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8 Sizzling Senior Sex Secrets

Secrets are made to be found out with time.”

–Charles Sanford

Ok guys cover your grandchildren’s ears otherwise we’re going to totally freak those little whipper-snappers out.

Because today were going to discuss a topic that makes kids eyes roll the world over – senior citizens and their S-E-X lives.

They’d like to think it doesn’t happen at all; desperately hoping they were all just sprouted in some cabbage patch somewhere or secretly wishing there really is a stork out there delivering new born babies after all.

But as much as I hate to be the barer of bad news (kids cover your ears) seniors enjoy S-E-X just as much as the youngins do.

Just take a quick look at the findings from one of the most comprehensive studies ever done on the subject of seniors and their sex lives – and you’ll see that senior S-E-X is still alive and sizzling…

The study published in a recent edition of The New England Journal of Medicine looked at the sex lives of 3,005 men and women from around the U.S. ages 57 – 85.

And what they discovered during the course of this study was enough to make children and grandchildren from around the world collectively blush.

Here’s what they found:

  • 73% of the subjects age 57 to 64 reported having S-E-X with at least 1 or more partners in the last year.

  • 53% of the subjects between ages 64 and 75 and 26% of seniors age 75 to 85 reported the same.

  • More than half of the test subjects aged 57 to 75 said they regularly gave or received oral S-E-X – as did a third of the 75 to 85 year olds.

  • Of those subjects that reported being sexually active in the last year the majority said they had S-E-X at least 3 times a month or more.

  • Test subjects whose health was considered to fall into the excellent to very good range were almost twice as likely to be sexually active as subjects with poor to fair health.

And there’s more, a recent S-E-X study conducted by the National Council on Aging targeting seniors 60 and over also found that S-E-X after 60 is alive and well.


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They found that 74% of men and 70% of the women who participated in the study felt their S-E-X lives were more satisfying now than when they were in their 40’s.

So in actuality the real truth is the majority of seniors out there are having great S-E-X. And they aren’t scared to brag about it a little from the looks of things either.

And this is fantastic news because not only is S-E-X a key indicator of your overall health and fitness levels – but S-E-X is in and of itself is one of the healthiest, most positively life changing and pleasurable activities known to man!

Terrific news for sure – but then why am I less than thrilled? Well I’ll tell you…

I can’t seem to stop thinking about the 23% of seniors 57 to 64 or the 74% of seniors age 75 to 85 that haven’t had sex with at least 1 partner in the last year.

What about those poor guys – they deserve to have earth shaking, heart pounding, marathon sex just like the rest of us don’t they?

Of course they do – it’s our God given right to enjoy our lives to the absolute fullest and that doesn’t just mean the first 20 years of it.

Sure as we older certain changes in our bodies can affect our sexual function and even our desire for S-E-X. But S-E-X can still be satisfying.

So with all that said, today I’d like to share with you a handful of secrets many experts, including myself recommend for keeping the sizzle in senior S-E-X.

Because just because you’re getting older doesn’t necessarily mean you have to live like you are…

8 Sizzling S-E-X Secrets for Seniors:

1. Follow Your Own S-E-X Schedule: Sure marathon S-E-X after a romantic night out on the town sounds like a great idea but for many seniors a big dinner out and a late night at the movies can leave you feeling tired and bloated.

So why not try making love making during your high energy times. The best time for me is early in the morning – I feel refreshed and energized from the full night’s sleep. And on top of that levels of the S-E-X hormone Testosterone are at their peak in the early morning hours. So why not strike while the iron is hot.

2. Keep S-E-X on the Brain: Even when you’re all by yourself – it’s only going to bring out the beast inside you if all you can do is think about ravaging your lover all day long.

You can wear silk underwear under your cloths, dance, fantasize, read a smutty book or you could even write in your journal all the sexy thoughts that have popped into your head over the course of the day and then share them (or act them out) with your lover when you get home.

3. Live the S-E-X-Y Life: Anytime the two of you are together is the perfect time to act sensually.

You can go to S-E-X shops together, lingerie shopping, dancing, you can leave sexy notes for one and other, hold hands while you walk, you can shower together and my personal favorite sleeping in the buff.

It’s hard not to think of S-E-X when you’re naked. And that’s probably one of the main reasons why I love having S-E-X in the mornings!!

4. Think of S-E-X as an Event: There’s no need to rush – by now all the kids are out of the house and you’ve got nothing but alone time on your hands. As we get older it takes things a little longer to heat up anyhow – so enjoy it!

Take your time – find that G-spot, touch, rub, caress and enjoy one and other to the fullest.

Break out the scented candles, body jewelry, silk robes, velvet sheets, massage oils and by all means put that sexy lingerie that’s been taking up space in your drawer to some good use.


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5. Talk to Your Doctor: Sexual performance issues in the bedroom can sometimes be a warning sign for a more serious underlying health problem.

For example low levels of the sex hormone testosterone can bring an otherwise healthy S-E-X life to a screeching halt.

So be honest with your doctor and tell him what you’re going through – there’s a good chance he might be able help.

6. Expand Your Definition of S-E-X: Oral S-E-X is one of the best weapons you have in your fight against the physical performance issues that can come with age.

A little extra attention focused in the rights spots can work wonders for the old equipment. And on top of providing additional stimulation where you need it most you can both benefit from the added lubrication it provides.

7. Stay Healthy: You knew it wouldn’t be long before I said it but I feel as though I must – eating healthy nutritious foods, staying fit and active, drinking alcohol in moderation and keeping as far away from illegal narcotics as humanly possible are as important to your over health and well being as they are your bedroom performances.

You don’t just get old – you let yourself get old and some folks even make themselves old before their time.

8. Find a Friend: This is a tough subject to broach – because I don’t like to even imagine my life without Rosemary. But before I leave you for today I thought it was important to mention.

If you’re heading into your twilight years and you’re single either through loss of a spouse or a late life divorce remember it’s NEVER too late to find romance.

You never outgrow the need for intimacy and plain old human contact – and for a lot of folks just getting out there and socializing again opens their eyes to a whole new world.

So get out there and spread your wings. It’s well worth the effort because really S-E-X is great…at ANY age!!

Stay Healthy!


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