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Are You Physically Prepared for Your Next Vacation?

“A vacation frequently means that the family goes away for a rest, accompanied by a mother that sees that the others get it.”

Marcelene Cox

It might sound strange I know – vacations are supposed to be leisurely, relaxing you know kinda like a vacation.

But the truth of the matter is vacations can be exhausting, both mentally and physically.

Right off the bat you have to be mentally sharp – because once you step foot on that plane there’s no turning around to go back home and grab your cell phone, toothbrush or lap top.

And if you have a long road trip planned it takes just the right kind of mind set to prepare yourself for those long hours behind the wheel.

Then there are the physical demands of lugging luggage, running from gate to gate to catch connecting flights and no matter where you go there’s always plenty of walking to do.

At the end of the day vacations can be downright exhausting.

I learned this first hand over the long Labor Day weekend – Friday I figured since the kids we’re out of school until Tuesday it was a good time to pack up the old Lincoln and take a nice relaxing road trip.

Destination Sea World Orlando – and man oh man I had no idea what I was in for.


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It started right away with the luggage – of course both girls needed 3 bags each complete with hair dryers, 12 different outfits, portable DVD players, portable gaming consoles and enough food to feed a small country.

My son wasn’t much better – he had to bring just about every toy he owned for the 3 hour car ride up and just about every book in his personal library.

By the time I got the car packed up I felt like I’d just spent an hour at the gym doing shoulder exercises.

And lucky me – just 3 hours later when we arrived in Orlando I got to lug it all up to our hotel room.

Which just happened to be on the 3rd floor and about a 5 minute walk from the nearest elevator.

That’s when the real work – ooops, I mean vacation started.

We woke up bright and early on Saturday and after a nice a breakfast we made our way over to the park.

And if you’ve never been to Sea World before or any of the Orlando theme parks for that matter you really have to see these places to believe them.

These places are enormous! Living in Florida I’ve been to almost all the parks at this point and the one thing they all have in common is their sheer size.

In all my years – and we’re going waaaay back to when I was still making these trips with my parents.

I’ve never once managed to do an entire park in one day – we always end up missing something.

Not this time though – this time we we’re up at the crack of dawn and we were showered fed and in the car by 8:30.

We arrived as soon as the park opened at 9:00 and by 9:15 we were off to feed the dolphins.

Now I don’t know if you’ve ever walked, stood in line or had your body tossed around a roller coaster like an F-16 fighter Pilot for the better part of 8 hours before.

Complete with a 40 pound stuffed dolphin that I won for my kids playing the ring toss in tow, all in the heat and humidity of a summer’s day in sunny South Florida.

Well if you’ve never had the pleasure I’m here to tell you it isn’t easy my friend – but it was fun!!

We hit all the rides, saw every show and experienced everything that Sea World had to offer.

Even a pretty severe mid afternoon thunder storm couldn’t break our stride.

And later on that night after the kids had collapsed from exhaustion the whole experience really got me to thinking…this is why my health is so vitally important to my happiness.

I mean people work out, eat healthy, take yoga and just generally try to monitor their overall health for a myriad of different reasons.

Some want to have a ripped physique, others just want to keep their waste lines from expanding beyond the reach of their belts and still others like a good majority of my readers are trying to fight back against the ravages of the aging process.

Well over the holiday weekend I think I finally pin pointed the REAL purpose for my training regimen…

I just want to be able to keep up! And not just for me but for my kids and hopefully one day for my grandkids too.

It may not sound like a very lofty goal but I truly believe that’s my sole purpose from now on.

My kids have so much energy and as exhausting of a day as we had tromping though that park I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.

I was exactly where I wanted to be, there every step of the way – stopping half way just wasn’t an option.

So today I thought it might be a good idea for you to try and identify what your health truly means to you.

Why are you doing all those push ups, what’s your motivation for running that extra mile I mean really what’s truly keeping you going.

Maybe you want compete in a triathlon like my good friend Doc, maybe you want to be able to pick up your granddaughter and give her a big hug when she runs into your arm or maybe you want to school your son at basketball even though he’s 3 inches taller than you now.

Because I think if you can zero in on what truly motivates YOU to keep going even when your body is screaming stop you’ll be one step closer to what you truly seek.

As for me I think I’ve reached mine – but that doesn’t mean I can relax. Now comes the hard part…

Now I’ve got maintain – because if I slip I might miss out on some of those priceless memories I brought home with me from Sea World.

Stay Healthy!



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Food That Fuel the Fire

-Louis Hart

I received such a positive response from my article on watermelon’s effect on a man’s libido last week I thought today I’d follow it up with a few more food selections that have been shown to have an uplifting effect on a man’s libido.

Just take a look at the list below – and you’ll find a slew of natural libido lifters that can be found for pennies at your local market…

1. Celery – surprised, well don’t be. Celery is loaded with nutrients that enhance the male libido – but not only that, celery also contains androsterone. A hormone that’s secreted through our sweat that drives women crazy!

2. Oysters – one of the classic seduction foods and for very good reason. Oysters are brimming with Zinc a mineral proven to raise our testosterone levels and boost our sperm count. Oysters also contain dopamine, a naturally occurring hormone that supercharges the male libido.

3. Asparagus – cooked or raw asparagus is an excellent sexual stimulant for both men and women. Plus it’s brimming with both Vitamins C and A for a good overall energy boost that you can put to good use in the bedroom.

4. Almonds – probably Mother Nature’s best source of the essential fatty acids men need for robust production of vital sex hormones. And as an added bonus, the smell of almonds is thought to stimulate the female sex drive – so you should probably have a bowl on hand the next time you have any lady friends over.

5. Chocolate – and not just as a gift either. Chocolate contains chemicals that are thought to stimulate the sexual neurotransmitters in our brains. It’s said that on a chemical level the feeling people get from eating chocolate is almost identical to the feeling we get when we’re in love.

6. Bananas – are an excellent source of bromelain, an enzyme that’s believed to stimulate the male libido. Bananas also contain a ton of potassium and riboflavin, both excellent natural energy boosters.

7. Chili Peppers – just what the doctor ordered to spice up your sex life. Chili’s not only stimulate the flow of oxygen rich blood to your penis but they also contain capsaicin – a substance that’s been shown to act as a natural mood elevator.

8. Avocados – are rich in folic acid, a natural stimulant that raises you body’s energy levels. And avocados are also chock full of vitamin B6, a nutrient that stimulates your bodies production of vital sex hormones.

Stay Healthy!


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