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6 Sizzling Secrets to Youthful, Vigorous, Mind-Blowing Sex

Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety, other women cloy.”

–William Shakespeare

We all have our little secrets – men and women alike. And that’s especially true when it comes to life in the bedroom.

Not necessarily bad secrets either – like infidelity or STD’s. I’m more hinting at our natural propensity to keep our true fantasies, cravings and desires a little too close to our vests.

The last thing anyone wants to do is give their spouse or lover the notion that what they’re doing in the bedroom might not be quite as satisfying as they’ve been lead to believe or even as much as it might have been X years ago.

But really that’s the absolute worst thing that can ever happen in a committed relationship – closing the door on the lines of sexual communication and getting caught up in the same old tired out sexual routine can be a sure fire sex killer.

Think about it – you’re growing, learning and experiencing new things every single day of your life. Why wouldn’t you want the exact same thrill from your love making experiences?

It makes no sense to me at all! Personally I like to think of my lover’s body like a playground and I’m always looking for new ways to make play time fun.

And not just for myself either – remember sex is a 2 way street. That’s why today I thought we should take a slightly different look at Sex.


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Instead of just focusing on the physical side of the love making act like we have in past issues (erections, orgasms, etc) I thought today we could we could look at a few different ways to keep our sex lives fun, frenzied and of course full of romance.

This if for everyone out there that’s in a committed relationship that’s ever wondered where all the passions gone or does he or she still find me sexy.

So get ready and hold onto your hats guys because these 6 sexy secrets I’m about to share with you now are sure to steam up your computer screen.

1. Go Back to the Beginning:

Can you remember back to your younger days when you’d have sex pretty much anywhere or anytime the mood would strike you?

It didn’t matter if it was a parked car or your parents den – when nature called you answered.

So why not relive those days again and re-create that spark that just can’t be found in the same old boring bed night after night.

Instead of the bedroom try throwing your lover up on the kitchen counter, book a romantic suite at a swanky hotel for the night or surprise her when she bends over to pick up her towel after a shower.

You guys could take a sexy bubble bath together or if you’re a little more daring you could christen your best friends bathroom counters at their next cocktail party.

It’s the perfect way to add some spice to an otherwise bland love life. Just don’t let on as to why you’ve got a silly little grin on your face as your coming out of your friends bathroom.

2. Turn the Tables:

This is a big one for all my female readers out there. Because you probably have no idea that the biggest complaint I receive from the majority of the male readers on my list has nothing to do with the size of their “love muscle” or their ability to achieve or maintain a quality erection.

Nope, the biggest complaint I receive from my guy readers seems to always revolve around their spouse’s perceived lack of interest in having sex with them.

I hear it all the time – my wife doesn’t seem interested anymore; we only have sex when I initiate or the ever popular she just lays there waiting for me to finish.

Because believe it or not ladies, men want to feel sexually desired just as much if not more than women do. In a way men feel as if they’re defined by their sex lives.

And if your man is always the one acting as the aggressor to get things started eventually he’s going to start wondering if you even desire sex with him anymore.

So why not switch things up once and a while and take the lead in the bedroom. Grab him; kiss him and yes you can even jump on top of him while he’s trying to watch T.V.

Once he catches wind of the idea that you’re trying to have your way with him I’ll bet he’ll be all smiles.

And you never know – you might like being the aggressor every now and then yourself. It’s fun being on top!

3. Everybody Loves Surprises:

It doesn’t take much either – sometimes just the slightest touch, a whisper in the ear or soft kiss as she wakes up in the morning is all it takes to send that special someone in you life through the roof.

It’s the little things in life that inspire those deep passionate feelings that make your libido burn like wildfire. Take it from a guy who knows – a little spooning can go a looooooong way.

4. Pull out ALL the Stops:

I’ll bet that every lady on this list has some piece of sexy lingerie that’s just been sitting in your bottom drawer for years collecting dust.

Well the time has come to dig them out! Remember men are very visual and nothing floods our bodies with sexual energy like fish nets, garter belts and lace.

There’s NOTHING like a little sexy lingerie to rekindle the flames of passion you may have thought had been long extinguished. And remember, make it a surprise.


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5. Old Dogs and New Tricks:

When a couple’s been together for a while it’s not unusual for them to fall into a monotonous sexual routine in the bedroom.

And that can get pretty boring – so why not try and mix things up every now and again and pull a new trick out of the old hat?

You could experiment with a new position neither of you has ever tried, you could take turns tying each other up, you can cover her in whip cream and if you’ve never been to a sex shop before I highly recommend going and checking one out.

Even if you don’t buy anything – just browsing around is sure to send you home with a few new tricks to surprise your lover with.

We’re practicing monogamy here – not monotony!

6. Keep em Coming:

No not that – I’m talking about compliments! Everybody loves compliments – I don’t care what you say.

And in my opinion it’s even more crucial in the bedroom – I mean how is she ever going to know that you love that little trick she does with her tongue if you never tell her?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be with words either – is she doing something that feels so good that’s it’s curling your toes you can let her know with something a simple as a moan.

If the little silk nighty she surprised you with has you pitching a tent in your pajamas, give her a little wink and tell her to keep it on while you ravage her. Trust me she’ll get the message.

For the ladies, I recommend always letting your man know when he’s really hitting your buttons. Take it from a guy – it’s only going to add fuel to his sexual fire. And that means hours of pleasure for everyone involved!

And at the end of the day sex is supposed to be fun. Sure it’s good for the body and a healthy mind.

But really – is that why any of us are doing it. No Way!! We’re sexual creatures by nature and I don’t know what we’d do without it.

So come on guys let’s get out there and have a little fun tonight. Make love like it might be the last time ever.

Try new things, explore each other deepest desires, always be respectful, practice safe sex and for goodness sakes have fun doing it!

Stay Healthy!


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