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Banish Joint Pain in Seconds

“Pain is deeper than all thought; laughter is higher than all pain.”

–Elbert Hubbard

There’s one universal truth that pretty much every man, woman and child on the planet can attest to – pain hurts!

Unfortunately for me I knew this truth all too well. For me nagging pain in my shoulder used to be a regular part of my daily existence.

I guess it was about 3 years ago I was enjoying a vigorous training session at our local JiuJitsu academy when tragedy struck.

During a free sparring session where we train throws and take downs with a live opponent I was driven hard into the mat by my much larger opponent and ended up planting right on the point of my shoulder.

The pain was almost unbearable – and my arm was completely useless for the next few days.

But the worst part was even after the sharp pain of the impact had subsided I still had a nagging dull pain right in the center of the joint that I just couldn’t seem to kick.

Pain, stiffness and I even noticed a significant loss in my range of motion – it was a living nightmare and all I wanted was to please wake up!

So I tried massive amounts of aspirin, gobs of sports creams and I even spoke with a chiropractor friend of mine to see if he had any pearls of wisdom he could share with me.

Nothing seemed to work though – I was actually starting to contemplate surgery the pain was so persistent.


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Thankfully about a year later I came to work for a small alternative health publisher located right here in Sunny Delray Beach, Florida.

And through their research on the study of chronic pain I finally discovered a handful of natural solutions that not only eliminated the pain completely from my shoulder…

But actually went to work repairing my damaged joint giving me back my previous full range of motion!

So what’s your story – do you suffer from chronic pain due to an old sports injury? Or maybe your joints have just started to get a little rustier with age.

It doesn’t matter, every kind of pain can be controlled quickly and 100% naturally you just have to have the right tools at your disposal.

And today I’d like to share 7 of my personal favorites with you. So get ready to say bye-bye to your worst aches and pains Forever.

1. Green-Lipped Mussels:

One of the biggest discoveries in the pain management arena to come along since the advent of aspirin – Green-Lipped Mussels are your one stop shop for Total pain relief.

Green-Lipped Mussels have been shown to have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect in the body for reducing stiffness and swelling.

On top of that, the Chondro-Protective properties possessed by the Green-Lipped Mussels have also been shown to lubricate the joints, inhibit the breakdown of cartilage and rebuild healthy joint tissue.

Unfortunately though these rare mussels are incredibly hard to find here in the United States so if you’re looking to break the vicious pain cycle using the healing powers of these incredible mussels I recommend finding a high quality extract at your local health food store.

Or you can try the Green-Lipped Mussel formulation I use for my nagging shoulder injury, Desinol – it’s made by my good friends at Best Life Herbals and it packs all the pain fighting punch of costly prescription medications without any of the nasty side effects.

2. Tumeric:

According to a recent study published in the November issue of Arthritis and Rheumatism, Turmeric a key component in curry seasoning almost completely eradicated the swelling and inflammation in rats stricken with painfully inflamed joints.

Traditional Indian Doctors trained in Ayurvedic Medicine have used turmeric for thousands of years to treat inflammatory ailments – calling the sacred seasoning the “spice of life”.

And the best part is you can put curry on just about anything – everything from meats to veggies. The sky’s the limit.

3. Fresh Cherries:

That’s right, plain old delicious, plump, juicy cherries have been shown to contain natural compounds that can reduce and even eliminate pain associated with inflammation and swelling in the joints.

4. Deer Antler Velvet:

DAV is an excellent source of both Glucosamine and Chondroiton, both of which have been shown to stimulate the growth of healthy new cartilage and promote natural healing – perfect for anyone suffering with chronic joint pain.

Deer Antler Velvet has been used for over a thousand years all over Asia, and on top of its uncanny ability to promote healthy joints and reduce pain; it’s also been shown to increase sexual strength and stamina.


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5. Hydrate & Lubricate:

Water is your body’s most crucial element and it does a lot more than just keep you hydrated and quench your thirst. Water is your body’s primary cleanser and lubricant, keeping your body functioning properly both inside and out.

It’s absolutely essential for keeping your muscles, organs and your joints healthy, lubricated and pain free – so drink up.

6. Green Tea:

Research has shown that Green Tea is rich in Polyphenols – compounds that have been shown to reduce inflammation and joint pain. And every glass you drink also counts as one glass of water – so you’d be killing two birds with one stone with this one.

7. Get a Massage:

One of my personal favorites! Moving the muscles and other soft tissue can relieve tension and stress, and can have a miraculous affect on your nagging pains.

If you have a physical therapist in your area that offers therapeutic massage even better. They can also show you specific movements and exercises that can alleviate your particular pain and improve your flexibility and strength.

And last but certainly not least if you haven’t already done so you should talk to your doctor and tell him or her exactly what you’ve been going though these last few years.

Because you never know – there could be an underlying problem contributing to your pain that you had no idea even existed.

Living with pain is no easy task, trust me I know. But on the flip side you can’t give into the discomfort and let it ruin every other aspect of your life.

Especially when with just a little bit of work you can live life pain free for the rest of your life. All it takes is a little bit of patience and perseverance.

Stay Healthy!


Best Life Herbals

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