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The Miracle Pain Reliever Born In Volcanoes

My Top 7 Joint Pain Busters

Your joints are stiff and sore. Your muscles ache after you work out a little too hard. Or your back has been bothering you off-and-on for years. Whatever the source of your pain, those aches can drive you crazy. Especially stiff, tender joints. If only doctors could come up with something natural that helped you…

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Why So Many Women Can’t Sleep… And How to Turn It Around

It’s true: Life isn’t fair. It’s especially unfair to women. And most especially when you’re talking about sleep. Women struggle with sleep problems far more than men. And get far less attention for this serious issue. Today, we’ll reveal key reasons women suffer with sleep problems… and the natural solutions that can have you sleeping…

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7 Potent Vision Defenses… in One Little-Known Nutrient

Vision formula

What’s the most beautiful, the most breath-taking sight you’ve ever seen? Perhaps it was the North Rim of the Grand Canyon at sunrise. Seeing the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in person. Or your first glimpse your first grandchild’s smiling face. Imagine how you felt in that moment. The joy. The awe. For many people…

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Put an end to bladder leaks…and toss the adult diapers

Buchu Leaf Can Strengthen Bladder Muscles

In late 2015, People magazine ran an article on a glamorous movie star. At age 40, she suffered with embarrassing bladder leaks. “When you’ve had a few children you know,” she said, “it’s just what happens.”1 Not to argue with a Hollywood A-lister… but she’s wrong. As thousands of women have recently discovered. It’s a…

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