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1 Simple Secret to Melt Away Fat and Drive the Girls Crazy

Well guys with the most recent season of Dancing with the Stars (one of my guiltiest pleasures!) behind us and the Holidays about to beat down our doors – today I have a very special secret to share with you.
A Secret so powerful it could literally change your life. Because what if I told you by learning one simple skill you could not only melt off all that excess fat from around your gut and build lean muscle mass – but also attract women left and right and be the life of just about any party you’re at?

Would that be something you might be interested in? I thought you might – and I’m sure you’re really busy with the upcoming holiday festivities so I’ll cut right to the chase today.

The Big secret I’ve been alluding to is plain old dancing. And if you’ve never had one of those nights where you’ve danced the whole night away then you have no idea of the countless benefits you’ve been missing out on!

Dancing can help you burn off that excess fat that’s been lingering around your waist line these last few years, it can help build lean muscle mass especially in your legs and back, dancing is a great way to attract members of the opposite sex and can pretty much make you the life of most any party you attend.

In Just 15 Minutes a Day You Can Sculpt a Lean Muscular Physique, Super Charge Your Immune System and Maximize Your Sexual Performance and Erectile Function!

Try it out yourself, just 15 minutes a day 4 times a week and in just three months you’ll be in the absolute best shape of your entire life – Guaranteed! Fast, Strong, Flexible and virile – and the best part is you can try it today absolutely Risk Free for 90 days.

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And I’ve even dug up a little research to back that up. Here’s what the experts have to say…

Recently Dr. Hermes Llarraza of the National Institute of Cardiology conducted a study on the numerous health benefits of dancing and reported his findings to the World Congress of Cardiology in Barcelona, Spain. And here’s what he found:

In his study, Dr. Llarraza took two different groups of heart patients – one group rode stationary bicycles and the second group took ballroom dancing lessons.

After five weeks of dancing, Llarraza found that the dance group’s exercise capacity had increased by an amazing 28% – almost as much as the 31% increase seen in the control group that rode bicycles!

Then he went on to say that…”The benefits of physical training in patients with heart disease are well established.” “However, exercise compliance is often inadequate because patients find exercise boring. But people like to dance so we thought it would be an attractive option.”

And I couldn’t agree more. A steady consistent approach is the ONLY way to achieve long lasting results from any type of exercise regimen. And in my opinion the key to consistency is to keep things fun.

So with the holiday’s right around the corner – why not take a page out of the old Doc’s book and sign yourself up for a few dance lessons.

Rosemarie and myself just signed up for a Salsa class at a local dance studio in our area. And after just 8 lessons not only do I feel like were ready to show off our moves in public.

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But on top of that my beautiful wife has already dropped 4 pounds with no other changes to her diet or exercise routine.

As for me I haven’t weighed myself as of yet – but I can tell you that my confidence levels are through the roof and I can’t wait to hit the dance floor and show off my moves in front of all our friends!

The looks on their faces is going to be the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Stay Healthy!


One More Thing…
-Louis Hart

Just wanted to give you guys a quick heads up that starting midnight Friday night through Midnight Tuesday night Best Life Herbals is going to be having a site wide 2-4-1 Super Holiday Sale.

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Happy Holidays!


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