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7 Ways to Effortlessly Trim the Holiday Poundage

I don’t care how strict you are with your diet or how often you exercise during the year. We all slack off a bit during the holidays.

Anytime you string together that many parties and family get-togethers into such a small period of time expansion of the stomach is sure to follow.
And yours truly is no exception – I’m pretty sure if there was one more holiday weekend I’d have to buy a whole new wardrobe.

But that’s OK, the holidays are the perfect time for letting your hair down and enjoying life’s finer more fattening pleasures with friends and family.

So there’s no shame in putting on a few extra pounds in the name of good fun – but now the holidays are over and the festive high is starting to wear off. That means it’s time to get back to business as usual.

No fun I know – but necessary none the less. So today I thought I’d start this healthy new year off in the right direction by sharing a few tips that can help you trim off a few of those holiday pounds without sending your body into holiday withdrawals.

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Just pick one or two that work for your particular lifestyle and just sit back and watch the holiday blubber melt away.

7 Quick and Easy Holiday Weight Loss Tips:

1) Kissing Up – According to the Kinsey Institute New Report on Sex, passionate kissing burns about 6 and a half calories every 10 minutes. That means if you kiss your partner passionately for 10 minutes spread out over the course of the day – you’ll have burned over 23,000 calories by years end. That’s about 8 lbs a year! Not to mention all the brownie points you’ll score with your partner.

2) Stand and Deliver – Next time you’re waiting at the air port or even taking a coffee break try standing up instead of sitting on your butt. Standing burns about 37 more calories per hour than sitting does – besides they’ll be plenty of time for sitting on the plane or when you get back to your desk.

3) Never Grow Up – You’re never too old to grab one of your kids or grand kids and start an impromptu wrestling match or a good old fashioned tickle fight. Just 10 minutes of rough housing can burn as much as 130 calories – not to mention this benefits you and the little ones.

4) Cup-a-Joe – Just switching from the fancy coffee drinks they serve in the trendy coffee houses to a regular cup of coffee with milk can save you hundreds of calories a day when you cut out the whip cream topping, sugar and flavored syrup. And if you buy quality beans you won’t sacrifice anything in the way of flavor.

5) Brave the Stairs – If you opt to take the stairs instead of using the elevator you can burn almost 150 calories in as little as 5 minutes. If you start taking them two at a time or maybe carry the groceries up with you this little endeavor can turn into a real workout – and you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck in an elevator.

6) Kick it Up – By substituting hot sauce, spicy peppers or blackening seasoning for fattier flavorings like butter or creamy sauces you’ll not only cut out a lot of unnecessary calories – but spicy peppers and hot sauce all contain Capsaicin, a chemical compound that accelerates your body’s ability to burn fat by up to 25%.

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7) Working at the Carwash – For the next couple months why not skip the automated car wash at the gas station and detail your car by hand. Washing your car can help you burn an extra 280 calories and hour – plus you get to get a little sun on your face.

All it takes is one or two of these simple little tricks to help shed a little of that holiday weight – and the best part is you wont even realize that you’re doing it.

Minor changes and baby steps is all it takes to get back into prime condition for next years holiday gorge fest.

And once you’ve tried a couple on for size drop me a line and let me know how they’re working out for you at I’d love an update on your progress.

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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