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3 Foods for Better Sex

3 Foods for Better Sex

3 Foods for Better Sex Sex is big business. It seems that men have an insatiable appetite for anything that might give them a little bit of an edge… a slightly better experience. Well, they have half the formula right: appetite.

If you’re looking for natural ways to enhance your sex life, then, guys, start with your dinner plate. Because there are common foods out there that will do you more good than a truckload of vacuum pumps and pheromone sprays.

And one of the most surprising is supposed to be a myth…

The Truth Behind Oysters

The old saying is that eating oysters will make you a better lover. What isn’t so old is the discovery that oysters actually can make you a better lover! You can’t eat them at lunch and expect to qualify for the sexual Olympics tonight… but the power of oysters is backed by solid science.

You see, oysters contain lots of zinc. In fact, just 6 medium oysters contain 40 mcg of zinc – almost three-quarters of a man’s DV (Daily Value). No other food I know of even comes close.

And zinc is important because it’s key to prostate health.

Not long ago, scientists working at the University of Maryland discovered that zinc plays a critical role in regulating prostate growth.1 Zinc helps prevent the kind of uncontrolled prostate growth that can ruin both your urinary health and your sex life.

Zinc is also necessary for normal sperm development.2 And when the VA gave a zinc supplement to men with low levels of this important mineral, their sex lives were – in the researcher’s words – “strikingly improved.”3

So go ahead and eat oysters. They’re a good start towards building a more satisfying sex life.

Next, to keep your sperm healthy, try this delicious sex-booster…

Salmon – More Than Just a Biology Lesson

Salmon are the classic example of sex drive. To spawn, they swim – against all odds – back to the stream where they hatched. And most of them die there… or on the way.

But when it comes to sex, salmon are a lot more than just a biology lesson. Salmon are loaded with the mineral selenium.

Without selenium, your body can’t produce healthy sperm. It’s also a component of a form of glutathione – a powerful antioxidant – that helps protect your “little guys” from free radical attack.4

Just how powerful is selenium? Scottish scientists tested it on a group of men with fertility issues. More than half of the test subjects showed measurable improvement within three months – while the control group actually got worse.5

I recommend eating wild-caught salmon, which is also high in heart-healthy Omega 3 fatty acids.

You probably wouldn’t connect my third suggestion to better sex. But you will when you realize it contains a nutrient that’s key for your enjoyment.

Better Sex – That’s No Bull

Beef has gotten a bad rap over the last several years. It’s been linked to a lot of health problems. Of course, we’re talking about fatty, grain-fed, antibiotic-laced beef.

Grass-fed beef, raised without antibiotics and artificial hormones, is another story. And a good story it is, too.

Beef is an excellent source of L-arginine. This amino acid is a vasodilator. That is, it increases blood flow.6 And you know how important blood flow is to good sex.

L-arginine gives you this boost by promoting the production of nitric oxide (NO), which relaxes blood vessel walls, allowing blood to flow more freely.

Like wild-caught salmon, grass-fed beef is also a good source of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids. So you get improved blood flow plus extra heart protection, all in one package.

The Bottom Line

No food will instantly turn you into a Hollywood leading man. But making delicious and healthy choices – like oysters, salmon and beef – can certainly move you in the right direction.

Eaten in moderation, all these foods are healthy. A “serving” of protein is three ounces. That’s about the size of a deck of playing cards. With lean cuts, you’ll get loads of nutrition – and a satisfying meal – without having to worry about fat, calories or other diet issues.

And, of course, with these great sex-boosting nutrients, you’ll be getting a little something extra, too.

Yours In Good Health,

Best Life Herbals Wellness Team
Best Life Herbals
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