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7 Reasons why you SHOULD Masturbate

I know it’s a tough pill to swallow – but even our Moms can be wrong from time to time.

Because I can tell you for a 100% fact that not only will you not go blind or suffer from an imaginary condition known as hairy palms it’s actually quite the opposite. Gentlemen, the results are in – and drum roll please – masturbation is good for you!
Now don’t get me wrong I love sex – and I try to have as much as often as I possibly can.

But if you’re single, divorced or simply spend too much time away from your significant other to make time for a regular sex life – than the benefits of masturbation are simply too great to ignore.

You see the male orgasm is so much more than just a simple release of seminal fluid from the penis – an orgasm also brings with it a slew of physical and psychological benefits and each one is crucial to vigorously good robust male health.

So whether it’s through sex with a partner (or two) or just a secretive session of self gratification – today I though we should take a look at all the amazing benefits of simple ejaculation – and man there’s a bunch:

1) A Healthy Prostate: There’s a definite relationship between frequency of ejaculation and the overall health of your prostate gland. A recent study published in the British Journal of Urology International concluded that men can greatly reduce their risk of developing prostate problems by simply ejaculating 5 or more times a week.

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2) Builds a Stronger Immune System: Researchers at Wilkes University discovered that men who ejaculated at least once or twice a week showed higher concentrations of the essential antibody Immunoglobulin A – a substance that’s been shown to boost your immune system and accelerate healing.

3) Increases Natural Testosterone Production: Having an orgasm naturally urges your body to produce more testosterone – and more testosterone not only helps you have better orgasms and harder erections but it also makes you manlier. It helps strengthen bones, build and support lean muscle mass and helps power a healthy heart muscle.

4) DHEA: Another critical hormone whose production is directly affected by your orgasm. Right before you orgasm the DHEA production in your body skyrockets and along with it comes a whole shopping list of health benefits. DHEA has been shown to improve brain function, boost immune function and promote healthier looking skin and good cardiovascular health.

5) Stress Buster: An accelerated heart beat, increased blood flow, and the contraction of just about every single muscle in the body – then it all comes to a screeching halt at that one beautiful moment of orgasm. This explosive process helps rip the tension out of every cell in your body and relaxes you to the very core. It’s one of those few beautiful moments in life you’re able to let it all go. I feel more relaxed just writing about it!

6) Sleep Like a Baby:
Orgasms work like a natural tranquilizer for a restless soul. It starts as a build up of tension that climaxes in one explosive release. The result is a sudden drop in blood pressure followed by a calm relaxed state that makes drifting off to sleep a breeze.

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7) Natural Pain Killer: When you have an orgasm it releases your body’s natural store of endorphins which increases your tolerance for pain substantially. So if you suffer from constant migraine headaches or even degenerative joint pain – a quick release every once in a while can have you tossing your pain meds in the trash before you know it.

Now be honest – you had no idea that masturbating could do all that did you? I have to admit I was a bit shocked when I realized how crucial an orgasm is to maintaining balanced good health.

A healthy functioning prostate, better sex, stiffer erections, a stronger immune system and a healthier heart – the benefits are endless!

And to think all this time you’ve been willing to do it just for the sheer fun it – well no matter. Now that you know you try and make up for a little lost time.

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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