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An 80 Year Old Sex Machine

Oh it happens!

Actually it happens a lot more than you might think – just take a quick look at the findings of the most comprehensive study ever done on the subject of seniors and their sex lives – and you’ll see that sex after 80 isn’t all that rare.
The study published in last Thursday’s edition of the New England Journal of Medicine looked at the sex lives of 3,005 men and women from around the U.S. ages 57 – 85 and what they found was enough to make grandchildren around the world collectively blush.

So for those of you out there that think sex stops after 60 – you had better guess again!

Here’s what they found:

* 73% of the subjects age 57 to 64 reported having sex with at least 1 partner in the last year.

* 53% of the subjects between ages 64 and 75 and 26% of seniors age 75 to 85 reported the same.

* More than half of the test subjects aged 57 to 75 said they regularly gave or received oral sex – as did a third of the 75 to 85 year olds.

* Of those subjects that reported being sexually active in the last year the majority said they had sex at least 3 times a month or more.

* Test subjects whose health was considered to fall into the excellent to very good range were almost twice as likely to be sexually active as subjects with poor to fair health.

* About 1 out of 7 men in the survey used some type of sexual performance enhancer to improve their sex lives.

So now you might be asking yourself why do they even do studies like these and what does all this mean to me.

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Well my friend it has a lot to do with you – because not only is sex a key indicator of your overall health and fitness levels.

But sex is in and of itself is one of the healthiest, positively life changing and pleasurable activities known to man!

Here’s just a few of the many benefits of good ole’ S-E-X:

Sex Boosts Testosterone Levels in Men: Regular sexual intercourse boosts testosterone levels in both men and women. And if you’ve been reading my daily rants for any length of time now you know that as far as men go – testosterone is king! It’s essentially the stuff that makes men, men.

Testosterone strengthens bone and muscle, makes you more aggressive and vigorous. And it even gives your libido and your erection a good lift. Essentially the more Testosterone you have the manlier you are!

Sex is Exercise: A vigorous roll in the hay burns about 150 calories every half hour. Pound for pound that’s about as many calories as an equal amount of time spent in the gym.

So if you have sex, say 7-8 times a month for about a half hour you’ll burn off an extra 10,000 calories over the course of a year – that’s about 3 pounds of fat burned!

And when you take into account that folks usually pack on weight slowly, sex could be exactly what you need to maintain your ideal body weight over the long haul.

Sex is Good for the Heart: In a 2001 study conducted by the researchers at Queens University, they found that men who had sex 3 or more times a week cut their risk of stroke and heart attack in half.

Sex also increases the flow of blood to your brain and other organs saturating them with fresh oxygen and removing waste products that can cause fatigue, sexual performance problems and sickness.

Sex Lowers Bad Cholesterol: Sex helps lower your overall cholesterol levels – but even more important than that it also helps maintain a healthy balance between your HDL and LDL (good and bad) cholesterol.

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Sex as a Natural Pain Killer: Just before that magical moment of orgasm, your body’s levels of the hormone Oxytocin explode to 5 times their normal level. This causes your body to release natural endorphins that can numb the pain from everything from arthritis to migraines.

Sex Relieves Stress: Not only is sex relaxing but it’s also an amazing tool for helping your body cope with everyday stress. Even better, when you ejaculate, it’s one of the few times your body completely lets go, which opens the door to total euphoric relaxation.

And nobody, and I do mean nobody, has a problem falling asleep after an energetic and satisfying round of lovemaking. It’s the perfect all natural substitute for sleep medications.

That’s why it always warms my heart to hear people are having more sex – especially seniors.

Sex is fun, it brings us closer together physically and emotionally and now come to find out it’s good for us too!

I don’t know about you – but when I’m 80 I plan to be that group of seniors that’s still rattling headboards and waking the neighbors at least 3 times a month or more.

With an emphasis on the “or more” part!

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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