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Alcohol is Healthy!

That’s right, tell all your friends – according to the newest clinical research on average moderate drinkers tend to be healthier and live longer than their non-indulgent counterparts.
Not only that – the addition of alcohol to certain foods can actually increase their overall life giving properties.

During a recent study conducted in conjunction with the University of Thailand and the U.S. Department of Agriculture researchers discovered that adding alcohol (rum, vodka, tequila or other spirits) to certain berries boosted their overall anti-oxidant properties.

That’s great news for all my fellow Floridians out there that can’t resist the lure of a perfectly prepared daiquiri or a delicious Sex on the Beach.

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Even more impressive is the fact that moderate drinkers (yes I did say moderate) in addition to having fewer incidences of heart complications and stroke are also at a much lower risk of suffering from a slew of all-to-common health concerns.

Everything from erectile failure, high blood pressure, joint pain and memory disorders to bone fractures and the common cold can be avoided with this one surprising addition.

The proof is staring us right in the face…Chinese researchers recently conducted a large scale study that found that middle-aged men who drank regularly but in moderation (once again – in moderation guys) had a mortality rate almost 20% lower than those who abstained completely.

Harvard researchers conducted a similar study and found that moderate drinking actually lowered the risk of dieing from ALL natural causes by 21 to 28%!

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And here’s the best part – according to the numbers, moderate consumption of alcohol appears to be the most effective lifestyle choice you can make to prevent serious heart conditions and other degenerative disorders.

In order for you to lower your blood pressure 20 points and reduce your cholesterol score by 30 points – which alcohol has been shown to do, you would have to follow a very strict low-fat diet, eliminate salt almost all-together, exercise every day and possibly even start taking prescription medications.

Now don’t get me wrong exercise is great and I love eating healthy because of the way it makes me feel.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be using every weapon at our disposal in our war against old age – I know I do. Actually I think I might start it off right now.

Just remember to always drink responsibly – Cheers!

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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