Sexual Potency

Men: Remember when you were ready any time, anywhere… when you had the endurance to go all night… when once was never enough? Reclaim your youthful energy and stamina with these sexual potency supplements.

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  • Potency Supplement, Sexual Potency Supplement

    15 Dragons

    Getting older doesn’t mean slowing down in the bedroom. Discover the sex secret of China’s ancient emperors – 15 powerful nutrients combined in one sexual potency supplement. Put the smile back on her face with 15 Dragons.
    From: $39.95
  • Potency Aid, Natural potency enhancers


    Win the trifecta of sexual satisfaction: increased desire, stronger erections and greater pleasure. Endurex combines ancient herbal secrets with 21st century science. The result is a nutritional supplement to put your prowess through the roof.
    From: $27.95
  • mandro-ed


    Rising estrogen levels are slowly melting your muscle, packing on fat and wilting your erections. Now you can turn the tide with the vitamins and herbs in Mandro-RX. Feel like a real man again.
    From: $27.95