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An Un-Sung Hero

The idea of using music as a tool to improve your health is by no means novel. The beneficial effects of music have been studied by ancient cultures going all the way back to the Greeks and Romans.

Traditional Chinese medicine has even identified particular instruments and sounds that have beneficial affects on specific organs.
And Plato, Cicero and Seneca, some of the greatest thinkers ever all strongly believed that music has such a profound affect on human health and behavior that the state should regulate musical performances.

But does modern research support their views, or is music really nothing more than well organized background noise? Well, the answer is yes, and there’s been quite a bit of it done on the subject.

One of the most impressive studies I’ve come across was conducted by Frances Rauscher on what he called the “Mozart Effect”.

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The study showed that subjects that listened to just 10 minutes of Mozart increased their scores by an average of 48% on parts of the Stanford-Binet intelligence test – 48%!

Further research has shown us that music can have a direct effect on the human body and psyche. And there’s actually a fast growing field of health care built around healing with music known as Music Therapy.

Since 1994 Music Therapy has even been covered by Medicare as a reimbursable service falling under the benefits of their Partial Hospitalization Programs. Main stream medicine here we come!

So, who can benefit from Music Therapy? Well, you and just about everybody else…

Children, adults and seniors with all types of health problems but especially anyone suffering with any mental conditions associated with aging.

Even people with brain trauma, high blood pressure, substance abuse problems and chronic pain sufferers can all reap the tremendous benefits Music Therapy has to offer. And there’s a bunch of research to back this up:

* Research has shown us that music with a strong pulsing beat can help stimulate brain waves to mimic the flow of the music. With faster beats bringing on sharper more focused concentration and the capacity for quicker thinking. While music with a slower tempo can help promote a calmer, Zen like, state.

* By altering your minds brain waves you bring on changes in the parts of your body controlled by the automatic nervous system, like breathing patterns and heart rate. This slower breathing and lowered heart rate is an invaluable weapon in fighting the effects of chronic stress and fatigue.

* Music has even been shown to help lower blood pressure levels, thereby lowering your risk of stroke, boosting your immune system and easing muscle tension, all for optimum good health.

* And studies have also suggested that music can reduce post surgical trauma and pain, ease the symptoms of depression and even help developmentally delayed children enhance their physical coordination.

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I’d say there’s enough research to conclude that Plato and the boys were on to something. And whoever it was that said music sooths the savage beast was way ahead of his time. Because honestly, who knew music could do all that?

The most exciting part for me is we are right on the cusp of pushing this natural approach to healing right into the main stream. And once main stream medicine is forced to recognize the value of natural healing, the flood gate will be opened for a variety of natural healing methods.

And it’s only a matter of time my friend!

Congress has already approved Music Therapy as an effective alternative treatment to many psychotropic (drugs affecting the nervous system) prescription medications.

And you never know, with the help of exercise and a balanced diet, it could replace them all together in the not too distant future. And I can’t wait!

Besides, everybody likes to listen to music anyhow – might as well be getting something out of it for ourselves to boot!

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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