that set off key metabolic processes throughout your body. Zinc is also part of almost 3,000 proteins in your body.

For men, zinc is also a key player in sexual health. Male sex organs contain remarkably high levels of zinc. It’s critical for maintaining healthy sperm… and much more.

In the next few minutes, you’ll discover secrets new research reveals about zinc’s anti-aging powers… and why it may be the key to enjoying more satisfying sex for years to come.

Cutting Your Risk of Age-Related Health Issues

Doctors believe that low-level systemic irritation is behind many of the health problems we link to aging. Heart trouble, joint damage, blood sugar issues… and many more.

This systemic irritation is your immune system running at a low level. Obesity, poor diet, lack of sleep, a sedentary lifestyle… many situations can trigger this reaction. And it stresses your body, leading to health problems we link to aging.

Last year, doctors at Oregon State University (OSU) showed zinc is a key player in this process. Or a lack of zinc, rather.

They discovered low zinc levels change how your immune system functions. They cause immune cells to behave differently and boost systemic irritation.

In their experiments, the OSU team found that low zinc levels led to a loss of control over certain immune triggers for systemic irritation.2

So, getting enough zinc can have a profound effect on your risk of many health issues linked to age. And that’s not all…

A Potent DNA Defense

A recent study led by a team from Oakland’s Children’s Hospital uncovered another way zinc fights the effects of aging. It helps block DNA damage.

The scientists measured DNA damage over 6 weeks. They found that just 4 extra mg of zinc a day lowered DNA damage significantly.3

DNA damage can lead to serious consequences. A cell with damaged DNA may not be able to divide properly – or at all. Damaged DNA can also trigger a process called “programmed cell death.” This is when a cell essentially commits suicide to avoid making bad copies of your genetic code.

Now the 4 mg of extra zinc per day may sound like a lot – at least when you consider a man only needs 11 mg a day. But 4 mg is less zinc than you’ll get from an average oyster.

And that 4 mg may make a huge difference for many men. But before we talk about how… here’s why so many men fall short on their zinc intake.

Why So Many Men Don’t Get Enough Zinc

The government recommends adult men get 11 mg of zinc per day. But many men are low on this key mineral – even if they’re getting the recommended amount.

How can that be? First, because, as you get older, your body doesn’t absorb zinc as well. So, you could be getting “all the zinc you need,” but your body may still be starving for it.

It also depends on the foods you eat. Not all sources of zinc are created equal.

You see, the zinc in grains and legumes comes with a dose of a chemical called phytic acid. And phytic acid blocks the absorption of zinc. So a significant amount of the zinc you get from these plant foods just passes through. In fact, strict vegetarians may need up to 50% more zinc than non-vegetarians.

Meat, shellfish, and other animal foods are the best sources of highly bio-available zinc. But, as I said, even if you’re taking in 11 mg of zinc daily… you may not be getting enough.

And here’s why that’s so important for you as a man…

Zinc and Prostate Health

Your prostate gland produces a fluid that protects and nourishes your sperm. This fluid is part of the semen you expel during sex. A healthy adult prostate is about the size of a walnut.

Your prostate goes through two growth phases. The first comes at puberty. The second starts about 10 years later. And it’s in this 2nd growth phase that zinc may become your best friend.

You see, 9 out of 10 men will face prostate trouble at some point in their lives. That trouble is your prostate’s 2nd growth phase. The rate of growth differs from man to man. If you’re lucky, your prostate grows slowly. If not…

Prostate growth can start to “strangle” your urethra. The urethra is a tube running the length of your penis. It’s the exit route for your semen… and your urine. Your prostate gland wraps around it.

As the gland grows, it literally puts a strangle hold on your urethra, slowly closing it off. Urinating becomes more difficult. Even painful. You have trouble emptying your bladder, so you have to go more often. Sex may become embarrassing… or even impossible.

In 2011, doctors at Christian Medical College looked at zinc levels in two groups of men. One group suffered with enlarged prostates. The 2nd group had healthy prostate glands. The doctors found men with prostate problems had 61% lower zinc levels in their prostate tissue.4 They also had lower zinc levels in their blood, suggesting a lower zinc intake.

It may be that simply getting more zinc daily could help keep your prostate healthier longer. And don’t worry about getting too much zinc. The tolerable upper limit – the most you should take in a day – is 40 mg. That’s almost 4x more than the recommended minimum.

Zinc and Testosterone

Testosterone is often called the “male hormone.” A jump in your testosterone levels triggered your male characteristics back at puberty. And the steady decline of testosterone is what makes aging men lose muscle, become flabby, gain weight, and lose their sex drive.

So, maintaining healthy testosterone (T) levels longer can go a long way towards maintaining your manhood.

Animal studies show that zinc plays an important role in keeping T at healthy levels.

Korean researches showed lowering zinc levels sped the conversion of T into estradiol – a form of estrogen, the so-called “female hormone.”

Higher estrogen levels in men promote a process some call “feminization.” This includes a loss of muscle mass, an increase in fat storage, and lower libido.

In the Korean study, lowering zinc intake led to lower T levels and reproductive dysfunction.5

A brand new study from India also found lower zinc intake was linked to lower levels of available T. Men with low zinc levels were also more likely to have fertility issues.6

These studies seem to say zinc is key to your manhood. This last study should remove all doubt…

Zinc for Better Erections

All the science… all the discussion… what it really comes down to is this: performance. And performance comes down to getting – and maintaining – a healthy erection.

That’s a complex process. But it gets a whole lot easier with zinc.

One of the keys to a healthy erection is NO – nitric oxide. This gas relaxes blood vessel walls, improving blood flow. Plenty of NO means plenty of blood where and when you need it.

But there’s a down side to this process. In doing its job, NO triggers production of a toxic chemical called peroxynitrite. Your body must quickly neutralize peroxynitrite, before it damages the delicate lining of your blood vessels.

So far, scientists have identified 3 forms of SOD – a powerful antioxidant – your body uses to neutralize peroxynitrite. Two of them are zinc-based.7

So zinc plays a key role in maintaining healthy erections, too.

But when it comes to sexual performance, zinc is just part of a complex equation.

A Complete Manhood Solution

If you’ve read this far, you won’t be satisfied watching your manhood fade into oblivion. That’s why I’m sure you’ll be happy to discover Mandro-RX.

Mandro-RX is the complete manhood solution from Best Life Herbals, designed to:

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That’s why Mandro-RX delivers 3 mg of high-quality zinc, along with…

• DIM and Indole-3-Carbinol to inhibit estrogen
• Tribulus Terrestiris and Macato promote sexual stamina
• L-Arginine to support NO production for healthy blood flow

Along with 9 other carefully selected nutrients designed to give your manhood a maximum boost.

Best of all, you can try Mandro-RX with no risk.

Anti-Aging Power for Your Love Life

Rising estrogen levels can turn romantic evenings into nightmares. The nutrients in Mandro-RX can help you reverse the trend and enjoy nights of more youthful love-making again.

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Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals


The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease.

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