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A Bladder Health Breakthrough to Finally End Your Misery

Bladder trouble is remarkably common. Some sources estimate almost a third of women aged 30 to 60 suffer with bladder leaks. And among older women, there’s about a 50-50 chance of a leaky bladder. Leaks, sudden urges, and frequent urination can cause frustration and embarrassment. But now there’s a bladder health breakthrough to finally end your misery.

Nature’s Best Remedies Are Often the Simplest

For thousands of years, herbalists have turned to Nature to promote health. And they’ve often found very simple ways to deliver amazing relief.

Take white willow bark, for instance. Cultures from around the northern hemisphere have used it for centuries. They all discovered a tea made from this single ingredient promotes lower levels of back pain.

Panax ginseng is another example. It’s one of Nature’s most powerful adaptogens – herbs that help your body achieve a normal, healthy balance. Various studies show it can improve energy and alertness, boost libido and sexual function, support nerve health, help keep your mind sharp, and promote immune system health.

While most of these remedies are fairly old, there’s one herbal booster that’s only been around a short time. Herbalists have used its two ingredients separately for generations. But combining them is a fairly new idea… and one that offers tremendous relief for bladder sufferers.

Bladder Relief That Equals More Than the Sum of Its Parts

Pumpkin seeds are literally as old as the hills. Native Americans grew the ancestors of today’s modern pumpkins long before they cultivated corn.

Pumpkin seeds quickly became a valuable food source – as well as an herbal staple. They’re loaded with high quality protein… deliver significant amounts of healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats… and they’re a good source of several minerals.

One of those minerals – zinc – made pumpkin seeds especially valuable to resolve “man problems.” You see, the highest concentrations of zinc in the human body are found in men’s reproductive/urinary systems. And modern research shows pumpkin seed extract promotes both prostate and urinary health in men.

The other half of this unusual pairing comes from soy.

In ancient China, soybean plants were used as forage for cattle and to replace nitrogen taken from soil by other crops. It wasn’t until soy fermentation was discovered – probably by accident – that humans started eating soybeans.

Modern scientists have noted health differences between cultures where fermented soy is a staple food and those where it isn’t. Among others, women who eat more fermented soy are less likely to suffer with hot flashes and other problems linked to the end of their fertile years.

Together, these benefits only hint at what happens when these two foods are combined. Because the result is much greater than the sum of its two parts.

Fast, Powerful Bladder Relief

Today, we have plenty of advantages over the herbalists of the past. We can perform scientific studies they couldn’t even imagine. We can identify the active ingredients in plants. And we can extract and concentrate those ingredients.

That last one has been a true game-changer. For example, you’d have to drink dozens of gallons of wine to get the amount of resveratrol we can fit into a tiny pill. And all that alcohol would probably more than undo any good from the resveratrol.

You can get the same effect by using extracts of pumpkin seed and soy – specifically, the soy isoflavones. Combined together, these two are producing powerful results in bladder sufferers.

A recent study in The Journal of Functional Foods is a good example.

Doctors found 120 volunteers with bladder problems – frequent urges, leaks, etc. They gave half a combination of pumpkin seed and soy extracts. The other half took an inactive placebo.

After 12 weeks, the placebo group had made some progress in a couple of areas. But the pumpkin-soy group had did better. They had far fewer sudden urges, felt the need to go less often, had fewer interruptions in their sleep, and fewer leaks.1

That’s the kind of relief this combination can offer.

Proven Effective in Study After Study

One of the most common complaints regarding herbs is that they’re “poorly studied” or “lack evidence.” Not so with this potent combination. Combining pumpkin seed with soy may be a fairly new idea… but the results are backed by quite a few studies.

For example, the European Medicines Agency reported an animal study that showed this herbal combo cut urinary frequency and effectively boosted bladder volume.2

One of the earliest studies I found comes from Japan. Doctors there tested a combination of soy and pumpkin seed extracts on 39 people with bladder trouble. Compared to before starting the study, the volunteers…

• Had to go less often – both day and night
• Experienced significantly fewer leaks
• Reported overall greater satisfaction with their sleep.3

A report presented at a major European “functional foods” conference also delivered good news for bladder sufferers.

Volunteers took a soy-pumpkin seed combination for 12 weeks. They reported…

• A 27% drop in “bathroom breaks”
• 31% fewer sudden urges – both day and night
• And 90% said they wanted to keep taking the herbs after the study.

Simple, safe, and well studied. This could well be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

Easy to Use… and Now Available in the U.S.

As with many herbal breakthroughs, the pumpkin seed-soy combination was available in Europe long before the U.S. But I’m pleased to say you can now get the very same formula reported at the European conference I mentioned above.

This exclusive formula is now available in Best Life Herbals’ new BladderSure.

Now you can have the exact same formula that cut trips to the restroom by more than a quarter… cut sudden urges by nearly a third… improved sleep… and provided results that 9 out of 10 women loved.

Just visit to discover more about BladderSure.

Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team


1 Shim, B., et al, “A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial of a product containing pumpkin seed extract and soy germ extract to improve overactive bladder-related voiding dysfunction and quality of life,” Journal of Functional Foods. Volume 8, May 2014, Pages 111-117.

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4 Storni, C. and Frutarom Switzerland Ltd., “Go-Less Improves Bladder Function and QOL in Women,” Intofoods. May 6, 2014.


The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure and disease.

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