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8 Sizzling Senior Sex Secrets

Happiness Is…Never having to say “I’m sorry” after a poor bedroom performance.

One of the biggest concerns for healthy middle aged men and older is bedroom performance.

And rightfully so, as this seems to be the age where most men experience a reduction in desire and ability…

Data from a 1994 survey (the Massachusetts Male Aging Study [MMAS]) revealed that male sexual dysfunction, diminished libido, or abnormal ejaculation, first emerges as a problem for men in their early 40s and increases with advancing age. At age 40, as an example, 40 percent acknowledge some level of impaired sexual function and another 10 percent recognize a waning sexual prowess or interest with each succeeding decade.

Dysfunction can stem from any number of ailments…

·        Prostate problems

·        Mental disorders

·        Excessive weight gain

·        Heart health issues

·        Circulatory problems
And the list, LITERALLY, goes on and on…

BUT…sometimes the answer lies simply in the fact that as we grow older…our bodies simply go through changes that are beyond our control.

Is there a natural solution to this problem?

Yes…you CAN recapture the desire you had when you were younger naturally…we just needed to look to the Far East to find it!

For THOUSANDS of years…Chinese herbalists have been looking for remedies to every ailment under the sun…from the common cold to infected toenails!

But it was through their EXTREME dedication to natural health that we’ve found an answer to  improved sexual performance.

One of the most POTENT herbs that has emerged from research is called Tribulus Terrestris.

Tribulus is not a hormone…but an herb…that increases levels of luetinizing hormones(LH) in the human body. LH is what stimulates puberty through the secretion of sexual hormones in both men and women.

The body reacts to these LH’s the same at 50 as they did at 15…increasing sexual urge and stamina!

This potent secret from the orient will change your sex life, and give you the pleasure and satisfaction you crave and deserve.

* MAXIMUM Potency
* MAXIMUM Stamina
* MAXIMUM Pleasure

Follow this link for the full story:

In a study done by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, National University Hospital, National University of Singapore

Tribulus terrestris (TT) has long been used in the traditional Chinese and Indian systems of medicine for the treatment of various ailments and is popularly claimed to improve sexual functions in man. Sexual behaviour and intracavernous pressure (ICP) were studied in both normal and castrated rats to further understand the role of TT containing protodioscin (PTN) as an aphrodisiac. Adult Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into five groups of 8 each that included distilled water treated (normal and castrated), testosterone treated (normal and castrated, 10 mg/kg body weight, subcutaneously, bi-weekly) and TT treated (castrated, 5 mg/kg body weight, orally once daily). Decreases in body weight, prostate weight and ICP were observed among the castrated groups of rats compared to the intact group. There was an overall reduction in the sexual behaviour parameters in the castrated groups of rats as reflected by decrease in mount and intromission frequencies (MF and IF) and increase in mount, intromission, ejaculation latencies (ML, IL, EL) as well as post-ejaculatory interval (PEI). Compared to the castrated control, treatment of castrated rats (with either testosterone or TT extract) showed increase in prostate weight and ICP that were statistically significant. There was also a mild to moderate improvement of the sexual behaviour parameters as evidenced by increase in MF and IF; decrease in ML, IL and PEI. These results were statistically significant. It is concluded that TT extract appears to possess aphrodisiac activity probably due to androgen increasing property of TT (observed in our earlier study on primates).

This finding is truly SIGNIFICANT to those of us that suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction that can’t be explained by an illness or ailment!

Even better…one of the best sources of Tribulus Terrestris is in the INCREDIBLY effective formula found in Best Life Herbals’ 15 Dragons!

The formulators have used FIFTEEN of the most POTENT ingredients to INCREASE sexual desire in this life-changing product!

15 Dragons uses only ALL-NATURAL nutrients that have been PROVEN to be effective in battle against sexual performance issues!

With everything that men have to worry about these days… having to fret over how well we perform in the bedroom shouldn’t be one them.

The media keeps saying that “30 is the new 20…and 40 is the new 30”…basically letting us know that we are NOT our fathers!


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At 40 years old, our parents were already counting the days to retirement, where a lot of us are just getting STARTED!

It’s hard enough to concentrate on a career without problems in your sex life in the back of your brain…


There are answers out there! Natural Answers.

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