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74 Year Old Man Fights Off Armed Mugger

I just read an awesome news article that I just had to share with you guys – because traditionally when you read a story about a 74 year old man being mugged it’s usually the 74 yr. old man that comes out the worse for wear.
But not this time! According to the report, 74 yr. old Bruce Ferraro of Bay Shore N.Y. was leaving a local department store on his way to his car – when an armed assailant approached him and demanded his wallet.

To which Mr. Ferraro responded “What are you kidding?!” But the armed attacker probably thinking this was going to be a walk in the park continued to demand cash and actually called the Bay Shore resident an “old man” in the process.

But what he thought was going to be easy pickings quickly turned into a scene right out of an action movie! Because enough was enough for this action hero and he jumped right into action.

Instead of handing over his wallet Mr. Ferraro grabbed his attackers club and started fighting with the robber – eventually managing to wrestle his weapon away.

And I guess without his weapon all of the sudden Mr. Ferraro didn’t look quite so “old” – because the would be robber took off running for his life.

Scared of a little old man! Even in all the excitement Mr. Ferraro was still able to identify his attacker and he was later arrested at his home and charged with attempted robbery.

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And as for Mr. Ferraro – he went home with his wallet intact, a great story to tell his grandkids and just a small scratch on his wrist. Not bad for an old guy huh?

Now real quick just let me say that I’m not telling you guys that this is the right course of action to take in a situation like this.

As a police officer I’d highly recommend against it – and being a 65 year old man myself I can tell you that life is just too precious to risk it over something as trivial as money.

Personal possessions can always be replaced – but I could never replace even a single one of my dear readers!

Now I know this might be a little off topic for an alternative health newsletter – but I was really inspired by this story and I think there’s a very valuable lesson to be learned here.

And that’s simply that age is nothing more than a number boys and girls! And it only carries as much weight as you allow it to.

Tell me, are you really going to let a few extra candles on your birthday cake dictate the way you live your life and the actions that you take?

Do think Mr Ferraro thought to himself before he grabbed his attackers weapon that maybe I could have pulled this off at 73 – but I’m 74 now and that’s just too damn old?!

NO WAY!! Age never entered his mental equation and you should NEVER let it enter yours either.

Now, like I said before that doesn’t mean I want you starting fights at bars or wrestling with robbers that are only looking to steal your cash.

But I would like to think that the next time your grandson asks you to play basketball with him the furthest thought from your mind would be to say that grandpa’s too old.

And that goes for just about anything and everything – there’s simply no such thing as a young man’s game.

Besides, even if there were – it’s like my Dad used tell me as he kicked my butt in basketball well into his 40’s – “age and treachery will ALWAYS overcome youth and skill”

So get up off your butt and grab a surfboard and ride the waves, go sign up for that martial arts class you’ve been admiring from a distance – hell I didn’t start until my late 50’s!

My point is it’s never too late to fight the good fight, never to late to learn a new skill or to start a new hobby – It’s NEVER too late!

Stay Healthy!

Doc Darville

Mother Nature’s Cure For Old Age
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What I’m really talking about today is prevention. By now I’m sure you’ve heard of all the dangers that “free radicals” pose to your health.

Essentially free radicals are highly active rogue molecules that bind to the healthy molecules in your body — and destroy them. Essentially it’s free radical or “oxidative” damage that’s responsible for the ravages of the aging process.

There’s also a ton of evidence linking these destructive molecules to a host of nasty diseases – including two of the biggest killers here in the U.S., heart disease and cancer.

Now of course there’s no cure for old age – and as advanced as medical science has become over the years we still haven’t come up with a permanent solution for heart disease or cancer.

But we do have a couple weapons at our disposal that can help us in our fight against these destructive radicals – and even help us keep old age and illness at bay even if just for a little while longer:

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The Weapon – Antioxidants: Antioxidants are natural occurring compounds that help your body fight off free radical damage and help prevent a shopping list of serious health concerns. Nutrients like…

Ø Vitamin C
Ø Vitamin E
Ø Selenium
Ø Beat-Carotene
Ø Zinc

They’re so powerful – these free radical fighters have been shown to protect against a whole host of nasty health problems: heart disease, cancer and other degenerative types of diseases. And equally as important is they’ve even been shown to help slow the down the aging process!

The 2 key anti-oxidants in your body are vitamins C & E. If you’re already taking a high quality multi-vitamin (and you should be!) you’re probably already getting an ample supply of Selenium, Beta-carotene and depending on the quality of your supplement hopefully Zinc too.

And even though I’m confident the supplement you’re already taking contains Vitamins C & E already – it’s probably not nearly enough. True you won’t get scurvy – but to fight off the affects of these highly destructive free radicals I recommend a much higher dose.

My Recommendation:

* Vitamin E (Mixed d-alpha tocopherol) – 400 to 800 IU
* Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) – 500 to 1,500 mg

Just make sure and take note of how much you’re getting of each from your current multi and make the necessary adjustments.

The healing powers of these vital nutrients might just be one of the biggest revelations of the 21st century. And you really should be taking advantage!

Because were not just adding extra years to our life here – but quality to our years.

Stay Healthy,

Louis Hart
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