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Be Leaner and Sexier for the Long Haul

Be Leaner and Sexier for the Long Haul


“It’s not my fault. It’s my hormones.”


Back when I was a kid, we always seemed to have one classmate who blamed their weight on hormones. We didn’t know what hormones were… but we were sure it was a flimsy excuse.


We were wrong.


If you’ve tried to lose weight, but it’s come back, it’s not your fault. Chances are, it really is your hormones. And now there’s clear scientific evidence to tell us why. It all goes back to your ancient ancestors…


For about 250,000 years, our ancestors were hunter-gatherers. They had seasons of plenty… and seasons of want. When food was abundant, they added lots of body fat – just as bears and other hibernators do today.


But when food was scarce, your ancestors lived off their fat reserves. When their fat levels became low, they risked starvation. So their bodies devised a way to ensure that didn’t happen.


You’ve inherited this trait. Your fat cells produce a hormone called leptin. The more fat your body has stored, the more leptin you produce. High leptin levels tell your brain that everything’s okay – you’re not going to starve.


On the other hand, when your leptin levels are low, it’s a signal that you have to eat more… because starvation may be right around the corner.


Another hormone, ghrelin, is made in your stomach. When your stomach is empty, your ghrelin levels jump – telling your brain you’re hungry. When your stomach is full, your ghrelin levels drop.


Leptin and ghrelin worked well for countless generations. When leptin levels were low – and ghrelin levels were high – your ancestors were driven to seek food. Unfortunately, this survival system hasn’t kept pace with a rapidly changing world.


Today, most of us have food in abundance. Starvation is a very remote possibility. But you can’t undo the work of a quarter of a million years in just a few generations. So your body is still hard-wired to pack on fat.


In other words, our schoolmates who blamed their weight on hormones were right.


That’s why up to 95% of the people who lose weight gain it back.


Yes, you read that right… Columbia University researchers say that almost everyone who loses weight gains it


But that doesn’t mean you can’t lose those extra pounds… and keep them off. It just means you have to outsmart your body’s weight-gain triggers.


First, make lean protein the centerpiece of every meal. For your ancestors, protein was the major sign of abundance. Protein meant that hunting was good. And when the hunting was good, starvation was unlikely.


Plus, protein makes you feel full. So eating a serving of lean protein with every meal helps keep your hormones under control.


Here’s where most people make their mistake. Once they’ve lost the weight, they let their guard down. And that’s why up to 95% put the weight right back on.


Because new research shows that your hormones are still fighting you.


You see, hunter-gatherers burn lots of calories. And they need to burn those calories – day in and day out – for year after year. So your body thinks it needs lots and lots of calories to survive.


In fact, brand-new research shows that your hormones want to keep your fat levels high long after you’ve achieved a healthy weight.


Your hormones may encourage you to put extra weight back on for more than a year after you’ve reached a healthy weight.2


No one’s sure – yet – how long it takes your hormones to “reset” to healthy levels. But bolstering your natural defenses for at least a year should help you keep the leaner, sexier body you worked so hard to achieve.


Stay Healthy,


Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

Best Life Herbals


1 Rosenbaum, M., et al, “Leptin reverses weight loss–induced changes in regional neural activity responses to visual food stimuli,” J Clin Invest. July 2008 1; 118(7): 2583–2591.


2 Sumithran, P., et al, “Long-Term Persistence of Hormonal Adaptations to Weight Loss,” N Engl J Med. 2011; 365:1597-1604.


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