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A Rare Breed

As a police officer I have to put my body to the test almost every single day. Whether it’s arresting some crook who doesn’t want to go to jail peacefully or helping someone in distress – I’m constantly being tested.
I’ve told you about some of these situations in previous letters – but those were just the exciting ones. Most of my daily challenges aren’t quite as exciting – but they can still push me beyond my comfort zone none the less.

Take the other night for instance – I spent over an hour on the beach helping a couple of unlucky fishermen whose boat had washed ashore in the rough seas after their engine quit.

Sure it wasn’t a physical confrontation with a bad guy but there certainly was a lot of walking, dragging and lifting in the unforgiving beach sand.

But it wasn’t until after a job well done that I suddenly realized – I’m too old to do the job I just did or any other job as an officer. According to our local media that is…

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You see recently some folks down here in our local media have decided that all police officers 65 years of age and over are a rare breed and should probably start looking at other career opportunities – or worse – RETIRE.

That’s bad news for the old Doc I guess because back in September I turned 65, and I’m a police officer. So I guess that makes me one of those rare breeds.

Guess it’s time to start planning my retirement party – but wait, aint I the same guy that just pulled 2 fisherman kicking and screaming out of an angry ocean?!

Yeah, so maybe I’ll hold off for a little while longer on that. I’m pretty sure I still got a couple heroic deeds left in me.

See this insanity all started last week when a 76 year old Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy was shot and killed with his own side arm after being over powered by a prisoner he was transporting to trial.

Since then the media has done a great job of stirring things up by focusing on an officer’s age and not his or her ability – I guess 65 is their magic number.

When you turn 65 “poof” you’re no longer able to perform your duties as a law enforcement officer. But I think they need to do a little more research before they start their finger pointing and nay saying.

I’ve done some checking on my own and here are some of the sad but true statistics – in 2006, 48 law enforcement officers were feloniously killed in the line of duty in the United States.

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The average age of the slain officers was 38 years old. It happens, but not necessarily because the officer is too old. Fortunately in south Florida law enforcement agencies focus on skills and fitness, not age.

So from now on when someone questions me about my age implying I’m too old for the job – I’m going to invite them to two free morning training sessions. It’s the same routine every morning.

And if they don’t show up the second morning they have to pay for both sessions and I’ll donate the money to my local animal shelter.

So, if there are any reporters out there interested in accepting my challenge just send me an e-mail at and we’ll get started immediately.

P.S. Bring a towel, and your own bicycle. Part of the routine is a 12 mi. bike ride.

Train hard & stay healthy!


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