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5 Facts About Embarrassing Urinary Incontinence And a Simple Secret That Delivers Remarkable Relief

You’re enjoying a lovely evening out with friends. You’re midway through dinner, and someone tells a funny story. You laugh and – oops! You feel moisture. Suddenly, you’re in a very embarrassing situation.

You’ve gone to the movies. Just at the decisive moment in the action, Nature calls. Very, very urgently. You rush to the restroom before you have “an accident.” And miss the crucial scene.

Or maybe you just need a good night’s sleep. Because your bladder wakes you two, three, four, or more times a night. And it won’t be ignored.

Sudden urges, embarrassing leaks, restless nights. You may suffer with one, two, or all three. But the bottom line is your bladder is making you miserable.

In a moment, we’ll reveal why Bladder Sure with GoLess® may be the best answer to your dilemma. But first, here are 5 things you should know about those annoying urges and “leaky bladder.”

Overcoming One of the Last Big Taboos

Let’s be honest here: Nobody likes to talk about bathroom issues. We’ve been brought up to think of certain functions as too personal to discuss. Too embarrassing.

Which may help explain Secret #1…

1. Bladder leaks are more common than you might think.

Different studies have come up with different numbers. But all of them are bleak. Some studies suggest only half of the women with leaky bladders tell anyone. Even their doctors. But other studies say as few as 1 woman in 12 let their secret be known.1

2. Women make up 85% of those suffering from a leaky bladder.

Biology gave women a disadvantage here. Especially because only women bear children. Perhaps that’s why 85% of those with leaky bladder problems are women. Plus, you have a lot more company than you might think. 68% of women aged 42 – 64 have suffered from a leaky bladder at least once a month.2

3. Embarrassing leaks become more common as you get older.

Younger women are less likely to suffer from bladder leaks. Though they’re far from “immune.” Still, most women begin to experience problems when they’re in their 40s or older.2

4. Men suffer from bladder leaks, too.

If 85% of sufferers are women, that means 15% of those who suffer from leaky bladders are men. That would mean roughly 2 million men have leaky bladders.

But remember what we learned a moment ago. As few as 1 in 12 sufferers actually admit to the problem. Which may mean up to 24 million men are battling bladder leaks. But suffering in silence.

No matter how you slice it, the numbers are huge.

5. A simple, natural combination appears to ease – and even end – leaky bladder.

You may not need fancy remedies to ease your bladder problems. If you have a leaky bladder, a simple combination of two natural ingredients may be all you need.

And here’s the proof…

A “Male Solution” That Helps Women, Too

You may have heard pumpkin seeds are good for prostate health. They’re a rich source of zinc, sometimes known as “the male mineral.”

But studies show pumpkin seeds are good for everyone. Because they promote bladder and urinary tract (UT) health.

The benefits for men have been known for years.

A team at Italy’s University of Catanzaro recently reviewed studies on the benefits of pumpkin seeds. The review found consistent evidence pumpkin seeds eased urinary issues. Two-thirds of the clinical trials showed improvements in volunteers’ quality of life.3

Recent research shows pumpkin seed extract (PSE) can also boost general bladder health. Including some of the most annoying and embarrassing bladder problems.

Food and university scientists in Japan report PSE helps women sleep with fewer nighttime urges. In a 12-week study, women found taking PSE led to fewer daytime urges, too.4

But the secret we’ve harnessed in Bladder Sure with GoLess® takes relief one giant step further.

Harnessing the Healthy Soy Secret

You may have read articles on soy here in The Journal for Healthy Living. If so, you know we don’t recommend loading up on soy food… unless they’re naturally fermented. That’s because unfermented soy contains “anti-nutrients.” These are chemicals that block the health benefits of nutrients.

Fermenting soy virtually eliminates this problem. But it may still pose a challenge for men.

Soy is estrogenic. In other words, it has compounds that act like estrogen. And estrogen has a feminizing effect on men.

So soy may be a double-edged sword. But there’s good news. Because research shows soy isoflavones don’t have a feminizing effect on men.5

The secret may be as simple as separation the isoflavones from the bean. And, it turns out, that isn’t too hard to do.

Because these health-boosting compounds are concentrated in soy germ. When they’re combined with pumpkin seed extract, the results are remarkable.

At Last! Real Freedom From “Bladder Tyranny”

If you’re tired of your bladder running your life, Bladder Sure with GoLess® may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Just look at the results doctors have gotten…

Less Trouble… More Sleep. Volunteers in Japan got huge relief with the pumpkin-soy combination. They had Bladder Sure with Go Less Ingrediantsfewer daytime urges… fewer interruptions to their sleep… and fewer leaks.6 Imagine finally feeling really rested again!

A Better Quality of Life. Pumpkin-soy gave similar results in a 2014 Korean study. Women there had fewer daytime – and nighttime – urges. When they did have an urge. It was less pressing. And they, too, experienced fewer leaks. Overall, these volunteers rated their quality of life better while taking pumpkin-soy.7

96% Less Embarrassment. Japanese doctors gave pumpkin-soy to a group of women with leaky bladders. Within weeks, 96% reported significantly fewer leaks.8

Fast, Effective Relief. Yet another Japanese study showed pumpkin-soy delivers fast relief. How fast? Women with bladder leak issues started taking pumpkin-soy daily. Within just 2 weeks, the average number of leaks in the group dropped by half. After 6 weeks, the number was cut in half again.9

Perhaps even more important, there were the most embarrassing type of leaks – those caused by physical stress. These are the leaks triggered by exercise, coughing, laughing, etc. In other words, the type most likely to happen suddenly in public.

Scientifically Confirmed Results. In March 2017, U.S. and Spanish doctors confirmed the results of previous pumpkin-soy studies. In this trial, volunteers taking pumpkin-soy felt fewer urges to go. They slept with fewer interruptions. Plus, after 8 weeks, panty liner use in the group had dropped by two-thirds.10 In other words, their confidence was way up… because embarrassments were way down.

Simply put, there’s finally an answer to the tyranny of incontinence. Thanks to Bladder Sure with GoLess®.

How to Make a Good Thing Even Better

In these studies, women got huge results… Better sleep, fewer sudden urges, fewer mortifying leaks. And their quality of life improved.

How can you make results like these better?

Well, significant savings would be a good start. Eliminating your risk would be good, too. Which is exactly whatBladder Sure with Go Less we’ve done here at Best Life Herbals.

Score Big Savings. When you order multiple bottles of Bladder Sure with GoLess®, you can save big. How much is “big”?

Order just two bottles, and you save more than 10% off the single-bottle price. When you order 3 bottles or more, and we’ll pay the shipping.

When you order 4 or 5 bottles, you get FREE shipping, plus 15% off the single-bottle price.

At the 6-bottle level, your price per bottle is 22% off the single-bottle price. Add in your free shipping, and you could save over $65.00 with just one order!

Plus, Best Life Herbals’ satisfaction guarantee take away all the risk.

Get the Best Deals on Our Best Supplements… With the Best Protection

“Best” is a pretty vague term. In this case, though, it means something specific. Because you’re protected by Best Life Herbals’ full-year satisfaction guarantee.

Other supplements may be covered for 30, 60, or even 90 days. But we back our products for a full 365 days and nights. And that takes all the pressure off you.

Some herbs take a few days or more to start working. Others become more and more effective over time. You should be able to gauge your satisfaction based on those realities.

Many of the herbs and nutrients are fast acting. But wouldn’t you rather be able to decide on your own time… your own terms? Our full-year satisfaction guarantee gives you plenty of time to put our formulas to the test. To make a decision without the stress of missing a tight deadline.

That’s a courtesy most supplement companies don’t offer. And a sign of our confidence in our formulas.

Including Bladder Sure with GoLess®. If you’re ready to break free from “bladder tyranny,” here’s your chance.

Yours in continued good health,
The Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the US food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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