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“Age Proof” Your Hearing

"Age Proof" Your Hearing

This Heart-Health Booster May Help “Age-Proof” Your Hearing

One of the big health challenges for both patients and doctors is seeing the big picture. It’s natural to focus on the part of your body that hurts or isn’t functioning. But sometimes the problem starts somewhere else in your body.

For example, the throbbing in your head this afternoon may have been caused by the nitrites in the hotdog you had for lunch.

On the other hand, sometimes working to resolve one health problem can clear up another. A good example is taking CoQ10 for heart health. While you may be focusing on your heart, you may find you suddenly have more energy again.

That’s the idea I’d like to share with you today. Because a common heart-health problem may also be behind your hearing trouble.

Homocysteine (HCN) is an amino acid made in your body. As long as the levels in your blood aren’t too high, HCN doesn’t seem to cause any problems. But if your HCN goes up – even modestly – your risk of heart trouble jumps.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn most studies on HCN focus on HCN and the heart. But high HCN levels can cause other problems, too.

One of them is hearing loss.

Human studies have shown elevated HCN levels are linked to hearing loss. Recently, universities in Spain and the U.S. tackled the process behind this connection. And they came up with a pretty good answer.

The typical Western diet has gotten worse and worse over the years. Packaged, processed foods, fast foods, and snacks have taken the place of well-balanced meals for many of us. As a result, many people simply don’t get the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

And one of those nutrients – the B vitamin folate – is key for controlling your levels of HCN.

In an animal model, the researchers found a clear link between low folate levels, high HCN levels, and hearing problems. In this study, low folate levels led to a 30% rise in HCN… and a big jump in hearing problems.1

On the other hand, scientists at Dublin’s Trinity College have shown that boosting your folate intake to healthy levels can lead to a 25% drop in HCN levels.2

Based on what we now know about the link between HCN and hearing, it just makes sense to ensure you’re getting enough folate.

But folate isn’t the only B vitamin linked to HCN. Vitamins B6 and B12 also appear to help lower blood levels of HCN. Since B vitamins are also linked to energy production and lower stress levels… getting enough of all of the B vitamins should be a priority.

Green leafy vegetables are fairly high in folate. You’ll find a fair amount of B6 in foods such as spinach and avocado. But you can only get B12 from animal sources. So you may find yourself scrambling to get enough of these key vitamins.

That’s why I often recommend taking a nutritional supplement – such as a natural multi-vitamin and mineral formula – to help meet our body’s nutritional needs.

In this case, it may just help you keep your hearing sharp and clear for years to come.

Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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