3 Simple Ways To Kick The Blues

3 Easy Ways to Kick the Blues and Feel Happier

Everyone has a down day now and then. It’s only natural. But you should feel good most of the time. If you’ve been feeling a little blue and want to get back to enjoying life more, here are 3 easy ways to kick the blues and feel happier.

A good place to start is your eating habits. A brand new study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition explains why. Eating too much of the wrong foods can trigger the blues.

We can divide the foods you eat into two basic groups. High-glycemic (HG) foods – like sugars and starches – cause a sudden rush of sugar into your bloodstream. Low-glycemic (LG) foods – like green vegetables and lean meat – don’t.

The blood sugar “spikes” of HG foods can eventually lead to problems controlling blood sugar… which is linked to heart disease and other health problems.

Scientists from several universities have now linked eating HG foods to your mood. People who eat more sugars and carbs also have a greater risk of serious mood problems.

Dietary fiber, fruit (but not fruit juice), vegetables, and the milk sugar lactose were linked to a lower risk. But sugars and refined carbs – like pasta and bread – shot the risk of moodiness way up.1

Chances are you’ll discover a big bonus cutting out the sweet and starchy foods. This is exactly the formula that helps you lose weight effectively, while holding on to lean muscle. In other words, this one simple step can help you feel and look better at the same time.

Sleep and mood are also closely linked. People who sleep poorly are more likely to feel blue… and people who feel blue are more likely to sleep poorly.

Science has quite figured out the connection. But one theory is links sleep and mood with a substance that affects both. It’s called GABA – Gamma-aminobutyric acid.

GABA is your brain’s natural lullaby. When your thoughts are racing, keeping you awake at night, GABA is what lets you eventually fall asleep. It literally slows the firing of neurons, relaxes your mind, and helps you drift off.

Emerging research shows people who suffer with the blues also tend to have low GABA levels. Which may help explain why they also have trouble getting to sleep.

You’ll find GABA in a handful of nutritional supplements designed to help you sleep.

Finally, a pair of “energy” vitamins may help perk up your mood.

Folate – sometimes called vitamin B9 – and B12 are both key to energy production. They’re also known for their ability to fight a key risk factor for heart trouble.

People with high homocysteine levels are much more likely to have heart trouble. But we now know they’re also more likely to have the blues.3 Folate and B12 are known to lower levels of homocysteine.

If you’re a liver fan, you’re in luck. Because liver is a good source of both folate and B12. But few other foods are good sources of both. B12 is only found in animal products, while spinach, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli are rich in folate.

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