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A Baker’s Dozen New Anti-Aging Secrets… All From One Super Supplement

Fads are everywhere. Remember the “big hair” craze of the 1980s? Inline skates? Or when an ad campaign for a fast food chain had everyone rushing out to buy a Chihuahua?

There are health fads, too. Fad diets seem to come and go every other week. At least once every year some exotic fruit or other is hailed as the new “superfood.” And new exercise plans burst onto the scene every few months.

Most of these fads fade after a while. Folks move on to the next “big thing,” and they’re forgotten.

But sometimes, a fad isn’t a fad. Sometimes it’s a health breakthrough that really pays off. Like certain low-carb diets.

And like Resveratrol.

Resveratrol? Yes. Because scientists are still coaxing amazing anti-aging secrets from this “old hat” supplement.

All but two of these secrets were published in just the last two years. It’s time to take a new look at an old supplement. Because Resveratrol is much, much more than just a fad.

2014 – Resveratrol Supports Healthy Bones

In a human trial, Danish doctors gave resveratrol to men at higher risk of bone loss. The men took one of two doses of resveratrol or a look-alike placebo.

In just 4 months, the men on the higher resveratrol dose showed 2.6% greater bone density in their spinal columns. This group also showed a 16% jump in a chemical sign of bone formation.1

Weak, brittle bones are a major problem of aging. This study suggests resveratrol may help slow – and even reverse – the problem. At least for those at high risk.

Sept. 2015 – May Help Stabilize Mental Decline

In a small trial, scientists at Georgetown University gave volunteers either purified resveratrol or a placebo. All the volunteers were suffering from mental decline.

Resveratrol is known to mimic some of the positive effects of restricting calories. One effect that hasn’t been proven is lowering the risk of certain types of mental decline. We know restricting calories can do it. But can resveratrol?

The answer may be “yes.” In those taking resveratrol, a chemical sign of mental decline stabilized. In the placebo group, it didn’t.

The purified form used in this trial isn’t available in stores. And the quantity used was very high. But the trial shows resveratrol can have an effect. And may lead to a new use for resveratrol down the line.

2016 – Helps Balance Hormones in Infertile Women

In a Polish study, women with a common hormone imbalance took either resveratrol or a placebo. This imbalance is linked to infertility, excess body hair, and other issues.

Over 3 months, the levels of two key hormones dropped by more than 20% in the women taking resveratrol. Levels in the placebo group went up. Blood sugar handling – another problem in this condition – also improved in the resveratrol group.3

The study didn’t follow the women long enough to know if any became pregnant… but the changes they did record were remarkable.

March 2016 – Reverses Effects of High-Fat & -Sugar Diet on Muscle Tissue

Working with primates, Georgetown University (GU) scientists showed a high-fat and high-sugar diet changes muscle tissue.

This is important because different muscles have different functions. Changes in these muscles can make them less efficient and less effective. And this was exactly what the GU team saw in their subjects.

However, feeding resveratrol to their subjects reversed the effect of the unhealthy diet. Key muscles in the primates taking resveratrol became more resistant to fatigue.4

July 2016 – Restores Blood-Brain in Mental Decline

A breakdown of the blood-brain barrier is a critical effect of some forms of mental decline. In healthy people, this barrier prevents dangerous molecules from entering the brain and causing damage.

But in certain forms of mental decline, the barrier breaks down, speeding up the process of decline.

This Georgetown University study followed up the September 2015 study I mentioned above. And here, the scientists showed resveratrol defends the brain from damage.

Taking resveratrol defended the blood-brain barrier by blocking production of molecules that break the barrier down.5

Once again, researchers used high doses of a purified form of resveratrol. So you can’t get an identical effect. But the study suggests resveratrol has a protective effect on the brain.

Sept. 2016 – Powerful Germ Fighter

We’ve known for decades resveratrol is a potent antioxidant. Now we know it can also defend against the irritation caused by certain bacteria.

In particular, Georgia State scientists showed it can ease the reaction to a germ linked to breathing trouble, ear problems, and other painful conditions.

They discovered resveratrol triggers production of a compound that suppresses the effects of the germ.6 The result is less irritation… and less damage.

Feb. 2017 – Slows Effects of Aging in the Lungs

Using a mouse model, a team at Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles discovered resveratrol may help preserve lung function.

As we age, our lungs become less efficient. Slowly but surely, our capacity to take in oxygen shrinks. And that’s if we’re healthy. If you have lung problems, this shrinkage can occur earlier, more quickly, and have catastrophic consequences.

In this study, inhaled resveratrol blocked lung damage typical of aging. Including defending the DNA in the cells lining the tiny air sacs in the lung.7

Mar 2017 – Defends Muscle Cells and Nerves From Effects of Aging

As you get older, your motor function suffers. That is the combination of nerves and muscle fibers that help you move and stay balanced begin to break down. Eventually, you can become frail, unsteady, and at high risk for injury from falls.

Scientists at Virginia Tech tested resveratrol on aged mice. They discovered it defended both the nerves that send signals to muscle fibers and the fibers themselves against aging.8

By protecting these “neuromuscular junctions” from the effects of age, you could theoretically retain your balance – and your independence – longer.

April 2017 – May Improve Exercise Capacity With Heart Trouble

Exercise is one of the best ways to strengthen your heart. But for those with heart trouble, getting exercise can be a struggle.

Canadian doctors looked at resveratrol’s effect on mice with a particular heart problem. And they found this potent plant compound increased their subjects’ ability to exercise.

This ability is key because exercise translates to activity. When your ability to work out grows, so does your ability to enjoy life. Because you can be more active… and stay off the sidelines.

And that’s exactly what happened to these mice. Giving the mice resveratrol also brought their muscles’ ability to use oxygen back to normal levels. They suffered less fatigue… used energy more efficiently… and even saw improvements in the make-up of their gut bacteria.9

June 2017 – More Good Health News for Men

Prostate trouble is one of the most common health issues for men. In fact, if they live long enough, 9 out of 10 men will face some sort of prostate issue.

Scientists at the University of Texas (UT) tackled the problem of abnormal prostate growths in an unusual way.Secret of Ancient Incas Rekindles a Woman’s Desire

Using a careful analysis, they identified several compounds that appear to be linked to a lower risk of abnormal prostate growths. They then tested these substances – alone and in combinations.

Using an animal model, they tested the 3 most promising compounds. The results were positive. Resveratrol was effective alone. But it worked even better when combined with ursolic acid – a substance found in apple peels.

The results were so convincing, one of the UT researchers said, to block abnormal prostate growths, “We only need to increase concentration beyond levels found in a healthy diet…”10

June 2017 – Antioxidant… Anti-irritation… Anti-bacterial… and Anti-viral

Resveratrol crushes free radicals. It can help ease the systemic irritation linked to aging. As we’ve seen today, it defends against damage done by certain bacteria.

New research shows it’s also a virus fighter. Including some of the toughest viruses out there.

According to researchers at New York University, resveratrol can block several viruses from replicating. They suggest it may prove useful in defending against infections by particularly nasty viruses.11

Nov. 2017 – “Rejuvenating” Human Cells?

We all wish we could time back. Of course, we can’t. But resveratrol may be able to reverse the effects of time on your cells.

Scientists at the University of Exeter took inactive human cells. These cells had become senescent. That is, they stopped dividing and performing their normal functions.

Within hours of exposing these cells to resveratrol analogues, the doctors watched the cells “turn back the clock.” They took on the appearance of much younger cells. They began functioning like younger cells, too.

Analogues are substances essentially like another substance. Think of this experiment as using man-made resveratrol.

When the doctors added the resveratrol analogues to their cells, there were remarkable changes. The cells’ telomeres – the protective end caps on chromosomes – lengthened. This enabled them to start dividing again. Which they did.12

It was as if they’d brought the cells back from the brink of death.

Nov 2017 – Indirect – But Potent – Heart and Gut Benefits

Doctors used to wonder how useful resveratrol could be since it appears to have limited bioavailability. That is, your body doesn’t seem to absorb it well. Swiss scientists may now have discovered a “secret” path resveratrol uses to boost health.

The friendly bacteria in your gut may be making use of resveratrol, converting it into other healthy substances – called “metabolites.” So you may not directly absorb so much resveratrol…. But it can still boost your health.

Your gut flora benefit, too. Animal studies suggest resveratrol promotes a healthy balance of gut bacteria. Even when a high-fat diet throws this “garden” out of balance.

Other possible benefits the Swiss team noted: Promoting normalized cholesterol levels… defending against a leaky gut… and energy metabolism.13

Don’t Miss Out on These Anti-Aging Benefits

Resveratrol may not be a fad anymore. But it’s still one of the top anti-aging breakthroughs. And Best Life Herbals’ Resveratrol formula makes it even better.

That’s because we’ve added something special. The ancient antioxidant fruit, pomegranate. Pomegranate adds an extra layer of heart defense to an already powerful anti-aging breakthrough.

Plus, we’ve removed something from our Resveratrol formula, too. The risk. Because every bottle of Best Life Herbals’ Resveratrol comes with a full-year satisfaction guarantee.

So there’s no reason not to try this remarkable anti-aging formula. It simple… all natural… and – as you saw – still full of undiscovered anti-aging secrets. Why not try Best Life Herbals’ Resveratrol today?

Yours in continued good health,
The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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