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4 Easy Steps to Revitalize Your Life

I’m always looking for new and improved ways to make my life richer, fuller and more enjoyable. It’s that constant search that motivates me each and every day to not only improve my own health but also the health of my loyal readers.
My tireless research has uncovered literally hundreds of handy tips, tricks and long forgotten secrets to lifelong health and happiness. And thanks to this letter I’m able to share them all with you.

So today when I sat down at my computer I really wanted to write about something that would have as big of an impact on your health and happiness as it would mine or anybody else’s.

I wanted to offer you that one silver bullet that would improve your health, sex life and your overall spiritual outlook – and not just in the short term. I was digging for a real and long lasting solution.

And I think I may have found it – the secret lies in simply having more energy. More energy for sex, sports, work and family.

But how can we do that you might ask – if I could do more I’d already be doing it right?! Well, the answer is simple my friend – you need to find a way to activate you life again. And the secret to that lies in your internal energy stores.

Ever wonder how why China has a population of over 1.3 billion people? Well I’ll tell you why – they’ve literally transformed men’s herbal potency supplements into an art form. Even modern prescription medication can’t hold a candle to their most sacred formulations. But there’s no need to be jealous – if you can’t beat them, join them.

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Energy is what powers us – essentially we’re just one big ball of energy waiting to be released. And by finding little ways to increase our body’s supply of stored energy we can improve just about every facet of our lives.

Better sex…harder erections…stronger immune function…and a happier more positive outlook on life in general all require those essential energy reserves.

And with just a handful of simple little changes to your daily routine – you can permanently ramp up your body’s production of this essential Life Energy.

4 Secrets to Boundless Energy:

1) Lower Your Glycemic Load: It is absolutely crucial to your overall energy levels – and that includes your sexual energy. Foods with a low glycemic load help balance blood sugar and insulin levels in your body – keeping energy levels at maximum and protecting against sudden peaks and valleys. So focus on eating 4-6 small meals every day of foods with a low glycemic load like meat, fish, eggs, beans, nuts and all types of veggies. And if you’re absolutely craving a carb fix try to go for whole grain breads and pastas or brown rice.

2) Iron Deficiency: Does your engine seem to be stuck in first gear all the time? You’re problem could very well be as simple as an iron deficiency. One of the main symptoms of an iron deficiency is fatigue – irons key function in the body is to produce hemogloblin which your body then uses to carry rich oxygenated blood to the cells where energy is produced. But I’m not a fan of iron supplements – and the multi-vitamin I use is iron free. So the only way to combat this problem is an iron rich diet of red meats, fish, green vegetables, beans and pine nuts.

3) Soak in the Sun: Most people have absolutely no idea how important direct sunlight is to overall good health and function. When your skin is exposed to the sun your body produces massive amounts of vitamin D – a key nutrient for optimum cardiovascular health and robust energy production. And it’s nearly impossible to get the massive amounts of vitamin D our bodies require through diet and supplementation alone – 15 minutes to a half hour of direct sunlight a day is the only way. So get outside – take off your shirt as much as possible and freshen up your tan while you’re at it.

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4) Stay Hydrated: Water is not only the giver of life but it’s also the giver of energy. One of the first symptoms of dehydration is a lack of mental clarity and fatigue. So if you’ve been sipping coffee all day and you’re still falling asleep at your desk – the answer to your dilemma could be as close as a cool glass of water.

When your body is fully energized a firing on all cylinders – everything is better. Your sex life, erectile function, mental focus and clarity – you’ll simply look and feel better.

And when you feel energized you do more – and when you do more you feel even better. Remember your high school physics – a body in motion tends to stay in motion.

Just think, if you could just make this one simple improvement – imagine all you could accomplish!

Stay Healthy!

Louis Hart
Best Life Herbals

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