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A Longer Lifespan with Onions and Broccoli

A Longer Lifespan with Onions and Broccoli

The Easy Way to Promote a Longer Lifespan with Onions and Broccoli

Mainstream medicine wants you to think anti-aging secrets are whipped up in a lab. But the latest anti-aging breakthrough doesn’t come from a test tube. It comes from the garden. According to the latest research, you may be able to promote a longer lifespan with onions and broccoli.

When scientists at the University of Warwick (UW) identified two “new” powerful anti-aging substances… I wasn’t shocked to see they weren’t at all new. Unless you’ve never heard of broccoli and onions before.

Here’s the story…

Modern medicine has extended the average lifespan. But those extra years are often spent suffering the effects of age – weak bones, sore joints, fading memory and eyesight, etc.

The trick is to make the years you have fuller and more enjoyable. To lengthen you “healthspan.” And we may now have an easier way to do that.

The UW team looked at a protein called Nrf2. This protein is closely linked to cellular defense. When your cells are under threat, Nrf2’s activity speeds up. This triggers your cells’ defenses – sort of like a burglar alarm going off.

Your cells react to greater Nrf2 activity by increasing their levels of defensive molecules… such as antioxidants.

The UW researchers discovered that two “new” substances boosted Nrf2’s activity. When these two substances were present, Nrf2 triggered cells to prepare for attack. Even though the cells didn’t see the two substances themselves as a threat.

Here’s where it gets good. These two substances actually aren’t new. And you can easily boost the levels in your body.

The first substance is quercetin. I’ve mentioned this powerful antioxidant before. It’s available in many foods. Good sources include spices, berries, and especially red onions.

The quercetin in red onions is also more absorbable than from most other sources. If you don’t enjoy onions, quercetin is available as a nutritional supplement.

The 2nd “new” substance is sulforaphane.

Although many people haven’t heard of sulforaphane, it’s abundant in cruciferous vegetables. That is, veggies like Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli. Broccoli and broccoli sprouts are excellent sources.

As with quercetin, you can also buy sulforaphane online or from your health food store.

Since quercetin and sulforaphane trigger your cells’ defenses… they may be an easy way to increase your healthspan. In other words, they may not add years to your life, but they may help you enjoy more years free from health problems.

I say, “may,” because there hasn’t been time to complete human studies. (It will take years.) But we already know both substances are safe – and part of a healthy diet.

So why not get the potential benefit now – by eating more of the common fruits and veggies rich in these compounds? To get the best benefit, make apples, berries, red onions, and cruciferous vegetables a regular part of your diet.

Yours in continued good health,
Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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Source: “New superfoods could help key protein keep bodies healthy,” University of Warwick. Sep 11, 2014.

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