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Ancient Super-Food & Powerful Prostate Defender

Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food.”


Are you aware that your prostate is just as important as your testicles when it comes to maintaining a healthy, robust sex drive and powerful erectile function?

Maybe even more so – your prostate is essentially your ejaculation gland. Producing roughly 95% of your seminal fluid – and supplying the power you need to push it through your urethra and out your penis.

And since your urethra runs straight through the middle of your prostate, swelling of any kind can hamper your ability to ejaculate and make it nearly impossible to achieve a hearty erection.

A huge blow to any man for sure and that’s just the tip of the iceberg – swelling of the prostate or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) carries with it a veritable cornucopia of serious male health concerns…

  • A burning or stinging sensation while peeing

  • Constant uncontrollable urges to urinate especially at night

  • Limp soggy erections and even impotence in extreme cases

  • Difficulty starting your stream and “dribbling” after you’ve finished

  • Loss of sex drive and difficulty ejaculating

  • A weak urine stream that in severe cases can back up into the bladder and cause infection

  • And in many cases a severe if not total loss of self esteem

So now more than ever you need to be taking the necessary steps to safe guard your precious prostate from this medical nightmare! Because BPH is a lot more common than most guys think.

Your Odds:

Just like I mentioned a few weeks back if you’re not taking the necessary steps to shield your prostate your odds aren’t good. Symptoms can start as early as your late 20’s and by age 39 there’s a 50% chance you’ll become a victim.

And if you’re blessed enough to keep kicking to the ripe old age of 85 your odds of feeling the pinch of BPH shoot all the way up to about 90%!


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Even worse – about a third of those affected will develop symptoms severe enough to require medical treatment. And that’s the last thing you want or need.

You do have options however. By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Saw Palmetto – and for most people it’s the first and last word in prostate repair.

And it has been shown to have a remarkable ability to fight off prostate enlargement, but this potent healing herb has its own drawbacks as well.

In a word, Testosterone – Saw Palmetto has also been shown to affect your body’s natural production of testosterone.

So it can end up acting as a double edged sword of sorts. If you’re responsive to the nutrient you’re could start feeling a little less pep in your step.

Testosterone is what makes men manly – and without it were little more than hairy women. Flabby guts, no sex drive, soggy erections and weak ejaculations at best.

That’s why today I’m recommending a totally new approach to complete prostate health you’ve probably never heard of – unless of course you live in Japan or Sweden. And even there it’s just starting to break into the main stream.

The Miracle food I’m speaking of is Rye Pollen or Cernilton in most parts of Europe.

A previously untapped nutritional resource that could hold the key to permanently eradicating prostate problems the world over!

Mother Nature’s Top Secret Prostate Defender:

Just recently thanks to a huge leap in technology scientists have finally broken through the near inpenetratable husk of this ancient super food – and the world of prostate health will never be the same again.

This miracle food contains super nutrients and a number of special amino acids that prevent the growth of prostate cells, relax the muscles around the urethra and reduce inflammation – amino acids like cyclic hydroxamic, stigmasterol and quercetin.

How effective is it? The rye pollen grain is so nutrient rich that’s it’s been shown through 4 decades of clinical research to have an 80 – 92% success rate in dealing with the symptoms of a swollen prostate.

It’s about 200% more effective than most other prostate supplements – and even better it’s 100% All Natural and it has no adverse effect on your body’s natural ability to produce testosterone.


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Actually it has no known side effects at all. It’s the only single substance I’ve come across that offers COMPLETE relief for your swollen prostate combined with the nutrients your body craves for robust male health.

A good night’s sleep…powerful erections…a robust sex drive and a pleasant bathroom experience all from one miracle super food – nothing else I’ve ever come across even comes close.

Right now I urge you to take a minute and read the full report on Mother Nature’s miracle treatment for all over prostate health… it’s a real eye opener.

Your only other option that has a similar rate of success is surgery. And for your sake I hope it never comes to that!

Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP) is one of the most ghastly and invasive surgeries I’ve ever come across. Essentially what they do is stick a hot wire down the hole in your penis and shave off pieces of your swollen prostate tissue.

Effective yes – but the side effects are numerous and debilitating. Try IMPOTENCE, incontinence, and blood filled urine.

That’s one solution I can live without! Especially when there’s a better natural alternative like rye pollen – so read up and see for yourself.

This super nutrient is changing the way modern science looks at prostate health and not a moment too soon. Because we deserve to live life like REAL men!!

Just follow this link and you can read the full story for yourself.

And I can guarantee you that monster erections, a healthy robust sex drive and a comfortable bathroom experience are right around the corner.

Stay Healthy!


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