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2008 WILL be Your Best Year EVER!

So you’re no spring chicken anymore – it doesn’t matter. 2008 is still going to be your happiest healthiest year ever!

You’ve been kicking butt all year long – watching what you eat, exercising regularly and taking your natural supplements every day (and so have I).

And I promise you that it’s all going to pay off in the end – even beyond the amazing results you’ve already seen.

Chances are you’re going to look back on this year as a turning point in your life. Especially when the day comes that you can sit back with 100 candles flickering on top of your birthday cake.

I know you can do it – and I’m going to be there to lead the toast to living young forever. So you better make sure I’m invited to your party!

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Now I know you’ve probably got tons of stuff to do to get ready for the New Years festivities – so I’ll keep today’s sermon short and sweet.

Actually there’s no sermon at all today. I just want to share the results of a recent Gallup poll with you, the focus of which was Americans 80 years and older.

According to the people polled with relatives at least 80 years or older, nearly half of them rated their mental and physical health as good or excellent.

That’s right 80 years and over and still sharp as a tack. All the evidence would seem to suggest that a great many of today’s seniors are living healthier more independent lives.

But you know what? That’s nothing – by the time I’m done with YOU you’re going to feel like a teenager again!

So until Thursday – Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

Stay Healthy!


Best Life Herbals

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