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5 Crucial Steps to Happy and Healthy New Year

Every year around this time I like to sit down in a quit place away from the hustle and bustle of the Holidays and outline all my new health goals for the upcoming year.

The only problem this time around was after about 20 minutes of racking my brain I had about 50 different health goals I needed to tackle in 2008 – way too many even for a nut like me.

And that really got me to thinking – of all the goals I’ve accomplished in past years (and there’s been a bunch) which ones had the most drastic impact on my overall health and happiness.

So in the spirit of my little end of the year dilemma, today I thought we’d discuss the 5 most important changes you can make this year to drastically improve your overall quality of life.

Five resolutions so crucial – you may never have to set another health goal for as long as you live…

1. The Most Important Meal of the day: Numerous studies have shown us that just eating healthy a balanced breakfast can not only help you lose weight and stay energized for the day ahead but it can also help lower your LDL or “bad” cholesterol levels.

A good breakfast is the foundation of a healthy balanced diet. When you neglect to break the fast your body has to go for 10-12 hours without any source of fuel – so it’s forced to switch into a sort of starvation mode which in turn slows your metabolism causing your body to store fat and increase your appetite.

Even if it’s just an apple or a hard boiled egg – always make time for a healthy breakfast. Remember what Mom always said “it’s the most important meal of the day”.

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2. Step Into the Light: Regular exposure to sunlight is just as important to your overall good health and wellbeing as exercise and eating a balanced diet.

When your skin is exposed to sunlight your body produces massive amounts of vitamin D. Just 5-10 minutes of exposure in the mid day sun produces the equivalent of 12,000 – 24,000 International Units of the vital nutrient.

To put that into perspective – a quart of whole milk only contains about 400 – which would explain why a lack of vitamin D is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies plaguing the U.S. today.

3. One Small Sacrifice: It’s been my experience that we all of have at least 1 vice that we know is terrible for us but we do it anyways in the name of instant gratification.

For me it was drinking soda – I knew it was like liquid poison but I kept drinking it for years. Until one day about 6-7 years ago I resolved to cut soda from my life forever. And guess what happened?

Without any other change to my diet or exercise routines I was able to lose 23 pounds over the course of the following year. And truth be told – after a couple weeks I didn’t even miss the vile liquid anymore.

So whether it’s eating a quart of ice cream before bed or keeping a bag of sour cream and onion potato chips at your desk for snacking – just making the resolution to give up your most destructive vice can do wonders for your health, your life and your physique.

4. All Work And No Play: Most Americans don’t get nearly enough exercise to stay healthy and fit – desk jobs, family pressures and the lure of television have made it so you can’t even throw a rock without accidentally hitting someone who’s overweight.

But the importance of regular physical activity can’t be over looked – that’s why I mention it in almost every letter. So this year we’re going to make it stick.

How? We’re not going to resolve to sign up for a gym of work out this year – were simply going to make it our goal to go out and play for a while. Just like when we were kids.

It doesn’t matter if it’s swimming, biking, golfing or martial arts – I want you to go out and find a physical activity that you enjoy doing and do it at least three times a week. But remember, it’s not exercise it’s just plain old fun.

You’re health, fitness levels and your sex life will improve almost overnight – not to mention you’ll shed the excess blubber that’s been sloshing around your gut since last Christmas.

5. NO Smoking EVER: This is a tough one I know – I quit myself almost ten years ago right after my third heart attack. And looking back I think it was quitting smoking that showed me I really did have the will power to get myself back into tip top shape and completely revamp my life.

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in America – in 2002 alone more than 400,000 Americans died from tobacco related diseases. And that doesn’t include the 53,000 no-smokers that die every year as a result of second hand smoke.

Cigarettes are nothing short of a plague – smoking causes your skin to age prematurely it triples your risk of dying from cancer, heart and lung disease and it can severely hinder your ability to perform in the bedroom.

But the good news is just eight hours after your last cigarette the nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in your body are cut in half. So it’s never too late to quit. And take it from me – you’ll feel the difference almost overnight.

So that’s my list for this year boys and girls – but before I go I just want you to do one last thing for me. I want you to close your eyes for 10 seconds and try and picture yourself a year from now.

But imagine you’ve already accomplished one or two of the resolutions on today’s list. Picture the details – how do you look how do you feel? Big difference I’ll bet!

Stay Healthy!


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New Years Resolutions Made Reality
-Louis Hart

According to Duke University Medical Center health psychologist Ruth Quillian Wolever keeping New Years resolutions realistic and attainable is the key to success.

And I couldn’t agree more – in my opinion keeping it simple is the only way to make lasting change that you can stick with over the long haul.

But I think she may have over looked one crucial ingredient in her recent interview on Duke Med News – you also need to be specific about your goals in order to take the necessary steps towards making them a reality.

For instance – resolutions like I’m going on a diet. Or I’m going to lose 20 lbs. this year all lack the necessary action you need to take in order to accomplish that particular goal.

And action is what you need in order to make your resolutions a reality – setting goals is all well and good. But until you start taking specific action to accomplish them all they really are is just fancy words on paper.

So this year for the sake of simplicity – I want you to try and focus on just 1 or 2 specific goals that you want to accomplish. But instead of focusing on the end result I want you to outline the actions you’re going to take to make them come to life.

Here’s how you do it…

Let’s say you’re looking to drop a few extra pounds this year – probably the most popular New Years resolution there is.

But the problem with making a blanket statement like that is you have no specific plan of attack guiding you towards your success. Not to mention what are you supposed to do once you do drop the 20 lbs. – what then?

Do you drop the fad diet and go right back to eating the same foods that put on the extra 20 lbs in the first place?

That’s why I recommend you break the task down into 1 or 2 actionable steps that you can jump on immediately and never stop – that way you not only reach your goal but you can stick with it over the long term.

For instance if you’re looking to drop a few extra pounds this year why not resolve to quit drinking soda – or skip the donut and coffee for breakfast and opt for a hard boiled egg or a protein bar instead.

Small changes like that are all it takes to make drastic long term improvements to your life – but you have take action and continue to follow through.

And if you can do that – 2008 could be your happiest healthiest New Year ever!

Stay Healthy!


Best Life Herbals

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