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Adults Shouldn’t Have to Wear Diapers

Adults Shouldn’t Have to Wear Diapers

Adults Shouldn’t Have to Wear DiapersWhether you call it a weak, leaky or overactive bladder… urinary incontinence affects many people around the world.

It’s one of those problems that a lot folks don’t even know exists… but if you’re one of the 13 million adults nationwide that suffers with the nagging symptoms of dilemma… then you’d know that this problem is all to real.

Urinary incontinence is classified simply as the inability to control urination… and the symptoms include the inability to hold “it” until you reach a bathroom… frequent urges to urinate even after you’ve just emptied, dribbling and constant leaking.

Imagine… trying not to ever laugh or sneeze in public because the outcome could lead to humiliation and ridicule.

This uncertainty can be paralyzing… many sufferers rarely leave their home or stay away from social gatherings… all in attempt to avoid the embarrassment of a leaky bladder.
Long trips cross country with the family… not likely. You’d have to stop at a rest stop every 5 minutes.

Dinner with friends or a nice night out at the movies… it’s almost impossible… you could end up spending half the evening in the bathroom – missing all the good conversation or the whole plot of the movie.

People around you may know that there’s something wrong… but unfortunately… many people find this problem difficult to discuss with their friends or family.

It’s hard to imagine that they’d understand…

So what ends up happening if you suffer from urinary incontinence… it’s likely that you suffer in silence… until that suffering often times turns to despair.

But fear not!

Urinary incontinence is… in most cases… a treatable condition.

All it takes is a little extra care and effort and you can easily banish the pain, inconvenience and embarrassment of this problem… forever!

Just 4 simple steps are all it takes and you can take back control of your unruly bladder and to recapture the freedom that you once took for granted.

Potential Pit Falls: The modern world that we live in can be highly toxic… and by just avoiding certain processed and refined food sources you can almost completely eliminate the symptoms of urinary incontinence without drugs or surgery.

Some of the most notorious offenders are:
·        Alcohol
·        Caffeine
·        carbonated beverages
·        processed meats
·        un-purified water
·        refined sugar or sugar substitutes.

All of which have been shown to aggravate the urinary tract and promote incontinence.

There are also a handful of real foods that have been shown to irritate the bladder and worsen incontinence that you’ll want to avoid – like cabbage, asparagus and radishes.

Foods That Help: Bacteria in your bladder can aggravate incontinence to the point that it’s unbearable… but there are a few foods out there that contain substances that specifically target these harmful bacteria.

Two of the best are cranberries and blueberries – both have been shown to kill bacteria that adhere to the bladder and detoxify your urine.

It also helps to drink plenty of fresh water every day to detoxify your urinary tract and flush out any impurities.

At the bare minimum… it is recommend that you drink at least 8 glasses a day.

The Power of Natural Supplements: There are a few supplements out there that offer anti-inflammatory support against the harmful bacteria in your urinary tact and provide relief from the symptoms of urinary incontinence if taken daily.

Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene, Vitamin E, Zinc and flaxseed oil – all offer excellent anti-inflammatory support and help defend your body against free radicals that could otherwise cripple your ability to control your bathroom functions.

Another excellent tool is the herb Marshmallow Root – it’s been shown to offer amazing relief by forming a soothing layer of protection over irritated urinary tract tissue.

Kegel Exercises: You may have heard about Kegel’s before in their use for increasing the quality of your sex life but… they can also work wonders for those suffering with this nagging condition!

In fact… Kegel’s are the standard and probably most effective treatment for urinary incontinence going.

To perform these exercises you simply flex the muscle you normally use to cut off your flow of urine when you eliminate and hold it for about 10 seconds… and repeat.

It is recommend that you should perform at least 10 repetitions 3-5 times a day for maximum results.

Doing them daily will strengthen and tone your pelvic muscles and greatly increase your bladder control.

The only catch is you have to do them daily for continued results… but on the upside they can be done any time any place, even sitting at home watching TV.

Even though it doesn’t get a ton of mainstream press urinary incontinence is more prevalent than most people think… and it’s definitely no laughing matter.

In the most severe cases if nothing is done urinary incontinence can lead to violent infections of the urinary tract and bladder.

And at the bare minimum the symptoms of urinary incontinence are annoying and quite embarrassing… most people aren’t proud of the fact that they are forced to wear adult diapers.

So it makes sense to takes the necessary steps to eliminate the problem.

I mean you paid full price for those movie tickets… you should get to watch the whole film!

Stay Healthy!
Shawn Ambrosino
Best Life Herbals

Editor’s Note: Constant trips to the bathroom can be incredibly embarrassing and annoying. There should be no reason that urinary incontinence should keep anybody from going to dinner with friends, going to the movies or visiting your favorite vacation place. You can try the Kegel exercises, but if you’re looking for the Marshmellow Root we talked about… as well as 11 other proven urinary incontinence fighters… follow this link!

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