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6,000-Year-Old Prostate Remedy Still Works

6,000-Year-Old Prostate Remedy Still Works

At least 6,000 years ago, Native Americans domesticated the pumpkin. They had already discovered this plant was a nutritious food and provided other useful products. But it’s not clear when they discovered the pumpkin – especially pumpkin seeds – is powerful herbal medicine.

But we know they figured it out long before explorers from Europe arrived. By the time Columbus arrived in the New World, pumpkin was grown from the northeastern U.S. well into South America. Perhaps only corn was a more important crop.

Pumpkin seeds promote bladder health and prostate health. Both are key to a healthy and active sex life. Today, we’ll look at how pumpkin seeds boost sexual health in other ways. So hang on to your hats, men… you’re about to discover why pumpkin seeds may just be your #1 snack option.

High blood sugar and erection problems go hand-in-hand. That’s because high blood sugar damages arteries. And damaged arteries can’t efficiently get blood to where you need it. That means blood sugar control is a major factor in the epidemic of male sexual problems.

But don’t panic. Because pumpkin seeds may help. We’ve already seen how they help fight bladder and prostate problems. Well, they may help you control blood sugar, too.

Researchers at England’s University of Nottingham have crunched the numbers. Blood sugar problems are expected to triple by 2030. And that means a huge jump in blood flow problems.

But these same researchers have identified at least 3 different compounds in pumpkin seeds that promote normalized blood pressure.1 So while pumpkin seeds are dealing with bladder and prostate problems… they may also help keep your arteries healthy for good blood flow.

Polish scientist have found mature adults don’t get enough minerals – especially zinc. In fact, 52% of the men in one study were short on zinc. As I’ve pointed out before, zinc is key to male sexual health, so the results of this study are alarming.

But the Polish team also determined adding pumpkin seeds to your diet can help normalize zinc intake… thus avoiding (or reversing) the problem.2

Finally, Korean doctors have discovered how to amplify the effects of pumpkin seed on male sexual health.

These doctors tested pumpkin alone and in combination with another prostate herb. The results with pumpkin seed alone were impressive. But some numbers shot way up when they combined pumpkin seed with another herb.

The 2 herbs combined improved overall prostate health by more than 75%. Using either herb alone produced improvement of less than 60%.

Men using the combination of herbs saw a 57.9% boost in their quality of life. Working alone, the herbs produced only a 40% – or less – improvement.

The 2nd herb? Saw palmetto.3

Alone, pumpkin seed can produce impressive results. And it acts in some ways most other herbs simply can’t.

But adding saw palmetto to the mix – preferably in a natural prostate formula – may give you results that pumpkin seed alone can’t match.

Munching pumpkin a daily handful of pumpkin seeds may be all you need to get your old “mojo” back. If that doesn’t work, don’t panic. Try a nutritional supplement with pumpkin seeds and saw palmetto. Like Best Life’s own Prosterin. You can find it at

That may be all you need to rediscover the sexual prowess you had as a much younger man.

Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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2 Madej, D., et al, “Dietary intakes of iron and zinc assessed in a selected group of the elderly: are they adequate?” Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig. 2013; 64(2): 97-104.

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