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Most women’s supplements are generic formulas with one or two added “feminine” ingredients. Not Women’s Daily! We added every ingredient from especially to meet your unique nutritional needs. Don’t settle for less.
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Product Description

Think Your Women’s Multi-Vitamin Has You Covered? Think Again!

Most of today’s “women’s formulas” are just warmed-over men’s multivitamins…designed for a man’s body.

Now you can finally get the nutritional support you need as a woman.

Your monthly cycle is with you for most or your life. But most so-called women’s formulas provide nothing designed to ease your discomfort.

When your cycle stops, you face even more issues. But you wonʼt find any help in most women’s formulas.

And when your cycle stops, brittle bones could sideline you for good. You need more than just a little extra calcium to safeguard your independence.

When it comes to nutritional support, one size does not fit all. You need more than a cookie-cutter supplement. You need a multi designed for a woman’s needs from the ground up.

And at last you have one.

Isn’t it about time you had a multi that …

  • Provides the extra protection your bones need?
  • Liberates you from the discomfort of your monthly cycle?
  • Offers physical and emotional relief for the change of life?
  • Supports a woman’s special digestive needs?

That’s what the nutrients in Women’s Daily can do for you. And you won’t find this kind
of support anywhere else.

When it comes to health, one size does not fit all. That’s why we’ve designed a line of nutritional supplements especially for women. (Don’t worry, guys. We have you covered, too.)

Our Women’s Formula supplements take feminine health challenges in mind. With ingredients aimed specifically at a woman’s unique needs…

Helping You Understand Your Unique Health Challenges

We work closely with Dr. Kenneth Woliner, a leading holistic doctor, to bring you the insight you need to live your best life as a woman.

Take bone strength, for example…

Everyone talks about getting enough calcium to keep your bones strong. But Dr. Woliner points out two other minerals – magnesium and boron – may be almost as important. And if you want strong bones, skip the salt and cola… both are linked to weaker, more brittle bones.

Dr. Woliner has addressed a woman’s unique heart challenges, too. By the time women reach retirement age, their risk of heart problems is actually worse than a man’s… and she’s less likely to survive.

A combination of a low glycemic diet, moderate physical activity (No gym membership required!), and the right supplements can cut your risk of heart trouble significantly.

Product Ingredients


WARNING: Not to be used during pregnancy.