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Açai – The New Miracle Food?

Recently, I know you have heard a lot about the newest miracle food which has burst onto the scene for weight loss, açai berry.  And I get asked every day, is this fruit of a South American palm all it’s cracked up to be… or is it just another flash in the pan?

Opinions ride both sides of the fence, and this leaves a lot of people confused. Today, I’ll help you cut through the hype and the headlines, and we’ll discover the truth about this controversial fruit.

“Number 1 Superfood”

Many of you have heard of Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a board-certified dermatologist, author, and anti-aging specialist. He appears frequently on television as an expert guest. And guess what Dr. Perricone names as his #1 superfood?


And he has good reason for this opinion. Even if you set aside the thousands of people who say they’ve lost weight with açai, it’s still one of Nature’s true powerhouse foods. Just check out these benefits:

Açai berries are packed with heart-healthy fats.1 One of these fats, oleic acid, slows down your body’s ability to make cholesterol and other unhealthy fats.2

Açai may have other heart benefits, too. In a recent animal study, Brazilian researchers found açai helps improve blood flow.3

You want antioxidant power? Washington’s AIMBR Life Sciences says açai has the highest antioxidant capacity of any food they’ve ever tested!4

Açai has anti-inflammatory properties.4 Inflammation has been linked to heart problems, blood sugar trouble, mental decline and other health issues.5 So açai may play a more important part in protecting your health than just as an antioxidant.

Scientists at Tufts University say animal studies show that flavinoids and polyphenols – two of the main antioxidants in açai berries – help improve age-related memory and nerve problems.6

Studies at the University of Florida and at Texas A&M both showed açai inhibits abnormal cell growth.7, 8

I don’t know how anyone else may feel, but that sure sounds like a superfood to me. With all these benefits, I don’t hesitate to recommend açai berries to my patients.

But all these benefits still leave one question unanswered…

Is Açai a Fat-Buster… or Just a Bust?

The million dollar question is: Does açai promote weight loss?

Here’s what I do know…

Açai is loaded with fiber, which makes you feel fuller, faster.

Açai’s healthy fats interfere with your body’s ability to make the unhealthy fats that pack on the pounds.

Thousands upon thousands of people swear that açai works for them – even when nothing else did.

It has all the properties of a good fat-buster. It has tons of other health benefits, too. And it seems to work for an awful lot of people – including some of my patients.

How to Get the Best from Açai

There are many Acai Berry products on the market right now so making a choice can be difficult. If you’d like to try Açai Berry for weight loss, I say go ahead. But only buy from a trusted source. And don’t get one of those sugary juice products or plain açai.

Instead, try a product – such as Bestlife Herbals’ Super Açai Berry formula – that includes other proven fat-busters. That way, you’ll get all of açai’s health benefits… with a built-in boost.

For example, the natural fat-fighters in Super Açai Berry…

Help build – and maintain – more fat-burning lean muscle (chromium and L-arginine)9, 10

Curb appetite and prevent the formation of fat (Garcinia cambogia)11

Lower the number of fat cells your body can produce – and even keep existing fat cells from maturing (resveratrol)12

And that’s just the tip of the weight-loss iceberg. With Super Açai Berry’s 15 proven fat-busters, you’re covered from every angle.

So, go ahead, give açai berries a try… but why not kick your weight loss into high gear with a whole team of proven fat-fighters?

Best Life Herbals Wellness Team
Best Life Herbals

Editor’s Note: As super-foods go… you won’t find many as potent and healthy as that of the Açai Berry… and ass our Best Life Herbals Wellness Team said, “It’s one of Nature’s true powerhouse foods.” And you won’t find a more potent Açai formula than Super Açai Berry… to order your supply of Super Açai Berryfollow this link.

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