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A break from the ordinary

Walking in Scotland

In the past months, I’ve been plenty busy with training for the triathlons and working way more overtime than I wanted.

It was time for a vacation so after putting our heads together Rosemary and I decided on one place…


We prepared as much as we could, buying the essentials we needed, making sure we were ready for the trip…

And finally, on May 5th, we boarded a plane here in Florida and a long fifteen hour flight later, we landed at Scotland’s Edinburgh Airport.

After a short bus ride to Waverly station and a four block uphill walk, we finally reached our hotel, and after crashing in the room for a couple of hours, we were up and out walking the Royal Mile.

If you like “pub grub” and cobble stone streets, the Royal Mile is the place to be…

The pubs are small and cozy – the folks are pleasant and the food is great – yet you can still get plenty of exercise climbing all of the stairs and walking up and downhill while seeing Edinburgh.

Our first meal was at the Royal McGregor pub, we had fish and chips and Cullen Skink soup, even though I had no idea what it was, I’m one for trying what the locals eat and I’m certainly glad that I think that way.

You might think “Oh yuck! What is that, it sounds terrible?”

Well its potato fish soup and it’s great.

In fact it’s so good, that when I got back home I googled it and got the recipe.

Other than the Royal Mile, the roads in Edinburgh are uphill and downhill and as far as I could tell, most of the Scots walk as opposed to driving cars – and they walk with a purpose.

But as they say, “When in Rome…”

Even though we didn’t train for the trip, I almost wish we would have…

We did a lot walking, both up and downhill, as well as climbing more stairs than you could imagine. I did notice when the locals start uphill they lean forward and never slow down…

And the other thing that is rather evident is they’re trim and fit.

The next morning we walked back downhill to Waverly Station where we met our tour guide Gordon, as Rosemary booked what is called a Trike tour.

The trike is a special built three seat motorcycle and it looks like something from a Harley motorcycle gang.

The streets are narrow and the architecture is very old and beautiful, it was a tour back in time, and it was as fun as it was interesting.

After a couple hours of the Trike tour we said goodbye to Gordon and we were back to walking the streets and stopping into the occasional quaint local pub.

The following day, we had a twelve hour round trip up to Loch Ness and back, the countryside was beautiful and we had a great boat ride out on Loch Ness, and no, we didn’t see Nessie…

I guess she didn’t want to come out and play that day.

Another outing we had was just eight or ten blocks uphill from our hotel, Edinburgh Castle.

If you’re ever in Edinburgh make sure you visit Edinburgh Castle especially if you’re into history, it was an immensely enjoyable and informative tour.

Oh! And by the way, we had lunch at the castle; we had fish and chips and Shetland fish pie, another dish that I got the recipe for.

To sum it up we did what we usually do, a lot of walking, and it was as if we walked back in time and saw sights we could never imagine.

We ate what the locals eat and liked it so much that we have added some of the recipes to our menu.

Words can’t do justice to what’s there. We were there for five days and I would like to go back again, truth be told I would like to live there for a while.

Scotland is beautiful; the people are kind and courteous and I wouldn’t change any part of our vacation, so I have to say its two thumbs up for Scotland.

We traveled to a far off place had an absolutely fantastic time and now I’m back home and training for the upcoming events, I’ll keep you posted.

When you’re over worked and stressed out change the pace, stop what you’re doing, go somewhere different, do something different and stop saying “I’m too old” and “I can’t” because you’re not and you can.



P. S.  I just finished a Triathlon and I’m getting ready for another one this weekend, I’ll let you know how it goes…

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