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Potent Anti-Adhesion Action Helps Block Bladder Issues

Bladder problems. For most women, the question isn’t if you’ll have them, but when. Even worse, once you have a bladder or urinary tract (UT) issue, chances are good you’ll have another. And another. And another… Bladder and UT issues cause almost 10 million doctor visits every year. Bacteria are behind most of these problems.…

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NASA Interested in Probiotics?… And You Should Be, Too!

Inside your gut, live billions upon billions of bacteria. Some are dangerous… others are friendly. “Health nuts” pay a lot of attention to these tiny passengers. You know who else does? NASA That’s right: NASA has a keen interest in the friendly bacteria living in your intestinal tract. Why? Because these microscopic passengers could be…

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What You Need to Know Before You Try Turmeric


You’ve probably seen the headlines. Turmeric is being touted as the answer to all your ills. From the sound of it, if you eat just a couple of curries a week, your whole life could turn around. As usual, though, the media haven’t given you all the details. The competition for your attention is fierce,…

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Heart-Health Secrets to Thwart America’s Silent Killer

Heart Health

They call it “the silent killer.” It strikes down thousands before they even know they have a health problem. It can leave your heart… your health… and your finances in tatters. “It” is high blood pressure. And it’s often the lead-in for serious heart problems. Or even a pine box. It’s that serious. But it’s…

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Break the Endless Cycle Of Miserable Bladder Problems

Bladder and urinary tract (UT) problems are embarrassing, frustrating, and sometimes downright painful. They’re incredibly common. But because of where they strike, they’re also among the least talked-about health issues. Bacteria attack the bladder and UT so often, they account for a quarter of all bacterial attacks reported. Women are 8 times more likely to…

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Ladies: End Your Worst Digestive Issues the Natural Way

It’s tough on your stomach these days. Stress ties it up in knots. Junk food has it turning cartwheels. And those antacid pills from the convenience store don’t seem to help much at all. Welcome to modern life. A life your digestive system really isn’t equipped to handle. Sure, your ancient ancestors had stress. But…

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