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20/20 Easy Eye Savers

20/20 Easy Eye Savers

20/20 Easy Eye SaversThese Simple Secrets Help Keep Vision Sharp

The results of a 20-year vision study just came out. It turns out you can do a lot to help keep your vision strong and sharp. And some of the study’s conclusions are quite surprising.

The study started in 1988 with 4,926 volunteers, aged 43 to 86. Over the next 20 years, the volunteers came in for follow-up exams 4 times.

In each exam, the researchers tested their subjects’ vision. They also tracked a great deal of personal information, so they could relate which lifestyle habits were linked to better and worse vision.

Overall, the group’s vision got worse at each check-up. They lost an average of 1.6 letters on the eye chart. In the course of 20 years, the average loss worked out to 6.6 letters.

But that was the average. Some people did much better on the eye tests. And the researchers identified three habits that made a big difference.

The first one probably won’t surprise you. Being a smoker made the biggest difference. Smokers’ vision went downhill the fastest.

But two other habits made a positive difference.

Active people maintained their vision better than inactive people. This probably doesn’t surprise you, either. Being active has so many benefits, you may have guessed it was a vision booster.

But the third discovery probably will surprise you. It’s drinking alcohol. What’s surprising is that occasional drinkers held on to their sight better than non-drinkers.1

Of course, if you’re not a drinker, I don’t suggest taking it up. But if you do drink a bit, it may help you keep your vision sharp longer.

Another way to help promote sharp vision is to nourish your eyes. And one of the best nutrients for this is an amazing antioxidant called alpha-lipoic acid (ALA).

ALA is unique. It’s the only antioxidant that’s soluble in both water and fat. And that means your body can use it anywhere it’s needed.

ALA has another unusual ability. It can “recharge” other antioxidants – such as vitamins C and E. So after these vitamins are inactive from neutralizing free radicals, ALA can make them active again.

ALA also seems to provide powerful vision support. Dozens of animal and human studies show it works in eyes in many ways.

For example, a 1995 study found it promotes healthy pressure within the eye.2 And researchers at the University of Southern California say it discourages clouding of the lens.3

In another trial, a European medical school team found that ALA may help defend against high blood sugar damage to the main nerve controlling eye movement.4

University of Washington also discovered animals given ALA suffered less free radical damage to the retina.5

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Best Life Herbals Wellness Team

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