A True Natural Aphrodisiac

5 Secrets of a True Natural Aphrodisiac

Mainstream medicine tells us there’s no such thing as a natural aphrodisiac. They believe in pricey “erection pills” instead. But I’ve read the studies, and there’s a lot more information out there about natural aphrodisiacs than you would believe.. Here are 5 secrets of a true natural aphrodisiac.

Tribulus terrestris (TT) grows across much of Asia. For centuries, Indian and Chinese herbalists have used it for sexual problems. And they still do.

This hardy vine is loaded with antioxidants, plant steroids, and a host of other active compounds. And we’re leaning some of those compounds may be just what you need to get your love life back on track.

Secret #1 – Animal studies suggest TT has multiple positive effects.

In various studies TT has boosted levels of the “male” hormone, testosterone… increased sexual desire and activity… and improved erectile function. Human studies haven’t confirmed all these effects yet. But we know TT works on mice, rabbits, and primates.1

Secret #2 – TT can boost desire – and ability.

Asian researchers tested TT on men with little-to-no sexual desire and erection problems. Within just 2 weeks, half the men had regained their desire… and 60% reported stronger erections.2

Secret #3 – TT promotes healthy blood flow.

Blood flow is key to satisfying sex. And TT seems to have a profound effect on blood flow.

Chinese doctors compared TT to a traditional herbal heart remedy, using a group with heart problems. While the traditional remedy was effective, TT was 22% more effective. It was much better than the traditional remedy at stimulating healthy blood flow.3

Secret #4 – Studies suggest TT promotes male fertility.

Fertility and sexual problems often go hand-in-hand. European researchers tested TT to see if its success extended to fertility.

For some men with poor sperm quality, taking TT triggered improvements. A significant number of infertile men were able to father children during the study.4

Secret #5 – TT doesn’t just work for men.

In 2014, scientists tested TT on a group of women with low desire and impaired sexual performance.

Half the women took TT, while the other half took a placebo. After 4 weeks, the TT group felt stronger desire… showed improved natural lubrication… had less discomfort… and reported greater sexual satisfaction.5

If you’ve had issues with desire or ability, I believe TT is worth a look. It’s 100% natural, proven safe, and far less expensive than “erection pills.” You’ll find TT in a few men’s nutritional supplements. Like Best Life 15 Dragons. You can find it at www.best-life.com

Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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