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3 Surprising Foods That Fight Fat

3 Surprising Foods That Fight Fat… and More

Are you looking to drop a few pounds, but don’t want to eat “rabbit food” day in and day out? Well, try these 3 surprising foods that fight fat. Not one is a vegetable. And they do a lot more than just cut calories.

First up, blueberries.

Sure, berries are fairly low in calories, but blueberries do something special. They’re loaded with polyphenols – plant substances with many health benefits.

In the case of blueberries, some of these polyphenols bust fat.

Scientists at Texas Women’s University discovered blueberry extract blocks the formation of fat cells. Using cell cultures from mice, the researchers were able to block fat cell formation by up to 73%.1

They haven’t proven the same effect in humans yet. But with all their proven benefits, trading desserts or snacks for a cup of blueberries can’t hurt.

Our second unexpected fat buster is protein. Especially at breakfast.

Lean protein keeps you feeling full longer than carbohydrates or fats. And it doesn’t cause spikes in your blood sugar.

A University of Missouri team studied 20 young women. They had some skip breakfast, some eat a normal protein morning meal, and the rest ate a high protein breakfast.

After just a week, the researchers saw differences between groups. Both groups that ate breakfast felt less hungry than the no-breakfast volunteers. But the high-protein group fared better.

The women eating more protein had hormone changes that triggered significantly les hunger. Plus, they were far less likely to snack in the evening, lowering their overall calorie intake.2

And here’s the biggest surprise. The high-protein group was eating a “farmer’s breakfast.” They got their extra protein mainly from eggs and steak. Not exactly traditional diet foods… but they can help you drop weight.

Our third food is another fruit: tangerines.

Tangerines contain a flavonoid called Nobiletin. In a recent animal experiment, subjects taking Nobiletin saw some serous health benefits.

All the subjects ate a high-fat, high-calorie diet. But some also got Nobiletin in their diets. The Nobiletin group didn’t get fat like the others. And…

• They didn’t experience the same build-up of dangerous VLDL cholesterol the other group did.

• The levels of sugar and fats in their blood stayed normal.

• They became more sensitive to insulin – the hormone that moves sugar from the bloodstream into cells.

• In spite of their poor diet, they didn’t have a build-up of fat in their livers, either. The Nobiletin partially blocked the generation of fat cells.

All three of these foods could help you slim down and improve your overall health. Best of all, they’re delicious. Proof you can support a slim, sexy look without feeling deprived.

Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

1 “Blueberries may inhibit development of fat cells,” Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. Apr 10, 2011.

2 Leidy, H.J., et al, “Beneficial effects of a higher-protein breakfast on the appetitive, hormonal, and neural signals controlling energy intake regulation in overweight/obese, “breakfast- skipping,” late-adolescent girls,” Am J Clin Nutr. Apr 2013; 97(4): 677-688.

3 Mulvihill, E., et al, “Nobiletin Attenuates VLDL Overproduction, Dyslipidemia, and Atherosclerosis in Mice With Diet- Induced Insulin Resistance,” Diabetes. May 2011; 60(5): 1446-1457.

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