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Ancient Herb Boosts Sex for Prostate Sufferers

Ancient Herb Boosts Sex for Prostate Sufferers

Prostate Trouble Slowing You Down?
Ancient Herb Boosts Sex for Prostate Sufferers

Maca only grows above 13,000 feet in the Andes Mountains. Inca warriors believed eating it gave them courage and stamina… and made them better lovers. Modern research shows they were at least partly right. This ancient herb boosts sex for prostate sufferers.

Maca was the Inca Empire’s secret weapon. Their warriors ate this herb for stamina and courage before battle. And they conquered half a continent.

They also used this herb as an aphrodisiac. They believed it increased their desire and performance. I can’t say this herb will make you braver… but it sure can make a difference in your love life!

Maca is a distant cousin to broccoli and Brussels sprouts. But its power is in the root. And since Western science “rediscovered” maca a few years ago, the evidence has been piling up.

Let’s start with the grandfather of all men’s fears: Erections.

Italian doctors gave either maca or an inactive placebo to 50 men with erection problems. After 12 weeks, the maca group saw a difference the placebo group didn’t. The maca group developed more confidence… and more erections.1

Maca also stokes the flames of desire. For example, scientists in Peru tested maca on a group of healthy men, ranging in age from 21 to 56.

Keep in mind, these guys were already healthy. But taking maca made them – pardon the expression – hornier. Within a few weeks, even the men in their mid-50’s felt a lot more like hormone-driven teens. But with no changes in their hormone levels. (More on this in a moment.)

During the study, the scientists gave a placebo to a similar group of men. These men didn’t show any change in sexual desire.2

So far, our ancient Inca friends are batting a thousand. So let’s look at stamina.

English scientists tested maca on a tough group: 16 trained cyclists. They gave half their athletes maca. The other half got a placebo.

After just 2 weeks, the maca group cut a big chunk off their time cycling 24 miles. The placebo group didn’t. The maca group also felt a jump in sexual desire the placebo group didn’t.3

Now, here’s where it gets really interesting for prostate sufferers.

As far as I know, noone has studied maca’s effect on human prostate growth… yet. But I believe it’s just a matter of time. Because animal studies suggest maca may inhibit prostate growth.

In a Peruvian university study, scientists triggered prostate growth in a group of animals. Then they gave maca to some of the animals. Those that took maca showed less prostate growth.4 And that’s just one of several examples.

Maca may hold great promise for prostate sufferers. Which brings us back to hormones.

Several studies show that maca boosts desire – and even performance – without having any effect on hormones.5

Changes in sexual desire are usually caused by hormonal changes. We know that rising estrogen levels have a “feminizing” effect on men. And rising levels of DHT – a form of testosterone – are linked to prostate enlargement.

Maca allows you to experience more youthful desire without affecting hormone levels. It may improve performance and promote overall prostate health, as well.

If prostate problems have begun to affect your love life, taking a nutritional supplement with maca may be the best way to solve both problems at once.

Yours in Continued Good Health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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