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Your Best Year Yet in 12 Easy Steps

Your Best Year Yet in 12 Easy Steps

If you had a nickel for every New Year’s resolution your friends have made – and broken – over the years, you could probably put in a new pool for your next barbeque. Why such a terrible record?

Well, there’s nothing wrong with your friends. The problem is with resolutions. They’re practically impossible to keep… because they’re so big.

Losing 50 pounds is big… but losing one pound is easy. String 50 easy steps together, and you’ve lost the 50 pounds.

So, for 2014, forget the resolutions. Here’s an easy plan to turn your health around in just 12 months. Every month, add just one more small step.

January – Walk. If you’re not very active, start with one block. Five days a week, get up and walk around the block. Make it as brisk as you comfortably can. Every month, just add one block. So, February, you’ll walk around two blocks. March moves to three. Etc.

February – Set a Bedtime. Try to get to bed and get up at about the same every day. Studies show consistent bedtimes – and rising times – contributes to clear thinking, better memory and may help control weight.

March – Floss. Bacteria commonly found in your mouth have been linked to heart problems and other health issues. Taking two minutes to floss every night helps get rid of this bacteria.

April – Go green. At lunch and dinner each day, eat 10% less starch (potatoes, pasta, etc.) and 10% more vegetables or salad. Every month, for the next five months, switch over another 10%. You’ll cut out a huge number of calories and add in tons of nutrition.

May – Stand Up and Stretch. The more you move during the day, the lower your risk of heart trouble. Take just a few seconds once an hour to stand up, stretch, and walk in place. Take a walk during your regular breaks and at lunch, too.

June – Volunteer. One morning or afternoon a week, help out a local organization. Libraries, museums, animal shelters, and many other good causes need help. And studies show that volunteers are healthier – and tend to live longer – than non-volunteers.

July – Take the Stairs. Every time you’re faced with an elevator or escalator, opt for the stairs for one floor. Then ride the rest of the way, if you feel like it. Then start adding floors. In June, walk up two flights. In July, do three before switching to the elevator. And so on.

August – Skip Dessert. One night a week, swap a sugary dessert for a little fruit. Every month, for the next four months, swap out one more night. This will help you with blood sugar control, support dental health, and contribute to weight management.

September – Visit with Friends. Research shows being socially active promotes clear thinking. At least once a week, spend a couple of hours visiting or hosting friends.

October – Chew Gum. Get a healthier smile by lowering your risk of tooth decay. Studies show chewing gum sweetened with xylitol helps kill the nasty bacteria that cause damage to your teeth.

November – Park Across the Lot. There isn’t much better for your health than walking. So, with shopping season upon us, plan to park on the far side of the mall lot when you shop. Not only will the walking boost your health, you’ll save time and gas.

December – Take a Break. The holidays can be stressful. But you can promote lower stress levels, healthy blood pressure, improve your mood, sleep better – and more – all at once. Just spend just a few minutes a day practicing mindfulness meditation. It’s simple, costs nothing, and offers huge health benefits.

That’s it! Each one of these is just a small step. But adding them to your routine can make you stronger, sharper, thinner and sexier.

And here’s a bonus tip. If you don’t already take nutritional supplements, add a quality natural multivitamin to your daily routine. The nutritional support will help make 2014 your healthiest year yet.

Yours in continued good health,

Best Life Herbals Wellness Team


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